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  • This is true, but you have to begrudgingly admit that nobody else would've felt right as the XII representative when every other game has their main character. Keep in mind that I already have a copy of X for the PS2 so I wouldn't really be justifying myself by using it as my console seller. I'm just looking for more reasons to get Persona 4 Golden x)

    I'm not too surprised, SAO fanboys insist it's the best thing ever. I go to America once every two or so years to visit my siblings but there never seem to be any conventions that take place during the time period >:

    I haven't played any of the main franchise but I'm a huge fan of the Persona Spinoff series and the Devil Survivor series. I can at least vouch for Devil Survivor : Overclocked although it is an SRPG.
    heyhey friend. There were a lot of mikasas and sashas. I think it was the easiest and most popular cosplay to do.. There were a few fantastic ones though! Most notably headhunter master yi, katarina, the armoured guy from vanquish, Big Boss, and a jesus. Also, random airsoft people just hanging around the vendor hall without selling anything.

    This was my first big convention so it was very exciting.. did you go?
    It doesn't help that the main character is absolutely unrelevant to the plot. He's just kind of there. You've watched enough anime that I'd say your opinion holds some power to it x). There's the HD remaster so I might just use that as my excuse to splurge on a Vita. There are like two games I really care for on it though.

    It was SAO cosplayers last year from what I heard x) I wish I could go to a convention; the only one we have here is tiny and nothing is ever noteworthy >: I am so jealous right now it's not funny.

    Everyone says it's the pinnacle of the series so you won't have as easy of a time if you choose to play the older games but you have to start somewhere, right? It's so easy to break the game it isn't fair to the AI at times. Thats what makes it so fun x)
    It's very political. You have to really pay attention to undetstand anything. X, as far as the voice acting issue goes.

    It's a start, you're still ways to go! How was AR?

    The series in general gets really good once you get a grasp on the strategies and the mechanics. Speaking of the genre, did you say you played any of the FFT games?

    I've heard Dark Moon fixes a lot of the original's flaws but I doubt that'll be enough to warrant a buy for me =\. You know what would be really awesome? You cracking for me and buying me a 3DS, shipping and all x)
    Oh, I wasn't talking about backwards compatibility. The biggest thing that stopped me from getting a PS3 is that I have a lot of PS2 games I enjoy, but no backwards compatibility :( Although I'd say Microsoft should stick to PCs and idk about Sony, as I haven't had too much experience with the PS3 in general.

    Haha, the new one's ears/whatever you'd call it make it look like a rabbit.
    Don't prioritize it too much, the game isn't anything special. But it was released years after voice acting in video games became prevalent iirc. That'd give a company as large as Square enough time to do the research imo.

    Something about crack pairings and fanfiction, but that isn't important. All that's important is that you admit to your love for gay fanfiction.

    atm Fire Emblem is the game changer for me, I want to play it so bad it isn't funny. I enjoyed the GBA and DS versions immensly and from what I've seen Awakening only expands on the pros. Apparently Mario & Luigi : Dream Team is also being released here so that's something else to add to my list of things to eventually get. There's also Luigi's Mansion but I didn't really enjoy the first game tbh. So when did you crack and get a 3DS? x)
    I'd recommend you play the International Zodiac Job System version if you choose to play it at all. It lets you designate a 'class' to each character and therefore let you avoid having six characters that did pretty much the same thing ala FFVIII. It also has a couple of fixes and extra features. It can't be that bad, Square must have had some quality control.

    Or you could be persuading yourself to believe such a thing, afraid to embrace your secret desire to see men go at it with other men. ;)

    True, but I'm not sure it's really worth spending the money for one game. The Mario platformers tend to be too short for the amount of money spent on them and the only other major game I'm interested is Ocarina of Time 3D, but I still have my N64 copy of the game so...eh. If they brought say Fire Emblem here, that'd be a completely different story.
    None of them are anywhere as good as Pre X. XII played too much like an MMO and well, we have actual MMOs for that x). XII did have very good voice acting though so credit where credit is due!. Thanks! I'll need it.

    Oh you never know, you could find something arousing in watching two men make love in a way brimming with manliness and testosterone.

    It is, isn't it. I live in South Korea so I have to pay those ridiculous shipping prices if I want a 3DS at all. The Korean 3DS is pretty much limited to Mario and a bunch or 3rd Party knockoff games.
    It really was a shame when Uematsu left Square Enix, the Final Fantasy games since then don't have the musical impact they once had. XII's soundtrack was good and all, but it lacked that special something if you know what I mean. So I've heard, FFX has been sitting on my shelf for the longest time, I might break it out after I'm done with my college entrance exams.

    But then in the bathroom all day and stuff, we can't have that!

