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  • Winter is fickle, sometimes I think it's finally gone for good only for it to start snowing again.

    ah so it's not completely intentional that you save up the chapters

    I have 4 finals in two days next week qq that and I have to somehow pack all of my things and leave within 24 hours of my last one, so I'll have to probably go bunk with a friend.

    Life's left me with instant noodles and kraft dinner at this point
    Why would you make yourself watch SAO; the second half of the show is abysmal and the first half is subpar at best. Yuki Kajiura is the only good thing about the show and even then it's her weakest work so far imo. Speaking of raging with the masses; enjoy raging about SAO once you're done.

    So does that mean it actually tastes good, I'm legitimately curious now.

    It's been going on for a couple of years now, but it's really been amplified with Abe becoming Japan's PM. Abe has extremely rightist views on the who manner and flat out refuses to accept Japan's faults. Of course this is coming from a Korean, so I may be biased on the whole matter x). You should get him those PSPs that only play 8 bit Angry Bird. No joke I bought one and it was an amazing source of entertainment.

    Ohmygod you watched Toradora ;-;. Is Taiga best girl or is Taiga best girl x) Toradora is probably my favorite Romance anime all things considered; I consider Clannad a Drama more than a Romance because of the way After Story plays out. now go watch golden time

    I wouldn't make a Persona game a priority just because of how long it would take to play through it. A regular playthrough of P3 FES took me shy of 75 hours iirc. I really really really want to get a 3DS just to play Bravely Default. Makes me kind of regret shelling everything into that Fate/Zero boxset :(
    Nobody goes into school days expecting anything else. It's something that you should watch if only to be able to join the masses and rage aboout it :D

    That sounds disgustingly greasy... Where can i get some?

    Only because globalization is a thing x); things are especially bad nowadays with the east sea/sea of japan dispute and the thing with comfort women being abused during japan's reign. Oh dear, that looks amazing!

    Does anything in Naruto feel like it makes sense x). I've heard the gist of it from a friend and it sounds kind of really bad. You don't hear people talking about how messed up the plot is tho x)

    I could make you planned list like thrice it's current size if i wanted to x). Psycho Pass has an amazing premise and an equally amazing villain. I swear i got the shivers looking at the things that man did.

    The thing is, p2 is different from p3/4, most of the current persona fanbase haven't touched p1/2 at all. I still stand by recommendation of playing an iteration of p3 first; seeing as it's very similar to p4 and given how popular p3/4 are i'd assume p5 will play somewhat similarly. I actually played through Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light; the game considered to be bravely default's spiritual predecesor. If it's anything to go by, bravely default will be amazing. Also Revo did Bravely Defualt's ost and anything with revo's name on it is amazing. Bravely Scared would be the best game ever
    It's better that way on years without heavy snowfall I guess. You get a taste but not the whole package and aftermath... It was, and between hand searing apple "cider" and -40 C windchill it pretty much forced us to go and finish it inside.

    oh man that'll be a lot of reading. It must be hard being so patient.

    A lot of families in pitt meadows/maple ridge have started moving there, maybe there's some sort of correlation ;) Me too, even in dorm I don't see a lot of people often because science student with 4 8am labs a week is actually quite time consuming.

    I am going into pharmacology hopefully, I ended the last semester with a 4.0 and 100% in general chemistry. If not, then sushi chef. Or way too much stress for a fairly straightforward exam lol. I've decided to eat healthier too, got some kitchen stuff so I can cook for myself instead of spending a fortune eating caf junk. Also, actually having a study schedule, not sure how long that'll last.
    Both. He's that bad of a character. He's almost like a hormonal boy's sexual desires rolled up into a ball of misfortune.

    What is it, exactly? Bacon flavored mayonaise?

    There was a ban on anything Japanese that was lifted not too long ago. That's why we never got the original RBY and GS came to us through a system which wasn't the GBC.

    You have to applaud him for maintaining it, unlike Naruto which really feels like it's beyond repair at this point x)

    Yep, one Gen Urobuchi. He's a really good writer (obvs). You may want to check out another one of his works; Psycho Pass.

    I haven't played SMTIII so I can't tell you anything about that, but it's simple while being enjoyable. Unless you're playing on a higher difficulty in which case you're cursing the game every other death. Just wait, we'll eventually get a sequel called Brave Sequel and Bravely Stillgoing
    Ass doesn't even begin to describe his character. He's the worst character ever, not even gonna lie.

    Baconaise, what is this i don't even.

    That, uh, sound's really disgusting. It was from 1930~1945; the reign ended with American literally nuking Japan.

