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  • Alright, just PM me the Ranks and I'll try to get 'em done. It'll probably take a while however, as I think I could only order 5 at once.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the roster is this;

    That's too bad, if there's anything I could do to help such as possibly getting some Userbars or something, lemme know, I know a great artist :)
    Oh wow. Did you go after the Ozma Weapon? (Or whatever that Superboss' name was, it escapes me atm)

    That does make sense. That being said, I do think there it some merit in watching content in it's original format. ...Oh god I'm starting to sound like an Otaku Elitist x)

    Oh, that Archer/Berserker fight was definately one of the show's highlights. Archer gets much more screentime in UBW, so definately consider watching that. Shirou being madly in love with Saber makes some amount of sense, maybe. However, Saber's affection for Shirou is absoultely wtftastic. It really shows that the Anime is based off a VN. You'd do well to avoid it. The people there are batshit insane.
    At least it makes sense in the physical world. Math is just stupid.

    Mee too -__________-

    That would have been amazing <3

    Mid Disc 3, Zidane gets an Ability called Thievery that tops at 9999 Dmg. It deals damage based on the number of successful steals you've made. It starts at around 6500 iirc if you steal once per battle of course youve probably already beaten the game soz late reply

    I did watch several clips of the English Dub, it sounds pretty neat. I personally prefer the Japanese cast though... Kamina's Japanese VA fits hit perfectly imo.

    Not to mention Fate/Zero's first episode was a mini documentary x). Odd that it's Haruhi of all things, considering it's super otaku fanbase and whatnot x)
    Hey, can I say thank you for sticking up for me on my thread, I posted the Pokemon Harlem Shake video, it was harmless and I thought it was a cool video!
    The plan is for me to post the Archive, and it already has a few Threads in it. I will list who searches which pages in the OP ;)

    Wynaut? No computer I guess.
    All right, so every member of the commitee will search a certain amount of pages of he whole section. Not sure who searches what yet.

    Also, have you asked Joe or Eon about the Guild?

    Me too, I really want X. Or Y?

    I want in. I can't play, no system, but I can do other things right? ^^'
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