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  • Jeez, what were you doing up all night?

    Don't you make more making them nutrition labels? I dunno how the food industry works =\

    I'm pretty biased towards the Clannad and Little Busters! VNs quite a bit as I loved their anime counterparts quite a bit. The Steins;Gate VN is also amazing. finish watching steinsgate. As I've said, I've only just gotten into VNs so I'm not the best person to ask x)

    Which is quite surprising considering it's IG. I can see why they wouldn't do it though. An adaption if the Pokemon Special manga series would be really nice.

    BW2 weren't as solid as BW as far as plot goes but it does it's job well enough. But apparently you end up super overlevelled if you choose to use it. It just seems like a really wierd design choice tbh.

    Yeah, as far as I know. My brother paid for shipping and whatnot so I spent less than others in my situation would have.

    clannad. It's a pretty random suggestion, but Hataraku Maou-Sama is a pretty fun 'sit down and smile' anime that isn't moe blabbing at it's finest. Chuunibyou is also a great one. Or you know, Prisma Illya.
    You need to catch up on all the sleep you lost preparing for finals and stuff, lol.

    That sounds like it'd hurt. You going to make those nutritions labels on the canned peaches? x)

    I doubt I'll play it, tbh. I've started playing Visual Novels deargod

    Because Baguettes bounce down hills so perfectly!

    For what it's worth BW had pretty decent stories. There was enough depth in it where it warranted a sequel to tie loose ends anyway x).

    Season 1 is just the first half of the show, right? But $400 is less than what I spent and I'd say I got my moneys worth x)

    So you watched Madoka. Was it amazing or was it amazing
    I heard it snowed there ! Probably won't be there for it until the last few days of the year though.
    I guess it was a translation error, manga's still coming in :)

    Did not know that there was a temple in abby. That's a very small grad class, did you ever get tired of each other after so many years of the same people?

    And then there was only two more finals. 5/7 done... this'll be a miniscule winter break.

    Sorry for replying so late haha, life has been busy =.=
    I'm enjoying my free time so much that I'm only really home to sleep ;-;

    You'll get there eventually! Even I have a part time job!

    The only thing I know about it really is that it was made by Square back in the day. I actually quite enjoy plots like those, I've seen a couple of movies on the subject and whatnot x)

    They replaced a rice ball with a baguette is one episode ㄱㄱ. Oh how I love humorous censoring x)

    Now if only the mainstream games would have a half decent plot x). Well, uh, the pants are kind of tight.

    They're banking on the hardcore fanbase that'll purchase regardless of the price. Funny does the exact opposite with reasonable pricing hoping to capture a wider audience. Both strategies have their pros and cons.
    So he's actually gone?

    Yeah, I just wish my PS2 still worked.

    It was pretty bad. The Naruto chapter was good, but this week's was slightly disappointing.

    How? They send the grades to my house and even then she can ask them. Non-disclosure means absolute crap because if I do that she'll just get ticked at me anyway and be doubly pissed if I'm actually hiding something.

    In general, I think. Lol.
    Haha, fair enough. Here I am, taking Joe's place. Except he prefers to get high instead of drunk, lol.

    Oh. Well, that shows how much I'm capable of paying attention.

    Yeah, definitely. Hahahaha, so true. I really meant after Minato stopped him, but yeah.

    Nah. I still get Christmas presents from my family because they're a bunch of softies. That doesn't stop mom from wanting to kill me over grades, though.

    I think this is the fastest reply to a VM of mine since September.
    Haha, I can't wait for Christmas. I need to get hammered.

    Crisis Core is a PSP game, actually. Ah.

    Yeah, that's the one weakness of One Piece compared to the other big anime/manga franchises. No kidding... because that last chapter was just... "Kakashi... I can't understand the sentences coming from your mouth... The words are there... but they don't mean anything!" <-- My entire reaction.

    ...probably Christmas... IF I get good grades. Which I won't be.
    Kind of hard to drive now anyways, too much snow around. Ah well, at least gas is cheap so the weird detours don't screw you too hard.
    But the cash money is ripe for the picking! Manga will be on hiatus starting next week too, it's going to be a long wait until january. My tuesdays will never be the same.

