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  • Oh well indeed xD

    Yeah, I realize that now, lol. Yeh, fair enough. Aside from the battle cry and his "reason you suck speech" to Saber, Ishkander is still a very awesome character.

    I will warn you. Be prepared for a lot of grinding, especially if you pick Caster. Though honestly, by the end of the game, she's easily the strongest, though she can't really beat the bonus boss unless you know exactly what you're doing.

    Hm... for now, I think the UBW anime will tide me over. Pretty happy with everything so far... though I was kind of disappointed with the "fight" between Saber and Lancer. I know they wanted to get into the series itself, but they could've spent a little more time and effort on it.

    I personally prefer the Lancer episode, and the Berserker one.
    I actually played through Heaven's Feel first (the Realta Nua, plus a patch), and it was sooo confusing. Fate/Zero helped clear a few things up. The UBW movie just screwed with my head all over again until I went back and played Heaven's Feel again. Oh, I liked Iskander just fine, I just couldn't take him seriously in a fight, ever. And legit battle cry or not, it still sounded so stupid. His final charge against Gilgamesh just made me laugh instead of being the epic moment it should've been.

    Yeah, it's decent, but there's a lot of meaningless talking that bogs down the game. Kind of annoys me, tbh. Yeah, I hear you. I'm playing it on a friend's PSP; he's letting me borrow it while I give him access to my Wii games while mine is broken.

    I was actually thinking of reading the Tsukihime visual novel next, provided I couldn't get my hands on Fate/Zero's visual novel. Idk about Kara no Kyoukai, but it does sound pretty interesting from what I've heard.

    Also, have you watched the Carnival Phantasm OVA? Made me laugh so much.
    I plan on it, when I actually have enough time. I intentionally did the Heaven's Feel route first because it doesn't have an easier-to-watch adaptation. I loved Fate/Zero as soon as I saw it. Kirei is probably my favorite villain ever, now. Seeing his progression from empty and emotionless priest to complete dick was something I had to watch three times over. ...also, could /not/ take Ishkander seriously. His battle cry made me laugh every time because it sounded like a turkey.

    Also, I managed to get my hands on a copy of Fate/Extra for the PSP... cannot wait to play it.

    The Fate/Stay Night anime, the Unlimited Blade Works movie, the Fate/Zero anime, and the Heaven's Feel route of the Visual Novel. Fate/Zero is the best thing in the history of ever.
    Hey man. Long time, no talk. Granted, I haven't been on much, but still.

    Got into Fate/Stay Night and its associated series. Heard you're a fan.
    Can we just not think about that other scene, it makes me feel really weird knowing I've seen a guy masturbate ;-;

    I haven't seen enough dubs to really make a call on the issue but FUNimation's dubs seem pretty good on average. The Steins;Gate dub, for example, is one I really like.

    You should watch Guilty Crown then. It's like SAO where everything except the plot is good x) My biggest problem with Kill La Kill was how they reused the Don't Lose Your Way song every episode which is strange because I liked Sorario Days in Gurren Lagann. My god you liked the atrocious rap from Libera Me? I spent like an hour looking for an instrumental version of the song because I hate it so much ;-; There really isn't much reason to go through a 70 hour visual novel more than once unless you're crazy and want to 100% CG it . They localized the Vita version? It could be god's way of telling you to go get one!

    Oh you're talking about that scene, I though of something completely different x) Don't get me wrong, I loved that episode and kawaii chibi Rin was super adorable, it just felt out of place.

    I hope you do! Leave me a VM whenever you do!
    Misato x Kaji was fine, but then they had to turn Misato into a pedophile in End of EVA and things got all kinds of awkward ;-;

    I tried watching the Fate/Zero dub if only as an excuse to rewatch the show. They were actually really good for the most part! I used Episode 1 to get used to the voices because you know nobody cares about Episode 1 x)

    It's a long story that involves drinking and a toilet seat @.@

    I'm surprised you didn't mention Hiroyuki Sawano. He did the Kyojin OST and Guilty Crown. Yeah I will agree with that, it does sound subpar compared to say, Madoka's soundtrack. You should go into with without any expectations; I kind of believe that me disliking the show had a lot to do with me expecting a second TTGL. You could just, you know, get rid of the cover. Or hide under you bed or something that'll only make it more suspicious :p It's really surprising considering just how huge the Fate franchise it. That said, I don't think any of the Key visual novels have been translated and those are equally as huge. Maybe it's because they don't see the West as a profitable investment as far as VNs go?

    The encounter wasn't anything super important though. Although that said the episode dedicated to baby Rin was completely out of left field x) Then go watch the rest of them, it shouldn't take too long x)

    Oh, what forums? I've been trying to join more x)Then you'll love Kuroko. It's even got the training scenes and all that jazz!

    It's a small place but that also means everyone is really friendly!
    Cutting out the things they did from the LN made the show a lot more fluid; I'm really glad they chose to. There are some really long strings of dialogue in the books that wouldn't have adapted too well into an anime tbh. Yeah, I've heard all the praise as well and it is something I want to get around to eventually. You should watch it anyways, there are some truly hilarious moments in it if you give it the time x)

    Dude, real talk. Kuroko no Basket is amazing. It mixes basketball with shounen and you know how much you love shounen!

