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  • Mainstream anime always drag it out for teh moneyz... So FMA? I'll get on it on saturday I guess.. 64 is still fairly long for an anime.
    I didn't think so xD but srsly.. it is good :)
    The naruto anime is very bad.. too much filler, and the canon episodes don't last long. The manga's pretty iffy, but Kishi sometimes rewards us with extremely gratifying plot twists, like this week's chapter.
    They're bad... bad raters.

    I have Biology, Communications(french), Pre-Calculus and French(immersion). yay bio buddies! I've always wanted to watch Bleach and Full metal Alchemist... but I'm already so far behind I'm just too lazy D:
    If you're into hentai it's great... lol
    For manga I just do naruto :3
    haha, no problem :3

    yesyesyes, the likes of DragonTamer and Vandslauxsaudf needs a good influence :)
    sigh... It's pretty tiring. At least it's not as bad as Steph's schedule, she only gets 4-5 hours of sleep a week o_O

    That's good, what sort of courses? I see that you're also in highschool so I was just wondering. Weee anime <3 Anything in particular? Highschool of the Dead is a good one.
    Totally tripin' ballz.

    Psshh, you wish. You guys may be better in every way, but we
    lie and say we're the best, hence us being the best.
    I only like Mac OS X and W7.

    The other day I was searching around the IGRMT Archive and I stumbled upon "Wild Ungulateman fled!" What did the "Sup." thing mean?
    Absolutely true. I hate XP/Vista though.

    True. In terms of easy stuff Mac>Windows. In terms of technical stuff Windows>Mac.

    Let's agree to disagree and say Linux is better than both.
    Too bad his VM's are off, we could have spammed him.

    We don't get Thanksgiving for over a month. T_T
    I miss him :'(

    I will always be the provider of pie.

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