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  • ohh okay.

    I hate teacher like that.

    well yeah I had the worst two weeks got backstab by a SPPF friend and insult by others
    well just had a few bad two weeks expect going to my friend house the weekend before.

    Aftermath? what happen.

    good just bored.

    um can you edited the first post my friend (and some other have been waiting to join.)

    also PM me your MSN if you like to add me. you on't have to if you don't want to
    ohh okay anyway yeah good luck in your deck building.

    I might be getting that new deck today and if so I PM you the deck list.

    anyway do you play any Yugioh games?
    yeah that a good idea but even if you DM deck is bad. you like it right? why get ride of a deck that you like? my new Crystal beast deck I getting won't replace my other deck I made myself.
    well I can give you a deck list of my new Crystal beast deck my mum got me so you can see a base of the Crystal beast decks.

    anyway yeah I pick Monster reborn in my deck because

    1 I don't have Call of the haunted and two it a continus trap card and taht bad.
    depend on what your faceing.

    If got Crystal blessing in your hand yeah go for it.

    but here some more tips.

    when powering up CB power up Amber, it effect can cause damage to those that don't expect it.

    also don't have continum cards like Call of the haunted. they use up a spell and trap zone and that my friend is not good.
    time Rainbow dragon effect. if it before the damage stag it can prove beadly if they have Magic cynbler as it reflect your attack back at you. but if it during the damage stage then it mean you can cause a OTK. (better if you leave Rainbow dragon to attack last.)
    Crystal abuance and Rainbow dragon combo is a easy OTK to use but hard to master unless you have to of the same CB and Eagle as if it 5 you can send one to the top of the deck and summon Rainbow dragon.

    Though not a CB Neos and Rainbow Neos can be a great power help.

    there more if you want them.

    yeah I though I hope I not forcing you into using them.
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