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  • How's the weather up there? I heard transcending everything is where it's at.

    Oh, and RMT.
    I know, right? And Getsuga Spamshou is his only attack. It gets really old after a while.

    Lol. Good evening now.
    I don't believe you, but that could also be a side effect of my idiocy...

    I am an enigma!
    I know, right? My biggest pet peeve is by far Ichigo's Bankai. It effectively does absolutely nothing. It's supposed to multiply his speed by a ridiculous factor, and yet he's outsped by every goddamn character there is when he uses it. It started with Grimmjow, but really, that would've been fine had it not been repeated a million times. I KNOW. And the ones that don't use raw power, like Tsukishima, either have such haxxy abilities that it doesn't even matter or are completely and utterly useless.


    I'm going to bed now, bro. I'll reply in the morning... well, later in the morning, it's about 2:00 AM here.
    Probably about as hard as I wanted to punch him when he "revealed" what Gin's Bankai really did. His explanation was absolute bullshit and made no sense whatsoever. Mhm.

    Well that's got to be uncomfortable at the dinner table. "Hey can you pass the- *get smacked by antlers as moose turns to look*"
    Agreed. What he really does best is utterly fail at using the powers he creates for any character. Tsukishima is one of the few successes he's had (and if that's not saying how bad he is, nothing will). I can point out flaws in all of the others, either that or it's not very creative. Ok, now I know I want to hug you xD

    Is there a bear in your family too? shot for stereotyping
    I meant the single main heroes and villains, but eh. Kubo really does a horrible job of including the rest of the cast in anything. And I'm pretty sure I want to hug you right now for your villain choices xD

    Made for a good story the next week though xD Boarding. I wish it was in an igloo, then I'd be snow-boarding. shot for bad puns
    I love the concept of Bleach, and I like a lot of the more minor characters, but the mains, both villain and not, I've grown to hate for the most part.

    My mom made me get up during an inservice day when I was a freshman because she didn't believe me when I told her at five AM. When we got there, I just turned to her and said 'I ****ing told you so.' Ah, you will when you get there xD
    Good. Ironically enough, the entire Serebii Bleach Club hates Ichigo xD

    Well, you'd better find out, 'cause otherwise you'll wake up early for school one day only to find it completely empty when you get there xD Of course we do. Buuuuuut, we also have probably five times as much work to do as you guys, so I think you're still ahead overall.
    Don't care. He's still the blandest character. Although I approve of the other two :)

    First week of March. We get a whole week off :D
    Because Ichigo is the blandest character in the entire series. And that's saying something.

    College is just one parade of big projects after the next. It gets old after a while. Ah well, at least Spring Break is coming up.
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