    I honestly had no idea what was there and I was on the other edge haha. It's a very tight family we have going on here. Until midterms and finals at least, then everyone's off studying and being anti social.

    Just lucky scheduling is all, I try to make sure that I don't have lectures early in the morning because I'd be too sleepy to write exams haha. Talk about it. I used to have to take the west coast express to get to school and that was just awful.

    Nah, they're basically parasites leeching off their parent' retirement funds.

    I'be heard Parasite Eve is quite good, what's that one about?

    It might be for the better. The stuff in Japanese Sailor Moon would've scarred five-year old Ampy x)

    They haven't announced a second season of Titan yet. Not sure why since they have enough source material =\

    I've played Blue Rescue and Time Explorers. I just felt they got really repetitive after a while since the gameplay is so simple. The stories were solid enough considering these are Pokemon games we're talking about. Well Spider-Man games don't have you killing giant naked zombie babies!

    Fate/Zero in Blu-Ray. It was so worth the money. My eyes were having orgasms every other minute
    Hm, not bad. Mostly hard cider in my case.

    Ah. Idk then, I never liked KOTR's control system. The story yeah, but never way you controlled things. That's mainly because Capcom closed Clover Studios prior to the Wii version's release, so a lot of stuff wasn't up to par (and no awesome ending!). You're missing a lot with just the cutscenes, then. Watch a walkthrough, then you'll get more of it. Ikr. I also love good Sephiroth and Genesis was an awesome villain, even if he was a overly-poetic ponce.

    Haven't read the new chapter yet, been kind of banging my head on the wall over Naruto lately. Both for the ass-pull-ness of the plot twist, and for not seeing it coming sooner.

    Hopefully that'll work out well for you.

    Wonderful. Now I want it even more. *sadface*
    Probably, yeah.

    Ugh, Bud is terrible. Even by beer standards.

    One of the Infinite Regalia ones, I'd say. That way you can get rare items that you can't get during the story. I don't follow Squeenix, really. Both, I prefer the PS2 version. The Wii version makes glaives mostly inoperable and brushwork is sometimes irritating. I know, right? The only good Final Fantasy game I've played since X was Crisis Core.

    True, that was good, especially for Fairy Tail standards. Haha, true enough.

    Trust me. College is just awful when it comes to writing assignments. If you're easily distracted, or you do a lot of stuff online, you're going to suffer in college.

    Yeah, I'm kind of waffling now. I want X or Y, but I'm going to have to wait. Haha, take your time.
    I hate driving in edmonton. Good god, one way roads EVERYWHERE. Not just in the central downtown area, but just throughout the whole town. Makes costco runs with my floormates a lot more complicated.
    Sprinkled? More like slathered all over the place. That show has so much room for filler that downplays on all the character it's kind of amazing.

    ahh, brown town. my roommate's from abbotsford. We all kind of go around living our lives and everyone finds good cheap places and share with everyone at floor meetings. Going to this place called Urban for some urban chinese food. The portions are massive for 25$!

    My monday,wednesday,friday lectures are all about 45 minutes each, my tuesday thursdays are 1.5-2 hours and my labs are usually 2-3 hours depending on how fast I am. Sheesh louis I am not stoked for winter term. I have to do morning labs monday tuesday and have a night class on thursdays... this semester is so lax, nothing until 11 am everyday
    I wish sensei was like that... she's a slave driver xD

    Agreed. The Blue Moon that I had tasted like licking a bread-covered sparkplug.

    Yeah, grinding is really hard on higher difficulties. Sometimes you have to go back and take ages and ages and you end up running low on money even with Bullions to sell. I'd say Okami > VI > VII > IV > IX > VIII. The new ones are just going downhill...

    Eh, I didn't like the Knightwalker fight that much. It was literally just a twisted mirror match. That was like an anti-friendship powerup, haha. Natsu kicked his friend out of the fight, then got stronger.

    About an hour apiece. But two essays each from three classes. That was not okay.

    Probably going to get that for Christmas... I'm more into Fire Emblem at the moment anyway. And no problem, just letting you know. I know you'll read it eventually.
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