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  • True dat.


    Cool, I probably won't get back into it until X/Y. I gotta get a 3DS, which goes against my very nature... I DON'T NEED HANDHELD 3D SYSTEM >:U

    Heads exploding? How super kawaii~~

    I...think it's out? You should take a look around the market. ohmygodffixisamazing. Fangirling aside, how far into it are you? Are you stealing once per battle, like you should be?

    The show needs more bad sarcasm.

    Unfortunately it's apparently one of those situations where you need to watch the show to fully enjoy the movie, much like the Gurren Lagann movies! gowatchem

    I would've thought that Zero would bring down the Stay Night experience, eh, whatever works for you, I suppose x). Shame the other three aren't anywhere near as interesting. Also, I guess this means you've finally found a slice of life you enjoy~
    I haven't found the first one if my memory serves me right.

    That was SS for me. Had so much fun doing WiFi battles on it.
    Oh my god what the hell did I just see.

    As far as FFT goes, the iOS version is pretty solid if you one an Apple device. The controls are slightly uncomfortable but it has the updated script and the extra goodies in the PSP version without said version's animation lag. It's also only like $18, so I'd recommend that version unless you insist on playing the original version, which is an amazing game in it's own right.

    I love how I had to listen to it a second time just to fully comprehend just what exactly it was I saw.

    It was really ambitious, you have to give it that. I found I could relate to Asuka's inner struggle to some extent, though it may be more of a personal thing. For one thing, the Rebuild movies look amazing.

    I...honestly don't remember too much. You obvs know what Ilya is, having watched Fate/Zero. I'll just say this now, Stay Night is much more like your typical shounen, complete with a idiot male lead! It honestly isn't all that good of a show, so don't expect anything like Fate/Zero. Also, you've started Haruhi. Isn't Kyon super awesome?
    I almost beat the final bosson GS: The Lost Age but then I either lost it or traded it in... I regret that till this day. :(

    I don;t even know! On nostalgia alone, I'd say Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald or the Johto games.
    If Final Fantasy counts, I've played quite a bit of 10 and smidgens of other FF games. Also, I played Sword of Mana (remake of Final Fantasy Adventure). Not sure if Golden Sun: The Lost Age counts either but I played that too.
    Oh really! I haven't played much JRPGs but the ones I played were good. But yeah, hope you find a game you can LP so I can watch it!

    At least X/Y is a simultaneous release.
    Ooo,sounds interesting. NormalBoots is pretty cool.

    I might have to give B/W2 a pass since X/Y is coming this year. It seems that a lot of us are getting back into Pokemon. :D
    Such a shame that we're to rely on such dirty means to keep the medium afloat.

    It does tend to get repetitive after a while. There isn't a whole lot of strategy nor customization like say, Final Fantasy Tactics.

    Never again. Never again.

    I also liked Misato's character, she was interesting. Apparently the Rebuild movies are so much better, so I'll end up watching those. I also need to watch End of EVA before anything else. I liked Asuka's character for the first few episodes after she was introduced. Then she went insane.

    I loved him. Just for all the wrong reasons xD
    I'd argue against that. You could say that the moe fanboy's purchases is what keeps the anime industry afloat. If only they would stick to themselves...

    That was an amazing game. Definately worth the money!

    My god, what did I just see ;-;

    Having recently finished the series, I can tell you that they barely change. There is Character 'Development', but it's all Shinji, who is a pretty terrible character.

    I dunno, I personally liked the Caster/Master combination. Added a bit of Insanity into the mix xD
    I certainly hope not! The internet doesn't need another Moe Fanboy.

    Certainly hope so. Looking at screenies of FE: Awakening, the game looks amazing.

    Probably, Idol looks like the same thing every season, just with different judges. Oh, and I guess participants, but eh x)

    What a coincidence, I'm watching Eva myself! How're you liking it?

    I'm assuming you mean the one when Gilgamesh infiltrates the mansion? Caster's Death really brought the show to life, methinks.
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