    That's to be expected with a show that looks like it'll go on forever x).

    I completely forgot about that cave x). Then again, I never went there after playing Diamond for the first time, the Lost World is so much cooler.

    There are a lot of things in Madoka that could be called the creepiest thing. Witch Sayaka was also super creepy.

    But you liked Haruhi. If nothing else, play it for the battle system, that's a lot of fun x). I do highly enjoy the plot and the social links though. Bravely Default is a really funny name.
    The way School Days plays out makes you feel anger it's almost inhumane not to x)

    I'll be honest, I am very curious. You should try some and tell me what it tastes like.

    Oh please, it's obviously just an excuse for the artists to draw more porn x). The dragon? No, that was in the anime instead of the h scene x). It's not as bad as it once was and it's more Koreans having a semi-vendetta against the Japanese. Basically, we were once under Japanese rule and the things they did were pretty inhumane, you should look them up if you're really curious.

    I'd think watching nearly 400 episodes of the same show would get tiring eventually x).

    Still talking about Wayward Cave, the section without the Gibles x)

    But the things the American do to Japanese music tends to be really bad =/ It was a creepy scene. And this is Madoka we're talking about.

    I'd recommend you play a variation of Persona 3 first, either Portable or FES. Persona 4, and subsequently Golden, added new features onto the games that would make it harder to eventually go back and play Persona 3. no i am not biased what are you talking about
    I will accept that. I won't be too pleased, but I will accept.

    You really should, they taste really good with Ice Cream x).

    It's really funny how they try to make it sound like a plot point; you need to have intercourse to reconnect Saber's magic circuits. That, or meet a giant cg dragon that looks like it came from a bloody godzilla movie. It's actually kinda really bad here, what with the bad blood between Japan and Korea.

    I'd enjoy a second season of the show, sure, but just not as much as the average Kyojin fan would x). You've uh, certainly come a long way x). Couldn't you take a break from One Piece and watch something else, tho?

    The part after you get that pink haired girl as a companion; Escape Ropes wouldn't work and my elementary school patience would have none of it!

    KyoAni has addictive music down to a T, look at Hare Hare Yukai. Are you talking about K-On's Manga or Madoka's, either way I haven't read either x). The part after Homura finds Madoka and Kyubey near a subway station (iirc) and she freezes time and shoots Kyubey. After Madoka leaves the scene another Kyubey appears and eats the previous one. It was something like that, anyway.

    The whole Darkrai arc really did a good job wrapping up the plot and making ends meet, although the last dungeon was as hard as **** with my party setup; an area primarily filled with Fire and Ground types is not a good place for Leader Vulpix that only had Fire Moves x). It's like that with all the SMT games I've played. The later portions of both Persona and Devil Survivor can wipe your team out with a turn or two if the AI does a particular Skill combo. It's especially harsh on Very Hard Persona 3 FES where even Early game you could get wiped relatively easily. go play persona
    I'm going to college. It's going okay I guess.

    I'm well aware of the overuse of aura, but the deal is that my nintendo network id is Aura-Nin. Aura stands for psychic powers;Nin stands for Nintendo. Aura-nin looks like anuran, the scientific taxon of frogs. Ninja was in honor of Greninja.
    Any reaction that isn't pure anger will suffice x)

    They're filled with this super sweet syrup that's, well, really sweet. I personally enjoy them every now and then x)

    My god the h-scenes; why does every visual novel ever have to have them ;-;. Yeah, well, I have a Blu Ray DVD of Saber's best show that cost much more than you're silly little poster! It also came with a Fate/Zero poster with Saber on it but I don't have the confidence to hang it on my wall. My anime watching is very closeted.

    In hindsight, I really didn't enjoy AoT as much as I thought i did, hype really messed with my opinion on the show x) So do you think you'll be done before the end of the year?

    The only other area that really messed with me was Wayward Cave, although that was intentional on gamefreak's part x).

    The only decent track on k-on's ost is the ED, and even that's an average jrock track. It looks amazing, tho. He's obvs ghost when you realize he's actually not really alive and eats his own corpse. That was a really awkward moment x)

    I'm really glad i took the time to replay it, especially since i bothered to beat the main postgame amd whatnot. Is SMTIV really as hard as the masses say?
    Hey, it's been a while. How are you doing?

    BTW, I got this name change (formerly: Psychic Politoed).
    Go watch School Days, I'll have a reason to visit you x)

    I prefer those Pineapple slices. Those are pretty good x)

    I haven't played the S/N Visual Novel, but I don't see the romance being good regardless of the medium portraying it. Also Saber is my waifuu.

