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Last Activity:
Aug 4, 2013
Mar 30, 2009
Likes Received:
April 26
Home Page:
Hearthome city <3

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Crude mother fxxker, from Hearthome city <3

Andcetera was last seen:
Aug 4, 2013
    1. Pokemon Whisperer Natural Harmonia Gropius
    2. POK(E)XPERT
      Lv100 adamant aggron
      Stats are(hp down):281/350/459/140/157/136
      Ability:rock head
      Moveset:iron head, double edge, dragon claw, cut

      Lv100 modest diagla
      Stats are (hp down):328/258/260/359/213/201
      Ability pressure
      Moveset:flash cannon, earth power, dragon claw, aura sphere
      Active pkrs

      Ut Modest tru shaymin (uncloned)
      Ut Timid tru shaymin (uncloned)
      Ut naughty latios 10 aniv (uncloned)
      Ut timid milotic wcs
      Ut naughty pikachu 10 aniv (uncloned)
      Ut jap serious manaphy (uncloned)
      Ut modest tru regigigas (uncloned)
      T mild suicune 10anniv(leveled up with 5 rare candies)(no evs)
    3. POK(E)XPERT
      Ut quirky doduo
      Ut adamant stantler
      Ut brave totidile
      Ut jolly nosepass
      Ut serious sableye
      Ut hasty zubat
      Ut timid treeko(pkrs)
      Ut timid female nidoran(pkrs)
      Ut adamant riolu(egg move blaze kick)
      Ut timid jap latias(leveled up 10 levels with rare candies)
      Ut docile shuckle
      Ut adamant trapinch(egg move earthquake)
      Ut lax shieldon
      Ut brave gible
      Ut lonely pokemon ranger manaphy
      Ut rash shinx
      Ut serious tyranitar
      Ut serious typhlosion
      Ut adamant beldum
      Ut adamant shinx

      New shinies:

      Ut calm chansey
    4. POK(E)XPERT
      Hey im intrested in these shinies
      Adamant giritina
      Timid murkrow
      Adamant heracross

      Are all these completly ut(no pkrs,cured pkrs,sheen,ribbons,exp/levels gained)and english?

      I can offer
      Shinies :
      Ut naive giratina
      Ut adamant flareon male(cured pkrs)
      Ut adamant espeon male(cured pkrs)
      Ut adamant leafeon male(cured pkrs)(used 1 rare candy on to evolve)
      Ut relaxed pinsir male(cured pkrs)
      Ut modest corsola male(pkrs)
      Ut careful turtwig male
      Ut calm shuppet female
      Ut timid azelf
      Ut quiet abra male(pkrs)
      Ut hardy mesprit
      Ut hasty palkia
      Ut quiet syther male
      Ut relaxed cresselia female
      Ut naive/modest bulbasaur male
      Ut adamant entei
      Ut modest heatren
    5. COKTAL
      Okay, I'll go give it the nickname. Can you come online in 5 minutes?
    6. COKTAL
      Hey, I'm online now. It's female and Naive. Also, make sure you've added my code, because it's not showing you. I'll double check and make sure I put yours in right.
    7. COKTAL
      Hey, I can trade anytime you're ready. I'll log onto wi-fi now. See you online.
    8. Deathwish97
      No, they aren't unfortunately..
    9. filler2001
      *sigh* I didnt mean to offend you nor did I know you had one. I was just trying to help and I apologize if I came off as offensive
    10. filler2001
      OK...but please ackgnowledge (sp) how incredibly difficult it is to get, since over 99% of Suicunes available are Pal Parked or events at this point. Your choice, I suppose
    11. mxe567
      I could help u with ev training your Jigglypuff
      Let me know:D
    12. filler2001
      I got a shiny legit Suicune, not nicknamable as it was my distant land, but for a good deal its up for grabs
    13. Sasukat
      ok tyvm ill trade whenever we are both on also can i get the 10 anniv umbreon instead of the turtwig
      Edit: I just UT shiny cyndaquil with eruption and overheat, a UT shiny articuno and a UT shiny sneasel interested in any of them
    14. Torterra12
      i have to go in a few mins wen will u be on
    15. Torterra12
      i am on wifi now

      my fc is 1376 1353 1760
    16. Torterra12
      wen will u be ready
    17. Sasukat
      ok 1st:will you be able to clone and trade back
      2nd i need treeco,piplup and milotic(if i cant get milotic then turtwig)
    18. Sasukat
      ok is there any of my shinys that you dont need so i can say which ones i want
    19. Sasukat
      i have shinys i can trade if you can clone me back a copy
      nicknamable:UT numel lvl 22 hardy
      un nicknamable:UT nidorino lvl 22 naive
      T azumarill lvl 20 lax
      UT girafarig lvl 5 relaxed
      UT mighteyena lvl 23 rash
      UT ralts*male* lvl 5 brave
      UT roselia lvl 16 modest
      UT shinx lvl 3 jolly
      UT floatzel lvl 40 docile
      UT glameow lvl 40 quirky
      UT croagunk lvl 1 brave
      UT rotom lvl 15 lonely
      UT palkia lvl 47 relaxed
      are the pokemon in the shiny trading thread shinys or do u just want shinys
    20. Shiny Glameow
      Shiny Glameow
      Thanks I love Giratina that Jigglypuff toke me ages to get!
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  • About

    April 26
    Home Page:
    Hearthome city <3
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Happy, crude, perverse.

    Art, pokemon, reading.


    Xanxus x Squalo
    Song claims: Don't say "Lazy" - K-On! :: Motteke!Sailor Fuku! - Lucky star
    FC: 0559 4118 8743