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  • Yeah, my uncle owns an old Cessna Skymaster that he bought as military surplus, so he lets me fly it from time to time. Not too often, as the last time I did, I almost made him crap his pants xD
    I still preferred it to the DS, maybe since it had some decent shooters and FF I and II (which was arguably my favorite FF besides XIII).

    ugh u mo.
    Don't know; I just can't get comfortable in them, I never feel safe, and driving them is horrifically stressful for me. Hell, I have an easier time piloting an airplane than I do driving a car.

    Ahh, right. I forgot, since I hate cars, trucks, busses and all their evil spawn. :p

    Yeah, about four years back, then I discontinued it in early-to-mid 2010. Awesome, I'd appreciate it.
    I doubt that xD

    Hell yes. Also feels good to get three very positive responses to my prologue on Serebii. Not as good to only get two reviews on FF.net, but I got 4 follows and 2 faves, so that's not bad either.
    That's understandable; although the international market is a much bigger one =/

    If anything you should have watched them in reverse order x)

    That's understandable enough, though I'm one to do all the research before making a purchase.

    My problem with Rei is that it's impossible to like her as her own character. Her plot relation with Yui and to a lesser extent, Gendo makes her...meh. I'm not too big a fan of her stereotype either =/. Moe is something that you get used to over time and even then it's a aquired taste only some ever accustomed to.
    Ahh, Procrastination. Joy xD

    I retooled the base concepts to fit a new idea stream that I had. It works much better now.
    Or they could flat out make the games with the international fan base; I don't think Nintendo is one to sell their IP

    I guess, but I don't really think of FMA as shounen; it doesn't share many of the common tropes associated with the genre. I'm the exact opposite, I found the first half of FMA to be just decent but the second half was really something special.

    That sounds like a terrific waste on money =\ Why do you even do that anyway x)

    BYTHEWAY @your convo with Jordan; Clannad isn't an anime for anyone and has a really slow start. The entire first season is just an above-average visual novel-to-anime adaptation. It's the second season that makes a lasting effect on people. You also need to get past the ridiculously moe female characters; which is a challenge in itself x)
    Mhm, lucky. I'm back at college :p

    Eh, fine. Rewrote Opal's Shadow into something new, haven't been doing much else.
    Which is why I want to get into the series. The only exposure to the series I've received is seeing Samus in Smash Bros. =\

    I'd love more Soul Eater; I do think the Soul Eater anime is probably my favorite shounen I've seen thus far. I guess I really like the atmosphere and the way the world is set up. The ending was so standard shounen though >:

    Regardless of whenever you got it, that ability was pretty obscene x). I never do that; I make purchases only when I know I'll have the immediate time to dedicate to whatever it is I buy.
    I've gotten to the point where I'm just curious about why people like certain series so much. Except clannad because I can't take it seriously.

    I'm not on twitter so I didn't really follow him or anyone at all. Under a rock?? Ohkk. She was a nice lady at least.
    It's the same with other Nintendo series like Pikmin and Metroid, I want to get into them but haven't the time.

    That makes enough sense I guess x) The main advantage manga has imo is that you can blast through it and get much more content out of the alloted time x) The general fan agreement is that Reborn should have ended where the anime did x).

    I could've sworn it's a really early tech, I could also swear that it's been a couple of years since I played the game x). I'd spend the money elsewhere, then. It's not like you need the game on Day 1. It's nice to be amongst the first, but not enough to warrant spending money that should be used on (possibly) more urgent matters.
    I'm on the same boat, I prefer Majora's Mask to Ocarina of Time. The only other Zelda game I've completed is Phantom Hourglass so that automatically takes third x). It's a series that I want to spend more time with but never get the time.

    Out of curiosity, what is it that you dislike about the manga? The anime adapts the first half of the manga. There's a filler arc somewhere in there but it's minimal and it's pretty good as far as filler goes.

    There's this one Robo solo Healing Tech, I'm not sure what it's called, but I'm pretty sure it's there. I know I'm going to get it eventually, just not sure if it's within the first year of the game's release :p
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