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  • Thanks, my dad got a job in mid November, finally! :) I'm gonna try to go to grad school at one of the Cal States nearby, there's two public university systems here in Cali, either the UC's (University of California) or CSU's (California State University). I hope to go next semester. :) I don't really realize that I have a college degree yet, lol, I just know I have more schooling ahead of me. X(

    Yeah, I know, it's so crazy! So many people have come and gone and I've forgotten a lot of them, but I remember talking to people whose names I don't remember now and feeling like I had a place where I was accepted. Oh man, I had my own little world I could go to here on Serebii, I was actually somebody, it was an amazing feeling. I can't believe it's been that long, it makes me feel so freaking old!!! :p I wish I could just talk to some of the people I've lost touch with and see where they are in life. I hope everything is going well on your end! :) What's new with you?
    Oh my gosh, wow, I can't believe it's been 7 years!!! I remember when I met roodude, we still talk, in fact, I'm texting him right now! :p I miss Water Spirit and the gang, I haven't talked to her in forever! I hope you're doing well, my life is kinda meh right now, but let's hope it goes wonderfully! ^_^ What's going on with u? I was looking at our conversation, wow, life is so different from then, still never had a bf, oh well! :p Oh, and I'm not moving to Ohio cuz that job my dad had didn't last, so now he's been looking for over 6 months... let's hope he gets one soon! ^_^ I'm back home in Cali, finishing up 1 incomplete I had at BYU and I'm graduating! :) No idea what I wanna do or where I wanna go for grad school... Yeah, that's life right now! :p
    Hey! Sorry for not responding, man, let me tell u, life has been crazy! This whole unemployment thing worsened my depression, some mornings, I didn't even wake up cuz I just couldn't. Let's just say I've also packed on a few pounds, so I'm going on a major weight loss regimen. I'm still trying to get a job, I've got an interview tmw! ^_^ Hahaha, yeah, I don't like the English program they have @ BYU. Can't remember if I told u or not, but my evil boss plotted against me with the district manager and I got fired. I'm trying to fight it since it isn't my fault, but GameStop could care less about me. Yeah, so, it's insane, this guy is so immature, if he's not happy, no one else can be, he's 35 btw. He's trying to sabotage the assistant manager's wedding. He already got the days approved off from HR and the district manager, but this evil man is coming up with excuses for why he can't take them off. I can't believe he could get that low... So, I'm pi$$ed I got fired, but at least I'm far away from his bad karma and the drama! ^_^

    Yeah, I'm falling in love with this guy too, I've never had a bf IRL, lol! :p I'm hoping he'll be my first, but who knows, at least he's a good friend for now! ^_^ Yeah, no prob! I'm from Cali, (also lived in Virginia and Ohio for a bit) but I moved to Utah for university cuz Cali got too expensive! :( That's pretty cool! I'm getting a bachelor's degree in English, graduate April 2011! ^_^ Then I'm moving to Ohio to get my master's in Social Work probably. I wanna do psychology therapy, but I'm not interested in research and science. Life is REALLY bad right now, but it'll get better soon I hope.

    Hey MG! ^_^ Life is going good right now actually! ^_^ Wasn't for a LONG time, but now it's alright! ^_^ I finally made a friend in Utah and we both like each other, so that's good! ^_^ Trying to get out of GameStop cuz my boss is awful, so that's the only bad thing in my life right now (other than being stuck in Utah, lol). How bout u? Hope all is well! ^_^

    I actually didn't know that...

    I don't know much, really. I don't know what I want anymore, or how to get it. I hate not knowing, but then I don't try and put any effort into resolving that.

    ...It's late and I've got nothing to add but nonsensical ranting on my inner turmoil, which doesn't help anything. I'll return to this in the morning. Thanks for listening so far and giving me advice.
    I used to feel the same way... But recent experiences have made me want to focus less on myself, and more on helping others. If I'm going to grow up and become an "adult" with a career, then I want to accomplish something meaningful. Being a writer or something like that to satisfy just myself... Is not something I'm simply okay with anymore. At the very least, I don't want to end up a burden to my family.
    I like those subjects, but my mom is adamantly against my pursuing them as careers. She wants me to go into math or science.
    I'm starting my senior year in fall.

    That's the thing, I have no idea what I want to major in. Thus I have no idea what school I want to go to. Making a decision, applying, and being able to finance my education are the things that are stressing me out.

    In other news, my Secret Base is up, so feel free to stop by. (You might want to hurry though, the space could fill up fast... o-O; )
    It is disgusting, which is why I want to address it. XP Makes sense, huh?

    Anyway, I'm just gonna put it off for now. Maybe something else suitable will come up in my TR Adventure so I don't have to go through this mess. ^^;
    *nod* That's certainly the other piece to it. I feel kinda horrible for even thinking of forcing that kind of situation on a character I care for. Plus I've no experience with this subject at all, so I feel unqualified to write about it.

    This notion has sort of plagued my mind for a while though. It actually stems from a different story idea I came up with a long time ago. Ultimately I'd say it was inspired by my first encounter with the idea of Pokémon fetishes, when Gardevoir was introduced. That, combined with my tendency to go beyond the norm and push at boundaries, created this atrocious idea...
    Yeah, I'm not really sure if it's a good idea or not. It might be going too far...

    Well, she'll stay as an innocent Ralts for now. No need to hurry her into adulthood. ^-^; *squoozles her baby*
    I'm not sure... Twilight Realm seems most likely, since she's starred in my Adventure there quite a bit.

    I was also considering writing up a short story and posting in the Visionary Glade. The idea I had is a bit risqué, since it deals with rape. Basically, Alice is forced to evolve in order to fend off sexual assault, and that experience is what traumatizes her.

    Of course you can come. ^o^ I'd be glad to have you.
    Of course, if I ever come across one, it'll go straight to you. =3

    I look forward to seeing my Alice evolve into a Gardevoir someday. Before that she has to go through her angsty teenager stage though. =P

    I'm almost done designing my Secret Base. Just need to add a couple finishing touches. <3
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