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  • At least you have the decency to pay for groceries x). I know plenty of people who take living with family for granted.

    I don't see it being all that difficult tbh. You have your ABXY buttons and your D-Pad and a Circle Pad to boot. The only thing I know about the trilogy is that they have really long German names =/. Xenogears is something I unfortunately never grew up with.

    Or course it does, Sailor Moon is pretty much the original mahou shojo anime x). The Japanese version is surprisingly dark if you haven't seen it.

    It was only briefly shown at the start of an episode with the 90 second recap x). Google it, it looks more human than pretty much the entire cast as far as anime standards go x)

    Unfortunately they also cost quite a bit more =\. I personally didn't enjoy the Mystery Dungeon games. I got my money's worth and played the entire main storyline but everything beyond that seemed like it'd be more trouble than it's worth with the stupidly restrictive dungeons and whatnot =\. It was at E3 which means it'll be out sooner or later. I highly doubt the Titan game will ever see a stateside release since Kyojin is nowhere near as big in America as it is in Japan. It's a shame that Region locking is a thing because let's face it, people are only really going to play the game for the 3D maneuver gear x)
    Yea me too, I'm going to treat myself this weekend though, that accidental 95% on the chem 101 midterm. I'd never watch naruto, only read.

    Since when was BC the week capital? Oh I see, I have the same problem... except I have my N but no car haha. I've been trying to look all over campus for good places to eat, so far I've found this place called Edo, that serve sumo sized curry for under 10$ and Marco's famous wraps that serve huge donairs for 7$. Then everything else is way overpriced... I'm thinking of getting a ricecooker and making my own dinners.
    So you're planning to live with your parents for a while longer?

    Wind Waker HD is apparently a really good remaster though. I guess that argument stands; I never had people to play SSB with given how Console gaming is considered a niche here in Korea. The good people who did Xenoblade are apparently working on another game for the Wii U x)

    Then you may as well give up, I doubt a third watching is going to fix that =/. Madoka is really good. It's probably my favorite out of the three Urobuchi anime I've seen thus far. It's a deconstruction of the Magical Girl genre so you may want to watch a proper magical girl show before Madoka to fully appreciate it.

    There's also that really handsome bishounen titan x).

    I was considering getting that, actually! Really odd choice to make a console to advertise a game but not pack the game in it =/. It was more me adding everything I may end up buying without really thinking x). I'll probably start with X, Fire Emblem and possibly Mario Kart 8. Other things on the list included Kid Icarus: Uprising and Final Fantasy Theatrythmn.
    Oh hell no. We had a problem with people becoming bullies a couple years ago, and I thought sensei was going to have an aneurism. She's scary when she's ticked... even without being able to beat most of us with one hand behind her back. When she found out that her boyfriend at the time was cheating on her a few years ago... holy crap, I thought he was going to die. Somebody bought a bunch of flowers and signed them "for Mr. Wright's funeral" just for the lulz.

    Yeah. Had my first legal beer yesterday... I don't like beer, but since I'm from a mostly German family, my mom didn't give a damn. "You have to like beer! You're German!" "Mom, I'm American, born and raised. I'm telling you, I hate beer." Give me a nice Kahlua or Bailey's any day...

    Yeah, that wasn't handled too well. And I miss the actual strategizing that characterized Fire Emblem, instead of level grinding and relying on luck. Honestly, FFVI fanboys who bash the other games just make me sick. And I actually like VII, it's my favorite in the entire series after VI. If anything, X is the one that's overhyped. I liked IX, but it just wasn't as good as VI or VII to me.

    True, it's not a strict one. Laxus is just a badass who has friends. Erza is a badass because she has friends. And that was probably my favorite Erza fight too.

    Yeah, no kidding. Six papers in a week is just a little excessive, even if I am an English major.
    And now we've started some serious addictions... there goes a 4.0 gpa lol.

    everything's cheaper here, except for food. I don't really get to feel the low tax or good prices when I'm on campus haha. Google's telling me Fraser Valley... I think you're the first person I've talked to who went there, how is it? Subway is my saving grace right now. Nice, cheap and pretty filling. Also, 75 cents on any drink is pretty good.
    Oh, I get that out of their systems right away. I make them spar with me, five at a time. They realize very quickly that they're totally helpless. That feeling sucks. Then I tell them that if they try to use what they learn from me to beat up others, they're no better than a bully. If somebody actually breaks that rule, they're done. They can't advance any further in the ranks, unless they can prove to my satisfaction that they've learned their lesson or that they did it in self-defense/defense of somebody else.

    Thanks. It feels weird being 21, honestly. I thought it'd feel pretty normal, but it doesn't.

    Hahahahaha, awkward marriage proposals are everywhere in that game. Chrom's proposal to the Female Avatar just had me holding my ribs from laughing too much. Ahh, Final Fantasy. Have you played VI? Best one, in my opinion.

