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  • To be fair, a good chunk of said fanbase is rather fixated on Ocarina of Time being the best game of all time. I'd think that that makes everything that comes out subsequently be bad, in comparion anyways. But I've heard Twilight Princess has a lot of similarities to Ocarina of Time, is this not true?

    Meaning that you've finished the actual series? The last couple of arcs feel so... filler. The ending ending is the most anti climactic ending ever which really sucked. I honestly thought there would be another chapter for the longest time because it felt so incomplete. Well, besides Japan that is x)

    I fed Robo all of the Magic Capsules that I could find. His Heal Beam was pretty much all the healing that I ever needed x). Besides that I had Chrono and Ayla hit stuff over and over again. It was a very effective strategy x). So I've heard, I might just end up looking it up on YouTube or something.
    Wasn't Skyward Sword met with critical acclaim and whatnot? The sequel to A Link to the Past? I only really played the first couple of hours so my memories are fuzzy at best x).

    Make it like, your top priority x). It's pretty good, there are some really good arcs in the show. The first batch of episodes are really slow slice of life like but it gets really good once it picks up. The anime ends where the series in general starts to take a downward turn so proceed onto the manga knowing that. As much as I hate to admit it, I end up pirating most of the stuff I watch. I buy everything that does get licensed here but our selection here is very limited. There also this Netflix-esqe service here where I can watch some series which I try to do whenever possible.

    I remember Robo being really OP and stuff x). The game's atmosphere and the way it handled sidequests were amongst the best in rpgs in general. Speaking of FF, did you say you played VI? That's almost as tedious though ;-;
    I haven't really played anything post N64 save Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. I could never finish Wind Waker because reasons I mentioned before and Phantom Hourglass had this one dungeon you had to keep going back to with a somewhat annoying gimmick. The Final Boss was easy as sin as well.

    ohmygoddoitnow. Evangelion 2.0 is pretty amazing. It's probably up there with the Disappearance as one of my favorite anime movies and this is coming from someone who didn't care for the series at all. I actually skipped half of the endless eight, it got really boring and redundant and stuff ;-;. Unfortunately Crunchyroll doesn't work here it doesn't have the rights to distribute here in Korea. Or something like that, I don't know the specifics.

    I got to like the last dungeon in Chrono Trigger and then stopped, don't really remember why. I even recruited Magus and everything. I'd think it'd be near impossible without a guide and my dislike of using guides during my first run made me eventually just give up. I'll complete it one of these days.
    I'll admit I hardly know anything when it comes to computers. It was just an en-educated guess :p

    Yeah, but we still need an evo so she'll be brown and have a bigger ***.
    Laptops in general are better for gaming than most desktops imo. The only thing I hate about then is the lack of a mouse - although you can buy one.

    Jynx's *** isn't that big. We need a Jynx evo.
    But to be fair, those games were way ahead of their time x)

    It's like the Rebuild of Evangelion movies, if you've seen them. As much as I didn't care for the original series, I have to say that Evangelion 2.0 was pretty amazing! If that were the case, we're looking at a 8+hour buildup for a 2 hour movie x). Ayup, I have a book with me nearly always, complete with talking quietly and being all shy-like! Come now, it can't be worse that shipping costing as much as the actual product.

    I am going to play that game so hard when I'm done with my exams its not even funny. That being said, i've only really played Phantom Hourglass from that little bit of Zelda. I played Wind Waker back when it first came out but could never get past the whole searching for map parts in the sea or whatever it was.
    The english or japanese dub? That's what I'd probably do if I was a famous voice actor, just drop by random conventions and walk around. I've made it mine to watch all of the "must watch" stuff before I go back to random series that interest me, just so I can make conversation with other anime people.

    He was telling everyone about this tweet war with the J-biebs when he broke into song. Apparently he was framed. Complaining in a good or bad way? I can't really tell through censoring haha
    I just thought the 360 was cool, and it hasn't let me down yet. Nah, I'm too lazy to build one, I'm going to get a laptop.

    Chicken with rabbit ears because **** logic.
    Yeah, there are a few I replayed recently and some I still play these days :D Basically, I was sick of the Playstation. Having a PS2 for 8-9 years makes ya want something new :p Yeah, but my PC is garbage when it comes to gaming D:

    Isn't it supposed to be a chicken? x)
    Or it could be that we've been spoiled by the later games in the series x)

    The Disappearance in general is a pretty fantastic movie regardless to it's connection with the rest of the show; Disappearance's Nagato may as well be the anime equivalent of irl me x). I'd so pay $40 for that movie if I could, but shipping and the like will likely inflate the price to anywhere between $60~80. The bigger the better, they usually say.