    BY THE WAY, you should come join this forum because I'm more active on it then I am with SPPf.
    Romance is one thing EVA is really bad at. Even with the amount of effort they put into it, Shinji/Rei doesn't feel like a romance at all. 4.0 sure has a lot riding on it, huh?

    I definitely know what you mean by that. It's just really jarring hearing a different set of voices come out of the mouths x) I did eventually watch 3.0 subbed but there was a period where all I was doing was getting used to the Japanese voices.

    At least you have an actual smartphone; I'm using one of them old flip phones >:

    My giving SAO a 7 is because of it's merits besides the plot. The animation looks really solid and the music is amazing ala Yuki Kajiura. Meanwhile Kill La Kill imo tries really hard to be a second Gurren Lagann and fails in so many levels. It does have it's moments, there are some really good ones that felt really reminiscent of me watching Guren Lagann, but those moments are so far and few between while the rest of the show has some of the choppiest animation I've seen in forever. It's plot is worse that Gurren Lagann's fgs. So how did you feel about seeing the CGI dragon in all it's glory a second time? x) I'm pretty sure there's an all ages version they released so you could go pick that version up instead.
    She gets like, no screen time at all. It really is a disappointment =/ They're pretty much shoving Shinji/Rei down our throats at this point. Also Mari still hasn't done anything to make her feel like a character who actually belongs in the show.

    I've been told that the manga is very different from the anime. I'l probably end up rewatching the series once the Rebuild movies are done to do a complete comparison of the two.

    I've always been an Apple person myself, but I can say that the higher up LG phones are worth something if nothing else x). But yeah, HTC or Samsung are much more reliable brands in general.

    There's like one good fight scene in Episode 3 and the last episode is reminiscent of Guren Lagann's last episode, just not as good x) Why would you even consider rewatching Stay Night, it's akin to hurting yourself >: I can't imagine watching someone playing a VN to be enjoyable, like at all. I guess you're able to get the plot and all but the lack of freedom to make your own choices would really hurt the experience, at least I would think. You could always pick up the Fate/Zero light novels, which I've done so in both Korean and English x). I haven't heard too much good about Tsukihime in general =/ Speaking of Type Moon, have you seen Carnival Phantasm?

    Challenge Mode is only unlocked upon clearing White 2. Black 2 players were screwed with Easy Mode; as if a Pokemon game needed to be any easier. You can transfer them between games but it was a crummy move nonetheless =/

    On a somewhat random note, how do you feel about basketball?
    Well it's snowing out here again. Hopefully when I come home this saturday it'll be raining; I miss it so. On that note, exams are over!

    I just have it as something to look forward to every week to keep me going. It's actually kind of nice.

    I officially finished my first year as of today, I'm already packing all my things and getting a friend to help me drive it to storage.

    Well I did end up with a lot of leftover money so I could afford to eat healthy for the last month; need lots of that brain food to write these exams!
    Asuka kind of got shafted in the Rebuild movies, even in 3.0 she doesn't really do much which is a shame since she's my favorite character and imo the most likable EVA pilot in general.

    The one bracketted Titan's Attack is the best one, it's like they tried to explain AoT as simply as they could x) I remember having a lot to say about EVA but it's been forever since I watched it and I don't remember half of it anymore @.@

    Oh, so it's one of the really old ones? You might as well go all the way and get a Samsung then. Like the new Galaxy S5 is out and costs less than the S4. Domestically, anyways.

    The animation is as bipolar as all hell. It's pretty decent when it wants to be and looks like MS Paint whenever else. I honestly have never seen an actual redhead so I have no idea but I'll take your word for it x). I.. actually don't know which one, unless you're talking about the scene with the CGI dragon. Speaking of Ufotable, have you seen any of the Kara no Kyoukai movies?

    Kind of like how BW2 has a challenge mode. It was really stupid how you had to beat the game once to be able to access it though, and with another game cartridge at that. I find that I don't battle wild Pogeys at all once Repels become available. Which is why I'm so glad that Audino exists, makes all the grinding I need to do in Challenge Mode so much easier x)
    Oh hello there, character limit!

    I can understand where you're coming from, but I do also believe that there are shows that are better watched weekly, the prime example being a slice of life comedy show. Those are best in small doses because marathoning such shows becomes a bore after a couple of episodes =/. Kill la Kill was a thing. It's really reminiscent of Guren Lagann, just with much more fanservice and a smaller scale. It also didn't have the raw heart that Guren Lagann had, if that makes sense. I'd actually argue that redheads are common enough where half you're list is wrong and Sakura was only really a cameo unlike Rin who had an episode dedicated to her that was best episode. I can get behind that, it was the only part of the show where I was genuinely absorbed into it; the rest of the show I was just kind of sitting there. It looks a lot like Fate/Zero, this is a good thing.