    Hm, well, he partially used the power of friendship. His no-holds-barred beatdown was combined with him yelling at each member who in the guild he was beating them up for (though he just backhanded Kurohebi out cold because he hadn't done anything to Fairy Tail directly), and screamed that his family was Fairy Tail when he punched out his dear ol' dad. True, they definitely didn't.

    I may still take a look, but I'm not holding my breath. School is just killing me lately.
    That seems like it would be pretty solid. Except housing is Canada costs a fortune, or so I hear.

    The Wii was a revolution in it's own special way while the Wii U may as well be called the Wii 1.5. I'm looking at the library and thinking that nothing on it is really a system seller. I mean, if the 3DS gets the next Smash Bros as well, eh...

    Itachi's arc was cool, although the build up to it was terribad. It's funny because half the war is either pointless filler or backstory that nobody really cares about x)

    I'd argue against that. K-On is the absolute epitome of kawaii moe blobs. If you're looking for something amazing that uses Moe blobs, well, Clannad x). There's also Madoka Magica that has very moe-ish characters but is writtem by Gem Urobuchi. You know, the guy who did Fate/Zero? You might want to check that out as well x).

    The best Titan is the Kawaii Titan. You know the one x).

    Care to elaborate? Also adding all the games I'd be interested in purchasing to the site's shopping cart gives me $~550. And I recently spent about that much on Fate/Zero. I guess I'm going broke!
    My floor mates are willing to watch anything together tbh. How I met your mother marathon for three days haha. Everyone loves FMA, the arguments come from which one ;)

    I actually moved to Alberta for Uni, they have the best pharmacology program in Canada here. (also, university of british columbia has bad dorms and bad first year sciences... I just miss vancouver food)
    Well that's a start! How much would you get paid?

    It makes sense from a business perspective as it's the younger fans that make the most of their revenue while helping them maintain their kid-friendly image. You'd think consumer loyalty would get you somewhere though...

    I liked Hidan's arc for what it's worth because more Shikamaru x). Besides that and possibly Pein's arc, nothing in shippuden really stuck with me.

    Think of it as an opportunity to expand your anime viewing range x) Just be sure to keep a healthy dose of testosterone nearby x)

    Objection! Only the derpy seal is better than the blue penguin!

    An XL! They even have this combo pack thing that lets you get a copy of X/Y at basically half price x)
    Yeah, same thing then.

    Eh, I'd be okay with that, seeing as I turn 21 tomorrow x)

    Hm. Good luck.

    Eh, Cana is less a "girl with spunk" as much as she is the "hard-drinking party girl" of Fairy Tail, but I can see where you're coming from there. Yeah, I honestly don't like her that much. Just enough to keep her from being neutral or disliked. Not that much. I mean, she would've lost to Kagura (let alone Minerva) if Kagura hadn't given up and gotten stabbed in the back by Minerva. And Erza never would've been able to beat Minerva if Minerva hadn't pissed her off so much with the aforementioned backstabbing that she managed to release Second Origin and use the Nagakami armor. She's no more of a Mary Sue than Laxus is a Marty Stu (seeing as he kicked the crap out of all of the elites of a guild [including its guild master] single-handedly in like, five moves).

    Hm. Well, it's not like I have time anyway. If I did. Burning Deadfall would've been updated by now, instead of later this week/next week.
    So you're going to be making cars and stuff?

    I doubt it. Nintendo may be catering to it's older fans more than they used to but I doubt they'd give us that much love.

    In their defense, Naruto and Bleach had pretty great starts. Naruto just failed to live up to it's potential and I've never seen Bleach.

    Because Azn! Well then prioritize it! Put it above eating or whatever it is you do.

    It's a shame that most people fail to see the majestic beauty in penguins.

    Also; I found a site that lets me import an NA 3DS for a relatively low price. I know what I'm getting myself this Christmas~
    Hm, then they probably are. Going through a sequence of moves and trying to make them look as good as possible?

    Ahh, right.

    ...not sure. I only played the original 2.

    Haha. Yeah, money makes the world go 'round... Yeah, that was probably it. Definitely, Wendy went from being the medic and dead weight to being able to hold her own against a God Slayer. Yeah... though I do kind of like Lucy. She's beaten people who she has a distinct disadvantage against (seriously, there's no way she should've been able to beat Sherry; her powers were totally countered by her). And while she is pretty weak, she's got spunk. I just don't like how she's constantly in stupid situations and loses really badly against a lot of people.

    Never seen Attack on Titan... maybe I should. If I have the time.
    Pattern test? I'm guessing that's something similar to forms?

    Really? It's not standardized?

    True, Subsistence is better if you can get it. If not, MGS3 is still damn good even as just the original game.

    That'd be Hard. It goes Normal, Hard, Lunatic, Lunatic+. Unless the PAL version is different, and that's what you have? Ah, DLC. Something I don't have money for. Yeah... that game is nigh-impossible to find. I never really liked the Edolas arc. Only Gajeel's Big Damn Heroes moment was something I liked from there. ...now that I think of it, you're right. I have too many favorites. Gajeel, Erza, Ultear, Juvia, Wendy, and Grey all qualify xD Yeah, definitely.

