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  • Hi again~ I'm pretty swell. =D Woke up from a nap so I'm gearing to go and finish more coursework. What about you?
    I'm so sorry,I never notice the serebii's control panel up there. Somehow I noticed it today. xDDD What a coincidence,you messaged me just today.
    I did not received any notifications that you added my gmail.
    I do,have hotmail also,but I barely use it. ^^~ It's HwangJang@hotmail.com. But it's optimal if we could talk over gmail. I had Skype too,but I'd forgot the password. ^^~
    Oh, I didn't even know the voting was going on ^_^'
    But wow, it looks like i took it with a nice margin.
    And thanx by the way. I looked at the critiques I agree with most of them. The dull colors are just the style. The font was a fail cuz it was the first one of those banners I've ever made. They actually are offerable in my art shop now, and the text is league's better. I need to make a redo of the eeveelutions.

    And the banner took me ten minutes, a i love how everyone was mentioning the work I put into it. I saw the contest on the due date, thats why.

    Sorry, I know you didnt want a monologue, and thanx for congratulating me!
    Thanks! And of course I don't mind! I appreciate your comments :)

    You can't really do a half-gallery half-shop because they work through different sections. I'd suggest making two threads: one in the Digital Media section for your banners and icons and one in Fan Art Shops with 3 examples for each service you offer and perhaps a link to your Digital Media thread if people would like to look through more of your work.

    I'm doing okay. How are you?
    Art thread? Cool. You'll get more views that way. I think...

    I'm fine. A little tired from making 8 Pokémon Pushmo puzzles yesterday. It was 5 AM and I got too tired to post the last two on dA.
    Awesome thread, keep it going!

    I need to get back into art. I keep letting games and RPs distract me, which results in... me not getting any better. XD
    I've been doing pretty well, thanks. Hope things are going well on your end also.

    I had an art shop going before, and it got SWARMED! It became a bit too much to handle, so I had it closed. If you're thinking of starting one, just be a little careful.
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