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  • Actually to be honest I haven't really posted in depth about the pokemon games in years! I only really hang out in the miscellaneous discussions ;)

    I've only dabbled in Tales of Phantasia and the other games, I did try Tales of the World: Narakiri Dungeon 3 because it had some ToS characters in it! I played the sequel to ToS though and was for the most part let down because almost none of my favorite characters were in it however it was still fun reliving the experience.
    Everyone has too, the United States aren't THAT far off xD

    Invite him for a three way on MSNNN and force him to talk to me : D

    Then I say you go first :p

    Me too, actually I don't think i'll ever drive

    Yush <3
    Nah it's okay xD

    Jerk D:

    It probably will maybe we should abandon it.

    That totally suck for you, I get my learners next year.



    Ohhhhh Okay~

    Cool! Invite me into the conversation so I can talk to him too.

    Oops then we're boned?


    Totalleh leik omaigawd

    hehe :>
    Well livestream shouldn't have done that, imma heartbreaker.

    I don't even know where Ohio is ^^'

    Hm sounds sweeet~ It sounds like he likes you and if giving you gifts.


    Lol I can userstand it, it's a little well strange when you think about it.

    Stalker D:

    Okay have fun
    Well maybe because it already loved my friends, and i don't want another broken heart. xD

    I'm not a chicken haha. I love that game and no one will play it with me.

    Maybe he gets doubles, triples or he just likes you enough to give you some c:

    This is madness! *rips leaf*

    I've always been straight, I just really couldn't look at another girl and think she was anything other than a friend. And wow your ex was that bad? You should've kicked her *** to the curb long ago.

    That sentance sounded SO stalkerish, lol.

    And now Good Afternoon Ultima.

    I was playing Left 4 Dead as Bill earlier and i ran into a witch and before my team relized I was down, I was dead... It saddened me.


    My weird nicknames orginate from my OC's or something... Cyrila and Jaroo were my Team in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time when I first got it; Cyrila was a Chimchar and Jaroo was a Treecko.

    How? D:>

    Uber super saint? I have alot of Bi friends actually but i'm straight myself :)

    I'm 13 my parents still watch me online haha

    Well then I will call you... Ultima <3 Goodnight Ultima
    Livestream was with me earlier. I was stalking it with my Devinatart buddies... And why must it love me so?

    Hmmm... Hunters and Jockey's.

    *nudge nudge*

    What starter? For me it's Snivyyyy <3 I'll be naming him Jaroo if it's a boy and Cyrila if it's a girl.

    Yeahh D:

    Well from what you've said he sounds like a saint ;)

    Meh I look old for my age but i'm not allowed to share pictures online.

    I'm in bed, so hah! Nah right now most likely...
    I have to, otherwise Livestream emails me like crazyyyy. :D

    So much fun <3


    I'm getting Black for Reshiram <3

    Nope we're Without A Paddle in the ocean of failure...

    Oh~ I think it would be a wounderful idea, you two seem very good together and have alot in common <3

    Sorrry :<

    It did haha I should go to bed soon too, my uncle and aunt are coming tommorrow and I have to most likely catch my brother's hockey game unless i can get out of it
    My cat just scared the crap out of me. Go to bed, Luna! Stop scaring me! ...I don't want to sleep yet... D:
    Even if it is 5:30... I claim ignorance to the time!
    Oh I'm dragonfly1997@live.ca ha~ I'll probably add you tommorrow.

    It's fun! We play Left 4 Dead. :)

    No your's you silly~ So you can have him near you... at all times.

    I have no job and only enough money on me to buy Pokemon Black haha. It kinda sucks for you. Just save up :p

    I've never heard of that show either :<

    Does someone maybe have a long distance crush? Awww that's so cute <3 I hope the best and that you two will meet in the future.

    Okay you're the midget xD I'm 5'5" And a half. Taller than my mommy~

    Yeah I guess you are correct. I should let you get going then c:
    Oh wow, oh you have MSN? You should add me C:

    She's my favorite teacher ever, much better than my math teacher. She's super nice and actually plays Shooters on Xbox live.

    Hmm... tie him up in someone's closet?

    I don't count she did haha xD

    Ohhh favorite Organization character then other than little Roxas of course? I really like Axel myself. Oh you must buy a 3DS there will be a new Kingdom Hearts game exclusively for it and I use a DSlite because I didn't like the DSi's.

    Super OCD Guy? xD

    Yessss <3

    Think of me as a midget or something... I don't really know haha

    It's 3 AM here but i chugged a pop, i'm not tired :)
    Maybe she's on surprise Haitus like my best friend on Deviantart, she went on a holiday without saying anything.

    Thank you! Well my Language Arts teacher is strict as hell. She told me I have too much potential to be lazy. xD


    I have 49 last time my friend; Lauren counted... I think. It is pretty crazy I neglect them alot haha.

    -horror- you monster! Nah Just kidding haha I hated Sora at first and much prefered Roxas until I beat Kingdom Hearts 1 then I fell in love with Sora <3

    Well yeah her's is a crapsicle now, but she's waiting to buy a 3DS.

    I'm not sure, I really don't know what airs and what doesn't haha

    I shall try that with charm and love C:
    Yes, :)

    Meh don't say stuff like that, I just rewrote Unwanted's Prologue in less than an hour after 3 months. And what did you think of it? I'd love to hear your views :)

    N seems super cool! Take me with youuuu~

    Not girly at all here, and wow that's a pretty strange story haha :< Most of my OC's are based on my old imaginary friends and other stuff I randomly draw and I was bashed on here once as well.

    Riku is just... well annoying and if you've played the original KH game for PS2 he like tried to kill Sora so I really hated him because I love Sora :'<
    Ohhh I beat 358/2 so many times c: But i'm just moving on to proud mode now. I love that game for like long car trips.

    I should check him later C: I have a friend the same way, her DS is broken from soft resetting so many times.

    Monsters Inside Me? Never heard of it. I usually watch Criminal Minds and alot of other crime shows.

    Wow! Ivyon is great at art, and if that's his old stuff I want to see some of his new stuff c:
    Animals Are the only thing I can truely draw. And I will most definatly look through your gallery.

    I'm sorta the same way except i'm only in high school and I don't work it was just a hobby for me. And i abosulely love to wirte it's usually fanfics for me although my Original Characters do have a story. You should totally post the story I think it would be lovely to read <3

    And yes you did come off as a guy haha. I actually ship myself and videogame characters in my own right, it's kind of strange...

    I'm fangirlish over the whole male Kingdom hearts cast (Except Riku, hate him) and you're just like me in almost everyway i love science and I actually want to go to college for Criminology and I always watch the weirdest science shows and bore my parents. Hmm I love to roleplay too and I don't believe i've ever met Ivyon. Maybe I should talk to him sometime haha.
    Haha oh god the human drawing are terrible don't even look at my attempts at them. I can't draw fingers, heads, hands, arms or feet on humans :c

    Oh yes i'm working on three stories right now, I don't know if I should post them all here but i'm for sure posting Unwanted (A Kingdom hearts fanstory) I'm a little hyper fangirlish. Because I worked very hard on Unwanted and it was the most popular story on my old DA, I just revised and rewrote it.
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