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  • You have to remember I was born half a decade after you were, Spongebob was to me what Catdog was to you x)

    I didn't enjoy ADV if only because Max was annoying. They've been released in Japan although I assume you'll wait for the dub?

    Oh I could give you suggestions until your backlog becomes much larger than it already is. That's kind of crazy, yeah. It isn't as hard if you're watching on a weekly basis, though. I was juggling like 10 shows this season and I'll probably do something similar this season.

    I saw an episode of South Park once, it was terrible. I don't get what the fuss is about and it makes me think that Americans are genetically dirty =/ I've seen a couple of episodes of Community and it seemed like a pretty cool show. I've also seen the entirety of Friends for what it's worth x) You never know! I say go for it x)

    A show called Mawaru Penguindrum. I wouldn't recommend it, though. It's not a show that most people'll enjoy. There's a lot of symbolism being thrown around and the art ranges from amazing to terribad. That said, the show has some of the best character development I've yet to see and has an amazing story if you give it enough thought.
    It's really interesting, especially if you use more than one style of martial arts. Taekwondo is a great base for mixing and matching styles.

    It's essentially forcing you to navigate through a maze of cones with barely enough space for a car to move through.

    It is... there's a reason it's jokingly called "Movie Gear Solid". iirc, it's like eight hours of cutscenes. But the gameplay and the way it ties the story together is worth it.

    It's no problem... I haven't updated since then either. College is just killing me and all my time. Yeah, that's a big thing. Honestly, if I didn't need the scholarship money, I'd quit band in a heartbeat to free up time.
    This is so true. There was potential in UBW for Shirou to get the character development to become an actually decent character. Spongebob was the best kids show ever.

    Rewatching the original series gives you puns. Lots and lots of bad puns. It's almost cringeworthy. Also The Origin is being done by Production I.G

    That's a thing! Are you ever going to do the thing that everyone does by adding 30 or so shows to your Plan-to-Watch list? X)

    It's only overpriced because companies know that there'll be people who end up buying it no matter how overpriced a product is. It's apparently even worse in Japan

    That may because you grew up with it. Being the Asian I am, I do find myself enjoying Japanese comedy more. Some of the more, erm, suggestive comedy seen in American TV just doesn't sit well with me =\. Nagato in Disappearance was definitely moe as far as characters go x). You know what you should do? You should sit through the entirety of K-On in a single night. Having suffered the worst, you'll be much more immune to moe x).

    Oh, it was definitely worth it. I finished a show which ended up in my favorite anime list x).
    And truth be told, I don't know how good the VN is if the Anime was so...bleh. I mean, they probably did do a lot of removing and rewriting of the plot but the source material is still there so... Speaking of which, I was flicking TV channels and saw Courage the Cowardly Dog. My childhood was very happy at that x)

    What, you weren't going to? x)

    Either I can't see it or I don't see it o.o

    I'm going to say it now, it'll probably be worth every last dollar. Ehh, I doubt it. My descision to get my brother to buy a copy was after intense searching of the internet. I figured that purchasing in person would be cheaper, I guess.

    If you're looking for a VN adaptation-anime thing I'd honestly point you towards Little Busters! It's based off of friendship more than romance but I enjoyed it more than I did the original Clannad. The moe aspects in it aren't as dominant in it as well. I personally think it's a great gateway anime to get people into the more non-shounen side of anime x). Uh... Rei was moe? Then she was moe before moe was cool x) And I bet at least half of these other aspects include Kyon's amazing monologues amirite?

    Aaaand I ended up wasting my entire weekend. Now I feel kind of swamped in the extra work that I've piled myself ;-;
    It's apparently a 60 hour game, that's almost as long as how long it took me to do everything in FFIX x). So I'm assuming that Sonic X is pretty bad, then?

    Possibly? It's going on Pokemon's official website so that's saying something x).

    Speaking of that, you should, you know, update your MAL with all that jazz x).

    I'm... not too sure tbh. I just kind of sent my older brother who lives in America 500 dollars and told him to ship the Box Set to me x). It probably cost more than whatever I sent him, though.

