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Last Activity:
Dec 30, 2017
Jan 21, 2013
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Purduuuu Says Amphy, from Maine, USA

AmphyLucky13 was last seen:
Dec 30, 2017
    1. KenzeyEevee
      How are you?:)
    2. deoxysdude94
      Oh, remember how I was going for a shiny Hawlucha? I finally got it. It's missing IV's in speed, but it's still really nice. I have it at level 100. What have you been up to?
    3. deoxysdude94
      Yeah, I've been trying for a shiny ho-oh. and I just got the shiny Hawlucha yesterday! I'm excited for the original games too, I'm getting all 3. I'm really hoping they keep the glitches, they were part of the beauty of the games. Although I'll admit I want infinite Rare Candies so I can get 6 level 100's to beat the crap out of everyone in battle xP
    4. Chloe Cassandra
      Chloe Cassandra
      Hi again, Amphy! I have the Pokémon you are looking for for your Pokédex if you still need them. Feel free to VM or PM me and we can work something out!
    5. Lucian947
      I'm online now if you can trade;
    6. Ryohei
      haha yeah I noticed! :)
    7. Ryohei
      Thanks for the trade! :)
    8. JuliusPrime
      Thanks so much for the trade
    9. JuliusPrime
      Hey, I have my part ready for trade, let me know when yours is done
    10. zozo
      Aww, he sounds so cute! Cross between a Luxio and an Umbreon, eh? Sounds like he looks cute and grumpy at the same time.
      So sorry to hear he had to go to the vet. :( But I'm glad to hear he'll be okay! ^^
    11. Dark Trinity
      Dark Trinity
      Sorry Amphy, I have to leave for work, but we can trade tomorrow. I'll breed your pokemons in the mean time, we have 13 pokes to trade tomorrow. ^^
    12. Azulart
      Hey there, was wondering what you would like for a HA piplup :)
    13. Buuz
      Cool! Too bad no Shaymin event ever came to Europe. Not that i'd use Shaymin in battle but it's a cool Pokémon to have. Just like Ampharos. :)
    14. deoxysdude94
      wanna do that trade now? I'll be on for a little bit.
    15. deoxysdude94
      hey I remember trading with you before... I noticed you're looking for a meloetta. Would you trade me the shiny shinx in your trade shop for that? If it's not a fair trade, I can throw some PP maxes or rare candies on.
    16. CrusherTheFeraligatr
      Hey, responded to your post in my shop, sorry for not replying.
    17. Buuz
      Hi there. Saw you play Pokémon as well so... Here i am. Judging for your signature and profile picture, your favourite is Ampharos?
    18. deoxysdude94
      no problem. I hold onto a lot of wonder trade pokemon, so I win the lottery every time. I get at least a PP up 99% of the time, although I get more quite often.
    19. deoxysdude94
      thank you very much! My eevee I sent you may have its HA and egg moves, I did breed a whole bunch awhile back.
    20. deoxysdude94
      its fine, I can breed it. It won't take too long with my 6IV ditto
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    Home Page:
    Maine, USA
    In Pre-College
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo Network ID:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    Hi! I've been playing Pokémon since I was little! :) I love Serebii! Probably one of the best online communities I've seen yet! Let's keep it up! Also if you need help with anything, you may let me know!

    Not a very competitive player but I like EV Training, The Battle System on ORAS! Raising Pokemon!


    3DS FC: 2879-0175-7289 Zelda (X), Maybell (AS) & Saria (OR)

    Friend Safari: Fire Type Ponyta / Larvesta / Braixen


    Below Is My Trade Shop
    (It has been re-named and has been updated and changed)