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Recent content by andresballer03

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    hate to be that guy, but this isnt going to be a winning team. If the competition is too close for you to change your team, just go out there and have fun, and when you come back you can make an actual competitive team. Otherwise, you really need to start this entire team over.
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    Official BW2 IN-GAME Team Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    i mean you said you want to use a grass type, leavanny is a grass type, plus with two grass types and leavannys x4 weakness you have three pokemon weak to fire and a x8 weakness.
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    Official BW2 IN-GAME Team Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    i vote zoroark, great pokemon ingame, you get it early and itll rip apart two of the elite 4
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    Official BW2 IN-GAME Team Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    bagon, torchic, staryu, sandile, ferroseed, shinx. balanced, covers a lot of types, and all of these pokemon are beast
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    New World

    this is fantastic dude. keep it up.
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    My Black 2 team ♥

    good call, now if you ask me two dark types is a waste of a space, go for jellicent, its a beast
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    Official BW2 IN-GAME Team Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    guys, pokemon money isnt like real money, believe it or not youll have way more than youll ever need at the end of the main storyline. if not, you can rebattle people. ive actually never heard anyone complaining about having to spend pokedollars in a game before tho, so thanks for that chuckle.
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    My Planned Pokemon Black Team

    im pretty sure you dont get simisage as your elemental monkey. you get simisear, so youll have to trade that over. for sigilyph, calm mind works great. scrafty could use hi jump kick, stone edge and bulk up (take out brick break.)
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    Official BW2 IN-GAME Team Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    fantastic team, very balanced in a lot of aspects. you do have a x3 weakness to fighting, so be wary of something like that. tbh, id rather have espeon on this team then glaceon (itll help with the balance issues), but glaceon will prove to be a worthy teammate come the 7th gym and the elite 4...
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    Official BW2 IN-GAME Team Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    good team, but not having your flier on it is going to be annoying (at elast for me it is.) maybe crobat instead of muk?
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    Please Rate My SoulSilver Team

    if you are going to ev train, then the natures will help A LOT. its a 10 percent boost in whatever stat it favors and a 10 percent decline in whatever stat it doesn't. honestly, ev training takes a long time and its annoying. if you are going to take all of that time to ev train, why not take an...
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    Official BW2 IN-GAME Team Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    apras is a fantastic dragon killer, but a big hard to get. starmie is an insanely fast sweeper, and it will help you against marshall. golduck is pretty good too, a special attacker with decent stats. you could also do jellicent, a water ghost type that is pretty bulky and can still hit somewhat...
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    help for emerald team

    i did ice bea on loudred, since it has a higher special attack due to its mild nature
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    Future Black Team

    wow, one night i dont check this thread and hilarity ensues. thanks guys, for giving me a chuckle. my apologies for zen headbutt on gallade, i thought this was a black 2 team, not black.
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    Future Black Team

    chinchou: replace discharge with thunder wave, itll help you catch legendaries mamoswine: replace dig with stone edge gallade: zen headbutt, ice punch, close combat, leaf blade honchkrow: night slash, fly, heat wave, steel wing maybe? giratina: earth power, shadow ball, dragon pulse, aura...