    I mean, Mario and Square Enix; what could possibly go wrong? I think the word you're looking for is charm. It's the same with Zelda : Wind Waker and it's subsequent spiritual successors, they aren't the most graphically advanced games but their art direction gives it an unique charm that can't be emulated by the hi-res realistic look that most games seem to be going for nowadays.
    But to be fair, Mario 64 started the whole 3D Mario platformer trend and it's pretty good considering it's first effort.

    Well tbh I only really care for the Disappearance as far as Haruhi goes. I am following a few ongoing shows so it's not like i'll go going for nothing x).

    Havin played PiT, I don't really see a problem with Linearity in the Mario RPGs because the game manages to squeeze everything out of a location so that a revisit would only be redundant.
    I think there were more one piece people than any other of the big three. There was this one group who did bleach (and it was pretty well done) but that's it. woahwoah It's a wonderful show, you should really get on that!

    I would've loved to hear that as well, hell, he even made justin bieber's "baby" sound good. I had a friend like that too, nearly ****ed himself when she touched him in the shoulder haha.
    It has a lot more polish to it than the N64 version. I'd say I prefer it but i haven't ever played that version. Gah, can't find it. Maybe I left it at my mother's place or something =\

    From what i gather it's that hall or something where you buy stuff and the like for bargain price. I really want to own certain anime that just cost too much >:

    Speaking of, did you ever play Super Mario RPG? That game has been on my backlog for the longest time
    I have quite a few ancient games that remind me of when I was smaller :'] I know that, but I got had gotten an Xbox 360 instead of a PS3, for a change, since I was obsessed with my PS2 :p Yes, that's true, but the PC is more reliable imo.

    It's standing on one foot.
    I actually never played Mario 64 until the DS remake came out which is disappointing. I think I actually have that game laying around somewhere, I'd have to look. I do recall playing it at some point.

    There's actually a system that lets me go to America as a transfer student, but that's for after I get into college x). I keep hearing of this dealer room that intruiges me. I want to go so baaad >:

    Can't argue with that, although PiT was pretty streamlined iirc.
    Crash 2 and Spyro were my childhood in it's entirety. Like I'd pretend to be sick just so I could play Crash 2 x). Digimon World 3 is another big one for me even though it isn't really all that good a game in hindsight.

    My older brother lives in LA so hopefully I can get him to take me to whatever con takes place there. I'd like to get merch that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

    I prefer the Bro Items in PiT as opposed to the Bro moves in SS which seem to only be there as boss nukes. It was fun bringing out a green shell every once in a while x). I'm at the University place with the light and stuff and so far I still prefer PiT's world. Bowser as some stunt turtle thing is pretty hilarious though x)
    That's one gam that I don't have. My PS Library is rather small. I have FFVIII, IX, the first Spyro game, the Crash games and a couple of Digimon games. I may be forgetting something but that's the bulk of it.

    It would be perfect. Hopefully i'll be able to make a trip during the summer when I get into uni x)

    Speaking of Mario and Luigi, i've started playing Superstar Saga. I have to say so far I prefer Partners in Time but that's just me.
    I saw a guy go as asuma, and pretty unconvincing kakashi.. I guess people just don't like naruto that much. Yea I did, just once in the hallway though. I was genuinely pleased. The VAs cosplaying as okabe and kurisu on saturday going to fatburger and buying dr pepper really made it for me.

    Vic was definitely the biggest deal for me, he's like the nolan north of anime. I was in one of his panels where he sang "brothers" live and the man's voice is astounding. It was pretty interesting meeting jessica nigri too...
    But he was the antagonist; there was a lack of an opposing force x). True, true but I have most the PS games J really care for already.

    It isn't really all that good, I wouldn't recommend it. It has amazing music and production values though. Yeah, and I usually go during my Winter holidays, which are the long ones and opposed to summer holidays which only last a couple of weeks at best.

    I've heard mixed things about Kid Icarus though including a frustrating control scheme.

    I did that thing where I merged Skype with MSN so i could give you that?
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