    I make it a point to battle all accessible trainers because Pokemon is a game where you battle Pokemon; skipping them goes against the whole point of the series x) I really think they overpowered the EXP Share in 6th Gen, there's no reason for you not to have it on. They should've at least cut the battler's XP in half or something of the sort. Ha, TheBlueRabbit is the biggest Disc 1 nuke I've seen in a long time we miss you alex. Going back the the EXP share, do you think it wouldn't have been as big of a problem if they adjusted the level curve to assume that all players would use the XP share?
    I really feel that EVA is one of those shows where people dig too deep into it. Personally not having enjoyed the show that much, I really hate it when fans shove the symbolism down your throat calling it a masterpiece. The movies are much better tho x)

    All them German choruses sound the same to me x). Speaking of the AoT soundtrack, the track titles are the stupidest things ever xD It's the same thing with EVA where they overglorify a show because they think it's the best thing in the world. I know a guy who considers Naruto Shippuden to be the best anime ever and he flat out refuses to accept the show's faults, going so far as to call everyone who expresses even mild dislike of the show delusional.

    I tried to google a picture for your convinience, sadly no such picture exists on the internet >:

    I just look at LG and think of them as an inferior Samsung. Even here is Korea, LG is the cheaper alternative to Samsung phones and I'd imagine it'd be similar elsewhere.
    Disputes are started by the smallest of things x)

    You can almost hear them singing Coffee, Pasta, Toffee, Soda. I know some die hard Naruto fans personally that will defend the show to no end.

    I dunno, some of them literally look like something that would come out of the human behind.

    Wasn't there a period of time when Temple Run was the only thing people would ever play?

    I don't think it's too much of a hassle to juggle a number of seasonal shows, I find I can usually find 30 minutes or so to burn everyday. Ami would really be the best character if Taiga wasn't as amazing as she was x) She does feel much more human that Taiga though. You'd think they'd question someone with naturally green hair but then you remember this is an anime xD Maybe it's because you had no prior knowledge of the series? Being in the position you're in, would you say Fate/Zero is a better experienced after seeing Fate/Stay Night?

    Yeah, you did mention bringing a Horsea over or something of the like, but destroying everything with Azumarill is so fun! The moment you realize that it gets Aqua Tail at Level 21, that's pretty overpowered stuff right there. It also helps that it learns Double Edge and Superpower by levelup. I'd imagine it'd be something like the Final Fantasy series where they completely redo everything except series staples and the like. I haven't played any of the flagship SMT games so I wouldn't know, though x). 6th gen really made all the preperation much easier though, apparently.
    I'll get on that sometime soon, hopefully later today!

    I've only ever done that once, and most of it was just me being a giant nerd x)

    Yeah, that's the one. You should try listening to the choir, it sounds like they're singing about food x). I still feel like the Naruto fanbase is the worse tho

    You mean how jellies that are supposed to taste like coca cola taste nothing like it?

    He's a she ._. I never got into Angry Bird personally. I preferred Fruit Ninja x)

    I know enough about One Piece to know what chopper looks like. The one with the top hat, right? It has a really interesting premise and the first episode was fun. The premise kind of reminds me of Attack on Titan, only slightly. I agree with that, the synergy between the cast was great. Ami got the most character development though all things considered and Kitamura was the best character, look at his body! Did you also think that him going blonde looked more natural than his usual green? X) Oh I definitely agree. I do think that Part 2 was only as good as it was because Part 1 did a brilliant job setting up everything, what with character motivations and the like.

    But that's not even an hour's worth of gameplay :( You should play Black 2 if only to have Huge Power Azumarill by the second gym destroying everything x) Strange Journey was actually developed as SMT IV before they decided against it since it wasn't based in Tokyo or something like that. That's certainly an accomplishment isn't it? I don't think I've ever hit 100 hours of gameplay on a single Pokemon file. Maybe it's because I never played competitive =\
    Why anyone would need to be forced to watch Fate/Zero is completely beyond me. Fate/Zero is a spectacle that everyone should watch at some point in their lives x). Are you talking about that song they used against the first floor boss, the one with the choir? Watching fanboys flip out whenever you criticize the show is pure gold, it's almost on par with messing with shounen fans!

    So I decided to google this alleged bacon delicacy; it looks kind of disgusting js.

    Koreans? It's gotten to the point where the Korean president flat out refuses to talk to Abe unless he makes an official apology and compensates for it. There's actually a successor device that has three different versions of Angry Birds available!

    Who would you consider to be the first then? There's a show out this season called Black Bullet; the loli in that show is maybe[/i] better than Taiga. What did you think of the show in general, besides obviously enjoying it x). To be fair, there are only so many romance based anime and most of them are kind of really bad. Two of your Top Five were Fate/Zero, I can't say I'm too surprised x)

    flappybird Speaking of mindless fun, I started replaying Black 2 yesterday. It legitimately took me an hour and some to find a Moxie Scraggy with a decent nature ;-; SMT games in general tend to take a really long time. SMT: Strange Journey, for example, took me ~60 hours for me to see all the endings; and this is a DS game. Yes, but I ended up getting boxsets for both seasons so that was a thing :( You should get a Blu-ray player eventually; animu looks so much better!

    Also @ your PM. I haven't heard of it, but I'll get in on my iOS device provided it's free!
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