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  • your really making me mad! back off!! u can have your opinions but if you don't have anything nice to say dont say anything at all!!
    no offense but if im a "power tripper" then your a big bully. if you wanted nothing to do with my clan you could of just said no but no you bring in every little flaw. Gah you make me so mad so stop posting on my wall. before i get a mod!!! D:<
    there are co leaders you know. -_- and i just wanted to started a clan to have a little fun not be a total dictator. i had enough of these acuastions. (i know i spelled that wrong im not perfect.) so any more negitive coments will be reported. -_-
    your the only one who has seen it that way. people have fun chatting playing around and battiling we have ranks and people enjoy them selves. so im sorry u see it that way.
    Sorry, but I'm unable to do anything at all relating to my ds, let alone wifi; as I'm out of state for a couple days.

    However, Gonzo206 could probably clone them for you. He's reliable, and I trust him.
    sorry, but I do have others things that are more important to me than this. I will clone for you, but I still haven't had a chance to yet, and we haven't seemed to be on at the same time
    I could've sworn i had responded back to you, but i guess not. Anyway, sorry about the other day, something came up, and i wasn't able to alert you. Anyway, i should be able to clone those pokemon for you tomorrow night
    I'm fairly certain you don't need to know your SID for standard rng abuse, only for c-gear abuse, but I may be mistaken, as I don't rng.

    Sure, my FC is 3181 5516 3483
    Depends on how much you want me to clone. I'll do it, but for obvious reasons, I'd prefer if you didn't have a ton of stuff that needs to be cloned
    that's just my fifth gen stuff. I have dozens of fourth gen stuff as well

    Yeah, I've had an ar for a while now, it makes it easier to do trades, especially on smogon. Plus the fast egg hatch is nice
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