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  • Haha just saw the nice pictures of your shiny Charizard...and funnily enough, I also have a Charizard named Rajaion xD Fire Emblem forever =P
    Ah okay XD I managed to add you now! Well I don't look anything like the ones I've done so far either (I'm not a pony or a Pokemon...unfortunately XD) so I'm sure you'd be fine :p oh nice! My friend's hoping to do a Pit cosplay sometime, we're doing a Super Smash Bros group :D (I want to do gjinka Jigglypuff lol c:) awesome, seems like a good goal to me~

    Yeah, I remember playing Twilight Princess once and I wasn't great at it, but as long as you're having fun that's what matters right? :p I thought that too actually...The other regenerations (that I've seen) seemed more dramatic, this one just sort of...happened o.o
    Oh no problem, it's rare that I DON'T reply super late to messages XD I'm working on it...Hmm, it says the friend code in your profile is incorrect though :s cool, it's a lot of fun! who would you like to do if you ever did cosplay? :D I don't make my own costumes or anything tbh, because i'm terrible at sewing/anything remotely creative, but my friends and sometimes my mum helps out, lol ^^; yeah there is a lot of amazing art out there! But yours is still awesome~ and if you ever join I'll always reblog your art and stuff ^.^

    thanks, Happy New Year to you too!! :D it's gone by so fast...oh that sounds awesome! I've played a bit of Kingdom Hearts and it's pretty cool, but I kept dying so I'm not very good at it XD yeah mine was good too thanks, I think my fave presents were Iron Man 3 and Hannibal on DVD, Lego Marvel game and a My Little Pony pencil case with my name on (cause I'm just that cool XD) n.n so did you watch the Doctor Who Christmas ep?
    Ah fair enough~ i don't post there much, just cosplay stuff mostly, but i'm a little bit addicted to tumblr XD and I saw! Yay ^^ hopefully we can get some good discussion going again! And you can always show us your art there if it's PxP related c: Oh, did you want to swap friend codes btw? Mine's in my sig~ and thanks, I never looked into shiny methods before but it'd be awesome to have one, so I'll definitely think about trying those :3

    Merry Christmas~! (or Boxing Day now, but you know :p) I actually got the Lego game for Christmas, the Wii U one is a different one lol, and I can't wait to play it n.n how was your day? Get anything nice? :D
    Jeez. The "Shiny Gods" have not been in your favor lately. :( At least you have a LOT of patience. XD GL on your shiny Tyrunt hunt and any other current/future hunts! I would be so happy for you if you ever got a hunt under 100-500. (Which I was fortunate enough to get right off the bat, TWICE)
    Nice ^.^ do you have a deviantart? Mine is all cosplay and horrible drawing of Drifloons cause they're the only thing I can draw, lol, but yeah I'd like to see your stuff sometime ^^ ooooh yeah, I think I remember now! Well there's no rush, but if you felt like doing it I'd definitely still be very interested (and I started a new PxP thread!! Idk if anyone will post, but yeah ^^; ) Oh apparently you get more shinies in the Friend Safari? But you don't get that til after you beat the e4 (my friend got a shiny Lillipup, omg I'm so jealous D:)

    It's the Marvel Avengers game ^^ it's cool but I finished it in like a day...Yeah, ikr? so many games, so little time/money...Though hopefully Christmas will bring us some money. And maybe also time, since no work/college/etc XD
    Woah, short? Those are REALLY long hunts. I commend you on your patience. Good luck on all of your current hunts, I really hope that they shine soon rather then later! It's bound to happen, but I really hope that the "shiny Gods" stay in my favor and that I don't have hunts that run into the 5,000s OR, Heaven forbid, 10,000s. I'm actually doing a SR on Tepig in White 2... it's still pretty early (300 SR), but I just hope that it won't carry on into the 3,000s.
    Oh that's be cool! Your drawings were really good, I was looking through my old shipping pics folder the other day (kinda random, it's on my old computer so I haven't looked at it in a while) and your Glaceon/Linoone one was there, lol ^.^ memories~ Oh wow, I'd totally forgotten about that so it's cool XD;; do you remember what ship it was? Oh yeah, lots of my friends are too...I've never had the patience myself but it'd be really cool to have a shiny :p

    Awesome :D I have a Wii U but I, um, only have one game for it so far ^^;; but you can do loads of stuff on it, and new Duper Smash Bros is out next year so~ aw, I know the feel! Self confidence sucks DX oh well, it's Christmas and stuff so we can worry about all that next year, right? (at least that's what I tell myself XD)
    Thank you! And yeah, I got really lucky this time. I wish some of this luck would rub off on my other SR hunts though. Just reached 1,000 on my Cyndaquil SR tonight. Looks like this one is going to be a long one. :<
    Sorry I didn't reply back yesterday! >_< I got my shiny Charmander on the 658th SR. (Not THAT bad) It's a Jolly male, which is perfect for the X stone I was planning on using! (^ v ^) Thank you for the support! <3 Much appreciated.
    Aw man, me too! I was actually thinking of trying to start a new one, but idk if anyone would post...Have you got XY? So many new shipping possibilities too~ XP as well as just being amazing games in general.

    Yay, awesome! I can't believe Christmas is only a week away o.o; exciting but scary...I've about finished my shopping though~ So what do you want? :D I quit uni this year and I've actually just got a part time job, but I work from home so I'm around a lot XD
    Yeah, that's exactly what I've been doing already. :) I JUST hit 500 SR(s). Boo, I was hoping it shined for me sooner. Out of curiosity, how many SR(s) did it take to get your shiny Charmander? :eek:
    I know, it's been forever! (sorry about the late reply, I could have sworn I replied to this before >.>;;) but it's awesome you're still around ^_^ so are you on Christmas break yet? I can't believe it's only 8 days :O
    Hiii Ambri! :D sorry for late reply, omg it's been such a long time since I've been here! But yeah I'm good thanks ^_^ how are you?
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