    It's the only manga series I bother to follow, and that's saying something x). Yes, Steins;Gate > Everything. It's that good x).

    That one route lasts forever fgs. To be fair I never bother getting a Defog pokey but that's besides the point.

    Ohmygod Miami is the best character she has the best weapon in the series. So did Madoka kindle a love for moe or something? X) Ghost would be best IMO. Unless Umbreon decides to die.

    I was like that during my run of Explorers of Time x). Imprison does this thing where the target can't attack for a number of turns. It was just spamming Fire Blast after that x)
    I'd have to somehow take personal offense and press charges that would result in you paying for my plane ticket and all.

    Speaking of which I really don't care for canned peaches. To sweet for my tastes x)

    This is true, although Romance subplots tend to be really badly written quite often. Case and point F/SN.

    It was about the censorship in some asian country; probably Malaysia. Speaking of Magi, I see it's on your backlog and I highly recommend bumping it up. As far as shounen goes it's probably my favorite series x)

    Around the Fatima~Bryon part of the game. The path to Celestia Town feels especially long, with the Fog route and all.

    They're 15 damnit. I personally really liked the Kyouko/Sayaka relationship. I'd like to single out one of them as my favorite character, but the reason I like one heavily rests on the reason I like the other. Madoka was the weakest character imo, being useless for most of the show before becoming a plot device and then god. Also Kyuubeon for Gen VII.

    I played through Explorers of Sky recently and enjoyed it a lot more that I thought I would! Vulpix was pretty broken with Imprison making Bosses super easy x) Dialga couldn't hit me once
    The best part of vancouver :D Knee deep in BC is still pretty impressive though. They do serve hot beverages actually, yesterday was microwaved apple juice <3

    It's especially disorienting if it takes a month to come out. Kind of irked that big 3 didn't come out last week.

    haha yea, that's for sure. It'd be beyond human nature to not hooligan around so somewhere. That's so true, it seems so much more like an adventure than a chore.

    I had a lab final/lecture final for statistics, evolutionary biology, and general chemistry. Also had a calculus and english final. Not sure why people complain with 5 finals, when you get people with 8...
    Happy late new years to you too! Any resolutions?
    Hahaha, I just came home the other day too, there's not much snow to see around here. It's just a little bit of slush here and there. I know how you feel, wading through waist deep snow every day for uni.

    AOT the manga? That's terrible, the break's already long enough at one month; at this rate I'll have to reread the previous chapter to remember what was going on.

    I've only passed through abby unfortunately, it seems like a very nice place though. I hear it's a common thing for people who have graduated xD

    I finished on the twentieth, those last two were actually pretty pleasant, not too hard. Merry late Christmas and an early happy new years by the way!
    Good, good. I don't have to report you over the internet or something absurd like that.

    That's a possibility! Anything is good if it helps the canned peach industry x)

    That being said a good chunk of VNs are usually romance =/

    There was this Kotaku article that showed some examples to lolworthy censorship on Magi's American run. That was hilarious x)

    Platinum's midgame drags on for quite a bit though imo. I'd say BW2 were pretty good in that regard, though.

    To each there own, I guess. You should wait for a discount then buy it like it were food man x)

    That makes enough sense x). Speaking of the series, what were your thoughts on it? Besides amazing ofc.
    Well, uh, at least you weren't doing anything illegal!

    I'd assume can-making is a complete automatic process with machines and whatnot. You need to know what goes into canned peaches to make labels for such delicacies. That'd require some degree of education and would thus pay more? I dunno but it's a possibility.

    I'm not sure how good f/sn would be as a first vn if only because it's sheer length. While I haven't had personal experience, my friend has stated it took him more than 50 hours to get all the endings is the game. And that's without the bad endings and CG hunting. I don't think your first venture into a new medium should be something so large is all. Also steins;gate is the answer to that question.

    But Fairy Tail could get away with it because it's a long running shounen that has fans who will swallow anything withit's name on it. Case and point being anything Naruto.

    You' think after a decade and a half they'd have some idea on level balancing. BW2 was pretty good on that front iirc. Of course that free lucky egg did help x)

    doit There should be a marginal difference in terms of video quality though. And Fate/Zero really deserves the Blu Ray treatment.

    I keel thinking that but end up expanding my backlog whenever i run into anything remotely interesting. It'll be a miracle if i ever get through my backlog x). Also the first two Madoka movies are basically an HD upscale of the tv series. So you can choose to skip them whenever you decide to watch the third movie x)
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