    It's even worse here, I've seen shipping prices cost so much as 50% of the actual product. It's the main reason I can't contemplate getting a 3DS at this point :( Where do you live btw?
    Yeah, well, we don't talk about XIII here. I've heard the sequel fixes a lot of the flaws the first game has though. None of the cast from X-2 really stood out to me tbh. There's a goth-lolita tall woman, your generic female lead and... a monkey.

    We can compensate and give you banana juice instead.

    Or you could do the time-efficient thing and just read the manga instead xD. Tell me about it, and I even have to worry about shipping prices. It really sucks to be a fan in a country that doesn't license anything noteworthy.
    The one thing Final Fantasy fans can all agree on is that Uematsu is the best thing that happened to the series x). Going off vague memories from KHII, Rikku is the one that kind of looks like a monkey, right?

    Open up your mind to the world of kawaii yaoi! We have cookies and milk!

    And then you'll spend the rest of your life catching up to One Piece x) ikr? That scene at the end Lagann takes down the Anti-Spiral still sends shivers down my spine. Simon's speech before Team Gurren fight Lordgenome; the one where he accept's Kamina's passing and starts to move on, is the first scene in anime that made me cry since AnoHana; and there was a solid 7 month gap between them x)
    Nintendo has much more experience and I'd say they're more successful. They're failed a lot, but they've learnt from their mistakes. I'm only borrowing it from a friend, but it's pretty fun.

    Basically, I like the colors of Blaziken. Red and black fit well together imo.
    Thing is, I don't really like that either. I heard both systems aren't backwards compatible. I don't care, as I'm not going to be getting either for a while, if I do. Fun fact; Farcry 3 is a fun game :)

    Blaziken and Lucario looks awsum.
    I have heard his theme, it's actually pretty amazing x). I'd say they look like an ant's feelers. Or a chinchou's antennae. Isn't that the game known for it's excessive fanservice?

    Or Roy in Black Hayate's arms ;). Eh eh?

    It should get better over time? It's the only reason i can see it having such a large fanbase. The last episodes had amazing artwork! To be fair, Spiral Energy was basically Simon being super-ultra manly and stuff x)
    I, what, that looks like something from those wierd bands with the wierder hairdos. Is Seymour secretly a rock star or something? Grinding in FFIX was really easy iirc so it may not be as big a problem than i first made it out to be.

    But wouldn't Roy being held in Armstrongs are looking all feminine be super ultra cute and stuff? :3

    It must have some appeal to it if it commands such a large fanbase; I just haven't gotten around to trying it. Evangellion was pretty decent until the last couple of episodes which destroyed the enjoyment I had and replaced it with rage and confusion. Gurren Lagann is th epitome of mindless fun, the flaws become very apparrent if you actually pay attention.
    How can you not like Rusty McFatButt?! Amarant's afro will go down in the Final Fantasy series for best hair. Shame you get him so late, makes it something of a grind if you're like me and try to master every ability on your in-party characters.

    I'm not, really. It's just that seeing Roy so submissive is so utterly cute! Tsunderoy is the best roy.

    That's not really much to live up to then, is it x). I've heard it's pretty good and I saw an episode or two back in the day on Toonami iirc. The only 'old' anime I've seen thus far is Evangellion and well, I didn't enjoy that at all so I am slightly weary of said shows. So basically it's Gurren Lagann x)
    Well, a few of my friends are getting them, and I have an Xbox 360. The PS4 dosen't impress me in any way atm, I'd probably only buy it for the price :/ Wait, there's a new FF? I'm so out of the loop :(

    Also, cool avatar.
    The damage cap is there to be capped! Amarant has the best skillset in the game; dude can do anything from buff to heal to damage. I expected you to use Steiner, Magic Sword is soooo fun to use and Steiner has the best dialouge in the game hands down x)

    Speaking of crack pairing, I saw a picture of Mustang/Armstrong the other day. It...was surprisingly cute :3

    It gets really good for a while and then slowly falters, much like just about every shounen put there. Which makes me wonder why shounen don't live up to it's standards, every other shounen pales in comparison. I actually read the first three chapters of the Fairy Tail way back in the day. I might just pick it back up, we'll see.
    The best thing about IX is that every character can hit the Damage Cap relatively easily. There is no 'inferior character' making just about every combo plausible. Use Freyja, Dragoon Rats are the best rats. She's also the easiest to hit 9999 iirc. Everyone else has to wait until Disc 4.

    The best shipping is Crackshipping. Because Mustang/Sheska should obvs be canon :p

    Well, I hope you don't count the pointless filler after Naruto and Sasuke's battle at the river to be good, that would be disappointing. The only Shounen I really followed was Kateikyoshi Hitman Reborn! It's actually pretty good once you get over the beginning because it drags on and on and on. If you do choose to watch it I'd recommend skimming through the first 50 chapters of so of the manga before watching the anime. Flaws aside I do have rather fond memories of the show, so I am slightly biased there :p
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