    I'm going to assume you mean it's Clannad that gets overhyped; and this is true for the most part. Unfortunately, people tend to go into the show with the mentality that they won't cry only because that's what the fans have hyped the show to be. And really, it's After Story that's the real gem while the first season is simply an Above Average Visual Novel adaptation. For that reason I wouldn't recommend you watch it unless you're willing to go through the original Clannad. That being said, I find it kind of funny that you dislike Moe yet enjoyed Haruhi as much as you did. Sure it isn't as Moetic as Lucky Star or K-On, but there are plenty of Moe aspects there.

    On a completely unrelated side note; I had one of those days where I didn't feel like studying. At all. So I ended up watching tons of Anime today. You every have those days? x)
    It's been confirmed to be an adaptation of Heaven's Feel, the N's third arc that was never explored in the anime. I just hope Ufotable'll be able to make it something amazing ala Zero x)

    That said, Nintendo is starting to show signs that it cares for us oldies what with Pokemon : The Origin and the like

    Definitely, it's also very marathon able, especially then last 20 or so episodes. You just have to go into it with a different mind than with Brotherhood

    I have 40 days left, the stress is killing me ;.;. I'm kind of regretting getting the Blu-Ray when I did, it sits on my shelf seducing me with all it's Blu-Ray goodness.

    Yeah, I do. I'm an instructor for the local Taekwondo studio.

    If you do one, you don't do the other. We do maneuverability in Ohio... I hate it so much.

    MGS1 is great. MGS2 is ok, but really mind screw-y. MGS 3 is awesome. MGS4 is the best of the series in my opinion. MGR:R is a fun hack-and-slash with a good soundtrack, but it's just a nonstop montage of action scenes and one-liners. The plot is basic, and the characters are pretty one-dimensional outside of the protagonist. Still a decent game, though.
    Ahh, yes. Money. I wish I had some that wasn't going towards college.

    I hated learning how to drive. Do you have to do parallel parking or the maneuverability drill?

    Also, saw your post in the "What are you playing?" thread. Never knew you liked Metal Gear games.
    They have the big ones at least, right? I've actually picked a few good ones off netflix (Last Exile, mushishi, soul eater and samurai champloo)
    Yep, stunt helicopters are crazy, but so much fun.

    Hmm, true. I really don't know /why/ I'm so much better at flying than driving. It's kind of odd.
    Yes yes yes yes. Glad to see you truly appreciate the show for what it really is x). Now we just have the Stay Night remake to look forward to~

    Kirby is more catered towards Nintendo's target audience, I guess.

    That's a pretty dumb reason imo, especially since the original is different in the way that it's a completely different story. I'd be inclined to agree if they did that thing where they change the plot up midway, but this was a entirely different plot that was planned on while the manga was still running.

    Speaking of saving money, I recently bought the Fate/Zero Blu-Ray. Imported from America with the crazy shipping prices. Several hundred dollars down the drain, but I'm treating myself for suffering through my college exams ;-;. The day the exams are over I'm going to watch Fate/Zero in all it's Blu-Ray glory!

    I guess I just dislike Rei's character, and to that extent, pretty much every 'silent girl' stereotype out there. Yucky Nagato is the sole exception because her development in Disappearance x). The sad thing is that you're missing out on so many amazing shows because of the moe elements that plague the medium
    I'm curious about Darker than black, Samurai Champloo and Ghost in a Shell. It gets worse if you watch it with your roommate around lol.
    Yes, I've heard the older ones are the best, but I can't find any, and I don't have any systems to play them on other than a PS2.

    Stunt aircraft are made to be scary. That's what makes it fun! ;D

    The reason he hates it when I'm at the controls is because I fly like an absolute maniac. I took it into a double roll and then tried to split-s at about 1,200 feet. It usually takes double that to do a split-s in the Skymaster at top speed.
    Never played that. I prefer sticking to mainstream series such as GTA and CoD. Umm, I and II (PSP) and XII (Xbox).

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