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Jul 11, 2017
Jul 15, 2004
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Amras.MG was last seen:
Jul 11, 2017
    1. lilbluecorsola
      Hee, Cleffa are cute too. (Now you've made me whim for one. =<)

      I've already done that for all my Pokémon though. XD Oh, except Atzu. I'll splurge on him as once I get him back from AD.
    2. lilbluecorsola
      Mine too. ^^

      Are you questing any Pokémon for your team right now?

      True, I guess Bases are kinda useless. But I'm looking to waste my coins anyway, so why not? =P At the very least I'd like one for the sake of completion.
    3. lilbluecorsola
      That was a bit of a topic jump. o.O; Oh, since Eevee is obtained from the CfP, I see.

      I used to be a big fan of Espeon, but I don't really see myself with an Eeveelution on my FB team. *shrug* Not sure why. Maybe just 'cuz I think of them as overused.

      The next Pokémon I'm setting my sights on now are Drifloon, Poochyena ♂, Sneasel ♀, and possibly Pichu. I still need to gain another slot before I can even think about adding more members though.
    4. lilbluecorsola
      Te he, thanks.

      Hm... I'm considering buying a Secret Base. Now that my team's pretty much maxxed out with TMs, there's not much else I can spend coins on. XP
    5. lilbluecorsola
      Perhaps. I'm really not much of a film-watcher, as you can probably tell. ^^;

      Whoo, as soon as Rocky's birthday present are approved, I'll finally have another P.C. slot. Huzzah. 83
    6. lilbluecorsola
      I haven't seen the first two Ice Age movies. Would they be required viewing in order to appreciate the third? =.
    7. lilbluecorsola
      Oh, I don't know. I haven't seen it yet either. ^^;

      My mom has two open-date tickets, so I was considering going to see it with her. Dunno if it's worth it. I'm not really a big HP fan. =P
    8. lilbluecorsola
      Heh. I'd prefer summer to stay. ^^;

      Hm... Have you seen the new Harry Potter movie?
    9. lilbluecorsola
      I'm doing okay. How about you?

      (Sorry about the lack of reply. I forgot about the message. ^^; )
    10. lilbluecorsola
      Same here. XD Except for the "best friend in China" part. What books/games have you read/played?

      Sadness? No, not really. A little tired and anxious, perhaps.
    11. lilbluecorsola
    12. lilbluecorsola
      I'm well. How are you?
    13. lilbluecorsola
      Mm, not really. Just stayed at home and relaxed.
    14. lilbluecorsola
      Thank you. *huggles back* <3
    15. lilbluecorsola
    16. lilbluecorsola
      It's on July 7th.
    17. lilbluecorsola
      Zelda is indeed quite awesome, though it's very distracting. XP

      Got dragged around shopping today with my mom and aunt. I appreciate that it was for my birthday, though I'd prefer to stay home. x-X
    18. lilbluecorsola
      Heh, thanks.

      Sorry this reply took so long. XP Been distracted from the internet by playing Zelda.
    19. lilbluecorsola
      You're welcome. ^^

      It's a long story. (Not really, but I prefer not to talk about it.)
    20. lilbluecorsola
      You should see how I am IRL, by comparison. XP

      I used to be fairly outgoing, but all that changed at the start of middle school. Now I'm constanty paranoid of others. >>;

      It's good to hear that you're successfully opening up. ^^ You seem pretty confident online too, I wouldn't have guessed that you were shy IRL.
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