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  • Ana, I know I'm asking a rather big favor right now, but, if you haven't already noticed, me and a few others are doing a 'Build A Team' in IGRMT, and if you could partcipate it would be great.
    Well... yeah. What with your situation. But you know what; it's his loss; leaving you would have come back to bite him in the ass, ergo; you don't need to have a relationship with him if you were fine prior to him being around.

    I had a high fever, so I was burning up, my head was killing me, I could barely think and I layed in bed all day.
    Nossa, passei um ano longe do fórum

    Vi o Mewjinboo sim, mas ainda hoje não sei se gostei muito
    it's funny how you base your argument just off me being lapras.

    apparently disagreeing with you makes me a troll. man, grow up. you can't even admit you were bad at some point and currently are

    i don't really care about some random kid over the internet, i could care less about him.

    i also laugh at your grammar. thanks for the sig.
    you have just contradicted yourself, congratulations. but i will spare you the lecture, you are quite frustrated at your shortcomings. are you not?

    yes, you are.

    who the hell is logan? is it that stupid 12 year old? honestly, the only time you've given him respect is when you're in need of someoneto cry to.
    Sério, tu falou para eu vir aqui só para me estressar? Puta que o pariu, hein? E eu quero que esse DC ai se foda! Nem conheço ele. E vai te fuder e fale que em PT-BR
    Ah, so i see. you should not blame akanjao for your own shortcomings.
    and the queen has arrived. firstly, i am not the person whom they call "lapras", i have never heard of this person. i am merely stating a fact, you try to show n00bs how to rate but you're part of the problem. i would gladly tutor you, however.
    Whoa! Can i agree with that guy (~DC~)? You're really a jerk when it comes to rating. Not only a jerk, but stupid, too. Sorry, i couldn't resist. And yes, he needs to read dat s h i t.
    seriously, why do you claim to be a good rater? quite frankly, you lack the mental capacity when it comes to pokemon.
    Escola, matando pessoas desde sua invenção! xD

    Eu não sei se eu aguentava turno da noite... eu fico MUITO lerdo á noite...

    Mas, o que você achou da nova forma do Mewtwo? Eu tô meio decepcionado que é uma forma e não um novo Pokémon, mas pelo menos isso dee querer dizer que nós vamos poder capturar ele nos jogos... né? x.x
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