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  • Dude, I would love to pursue culinary arts. Problem is that while I love cooking, I hate being rushed and would probably suck in a restaurant kitchen.
    I'll be honest, I actually enjoyed the first few episodes. The cuteness touched the inner female in me x). However, the lack of a plot really turned me away. They spent the entire season drinking tea and having cake.

    The 3DS library looks pretty amazing atm, not gonna lie. I'm really considering getting the Fire Emblem 3D Limited Edition pack x). Speaking of Fire Emblem, do you play the series?

    I wouldn't say that, just because I don't watch American TV.

    So basically a Eliteist. So I've heard, and iirc I told you that I thought Gen 3 was the weakest in the series imo. Well, after RBY because they flawed so very much x)

    I'm actually somewhat surprised by your score. I expected you to really like the second half. What didn't you like about it?
    Where do you live? Maybe it's different in different countries..

    Anyway, I got all my easy finals out of the way. Now it's time for AP Chem, the hardest one...
    Huh. Never even heard of that XD

    Yeah, we have one winter final per class (this week) and one spring final on the last week of school. Today is math and spanish.
    Huh, not sure what semester versus linear is. All I know is, my classes all last from september to June, or two semesters.
    At my school it's normal to have 7 classes... Are you in College or something? Or in a different country?

    I'm in High School.
    Well, I have my English one today. Then after today, in order, I have Pre-Calc, Spanish, Architecture, History, AP Chem, and Physics. I haven't studied for half of them yet -_____-
    It apparently isn't very popular with the masses. Then again, so was the 3DS

    I personally really enjoy reality TV Shows. Well, the Korean ones anyway x)

    You can credit nostalgia for that, most prevalent gamers nowadays grew up with First/Second Gen. I personally think Third Gen is the weakest generation. When I first got Sapphire, I thought they were fake games because I had never seen Treecko/Torchic/Mudkip before lol.

    The first half of Zero is build up for the second half. It's amazing buildup, mind you. It's around Episode 7/8 where it starts to really go upscale. The same can be said for Steins;Gate (which you so start watching again.) Also, I gather you haven't watches the Gurren Lagann movies?
    I...had no idea that the Wii U was released. That sounds like it would've heaps of fun. So, any notable movies?

    Some people just aren't made for Slice Of Life. They're missing out on some amazing anime, but can't do too much about that, eh?

    I actually agree with this, especially after Morty and you're given the choice of either the Lake of Rage or Cianwood. iirc Pryce's Pokemon were lower leveled that Jasmine's. and then there's Clair who had a Lv 40, in contrast to Pryce's high 20s. At least the HG/SS Kanto brings Kanto back in it's entirety, right? Huh, so you aren't familiar with the Dragon Quest series?

    So I took a look at your MAL and see you've started Fate / Zero. You enjoying it so far?
    It was pretty eventless. Stayed at home for most of the day then went to a local diner, but I guess I just prefer spending holidays peacefully.

    DO IT. Also add everything 8 and above on my list Angel Beats! That's another amazing Slice of Life.

    I actually replayed Gold up to the First Elite Four Battle the other day, Slowbro is amazing. Huh, so what classic videogame franchises are you familiar with?

    I pretty much had a list on my iPhone. It took a while to move it to MAL, but it sure looks much prettier!
    Busy is good, I'd say x). More or less, My throat is still somewhat sore but it's bearable.

    The funny thing is, AnoHana was never on my to-watch list. It was kind of a spontaneous descision and I ended up marathoning the show x). It's only 13 Episodes, so that's what, 5 hours at the very most.

    I can complete relate to that one person, I once got this close to a fight with a friend because they said GSC were the worst games in the series. The Nostalgia in me pretty much exploded right there. I would've thought you'd have played more of it. The spinoff series', then?
    Sorry for the extremely late reply, I've been sick for a while. I'll probably never end up getting the Wii U for monetary reasons, but I can hope, right?

    Oh, well, derp. On the topic of Anime, you should check out AnoHana. It's a Slice of Life, but I swear it's amazing. The ending seriously made me cry.

    I can definately see that. The nostalgic bats won't, though xD. A question, how much Megaman do you play?
    I really need to play the original. I really need to play one too many games xD. Ah well, at least it's starting to pick up, eh?

    Ohh, you weren't talking about the speech he makes during the fight with that one Uchiha (whose name i should be remembering). No, I'm pretty sure it's during the War arc. Itachi used some crazy Genjutsu to paralyze Kabuto and somehow that released Orochimaru from him? I really don't remember

    I've played Phantom Hourglass to death, I even have the limited edition Gold DS Lite that came with it! I've also played Wind Waker and enjoyed it for the most part. I used to have a copy of Twilight Princess, but that got lost during my moving from the US to Korea, so nuts.
    I've actually only played ttyd and Super Paper Mario. I did find the dialouge / darker plot of SPM to be superior to ttyd, but that's just me. I can see that, the library isn't as strong as the DS' library back at it's time.*

    That's actually something that bothers me with shounen, the long speeches that people make during battle. I can't help but think 'why not kill him while he's monolouging about friendship and trust and yadayadayada'

    I vaguely remember that. Didn't she explode into paper to slow Tobi down or something of the sort? The last thing I actually remember is Orochimaru dragging Sasuke to who knows where

    I..actually haven't played OoT, not even gonna lie. Played through Majora's Mask, although I don't remember too much of it. I only really remember how I used the Deku form a ton for whatever reason.
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