    No joke. Easily half of my writing playlist is extended Fairy Tail stuff.
    It should be fine. It's just all the black belt forms up through third degree, a sparring round, a full-contact round, a weapons demonstration, an instruction eval, and a demo. Nothing too insane for a test.

    What is this fairness that you speak of? x)

    Can't find a regular copy of Snake Eater? I know the original MGS3 was released for PS2 by itself...

    I started low, but worked my way up. I hate Lunatic+ w/Classic Mode so much, you can't even imagine. Sticking with Hard and Classic or Lunatic with Casual until the end of time. Yeah, that would be awesome, though I don't think PoR came out for that at any point. I honestly think that the Tenrou Island arc was my favorite. Ultear was my favorite character; it was really sad to see her go at the end of the Eclipse arc. Yeah, it's really not. Though the War arc is a really intense plot from start to finish. I just stopped reading after it, though. Tried to get back into it a couple times, but I couldn't.

    *rocking out to Sabertooth's theme*
    Uhh... And what would that be?

    Eh, I doubt it. It was made to market X and Y in the first place after all. Such a shame.

    You probably won't find out for another 50 episodes, it's like that with all long shounen x)

    We Asians are all one! and infinately superior. Do it now before you decide you're not a masochist!

    Doesn't appeal to the masses, though
    Yep, 3rd degree. I'm testing for 4th over Christmas holiday; you have to be 21 or older to test for the upper ranks.

    Yeah... eventually I just gave up and used my grandma's '08 Civic. Breezed straight through it after trying to maneuver that massive boat of a CR-V through.

    Subsistence. DEFINITELY Subsistence. Snake Eater 3D is just awful. I bought it and sold it back two weeks later because it was just that bad. The gameplay was made so much more difficult by the 3DS functions.

    Awakening was good, but the higher difficulty levels are luck-based from start to finish. Lunatic+ is essentially "The Computer is a Cheating Bastard: Game of the Year Edition". I mainly liked it for the supports and the awesome new character skills. And the older ones are really hard to find. Path of Radiance for the Game Cube can sell for over $200 on EBay easily, and Radiant Dawn is really hard to find despite the availability of Wii games. I also really love the plot of both (they're the same characters separated by a three year timeskip); much more expansive and engaging than Awakening's straightforward plot. Oh, you're definitely not the only one. There are several others. And yeah, though I honestly think that at some parts, it can be even more intense than Bleach or Naruto, Ultear's sacrifice being one of the best examples. And yeah... I don't like it much, but most people like it because it does a lot more world-building and isn't as straightforward as Bleach or Naruto.
    Eh... experience? I've been doing it since I was eight, so I've got more than a decade of experience with it under my belt. That and I'm nationally ranked and all. Never made it past the semis of nationals though... I really wish I could go to worlds.

    You get to use your own. The only problem is, my car is an '06 Honda CR-V, an SUV ._.

    Haha, yeah, I can see why. It's sometimes a pain to sit through twenty minute cutscenes, but they're usually pretty cool. And four's is arguably better... especially since it untangles all of the messed up stuff from two and three.

    I need the money. Eh, Fire Emblem, mostly. Got back into playing the Tellius games; Radiant Dawn is so much more fun than Awakening to play... it's not luck-based. Also still Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach, ect. Mainly Fairy Tail, Bleach is just killing itself and Naruto is a genuine mindf*ck.
    Huh, I could've sworn otherwise. So are you going to college then?

    It's terribly compressed though, and there hasn't been a full battle in the three episodes I've seen thus far. It... may not be as good as it was hyped up to be but only because it has to be compressed into an hour and a half, I wish it were it's own series ;-;

    I haven't seen FMP nor know anything about it so I can't really say too much about it. So basically you won't be watching it until next year?

    You know it was inevitable, all you white skinned people are the same! Then go for it. Watch K-On, Feel K-On, Be K-On.

    But it doesn't exactly do much for my credibility x)
    Woahwoahwoah didn't you graduate from college this year? You'd have to be 22 or something then.

    May was an OK character, I guess. My dislike for Max peaked after Ash defeated Norman and he got all butthurt. Well, I can tell you the first two episodes have been subbed x). They're pretty good thus far.

    I can understand that, the only other Anime I want to watch this season is a sequel. I'll also be watching KyoAni's new Anime if only because I'm curious as to whether they can carry out a darker plot since their Anime this season is a 'Dark Fantasy'. I'll also be watching Golden Time, which was done by the team that did Toradora! which is imo one of the best romance Anime. Well before anything, go watch Steins;Gate. We'll talk after that x)

    America, Canada, you're all the same to Asians x). The only other American show I've seen is How I Met Your Mother and even that is in random episodes. You need to conquer the airheads to become a better person!

    You'd be surprised, it's surprisingly amazing. It has a slow start but once things start picking up ohmygod it becomes amazing. Alternatively it could just be because I love penguins but I'd like to think I can think rationally
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