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  • I'm sorry that happened to you. I will see if I can find somebody, but in the mean time, you could go into the trade forum under the Ditto section and see if someone has or can find one.
    I play the games an raise Pokemon I like. I'm fairly casual and I don't really battle other people. I love exploring the region and doing something new.

    The anime is okay, but I really like the B/W 2 opening anime sequence better.
    I had a friend back some time ago on these forums that also was in a Portuguese speaking territory, though it was New World Brazil.

    You sound like a nice guy anyway. A lot of times, American's are jerks. LOL! j/k
    If I may ask, why did you want to FR me?

    I have nothing against you, but I like to get to know people better.
    Isso deve ser tudo Powersaved por isso deixa estar xD O Onix arranjo-te quando quiseres. O Cyndaquil se arranjar um tempo amanhã ou assim faço um ;)
    Ando à procura de coisas para a Pikachu Cup. Adamant Elekid e Timid HA Emolga são top of the list.

    Impish Onix acho que tenho em stock.
    Neste momento não tenho nenhum deles em stock. Consigo-te fazer um Cyndaqui Timid mas é capaz de só estar pronto logo à noite ou amanhã. Onix só tenho Impish. E Chikorita nao tenho meios para um 5IV por isso esse não te arranjo :/
    Hey there, I saw your post in the IV Bred Trading Thread and if nobody has taken you up on your offer yet, I can breed the Seedot and Mudkip you're looking for. I would be willing to do this in exchange for a Megastone - whichever one you want to part with; I'm not picky.

    Tenho um Shiny Growlithe com essas características mas está guardado para quando precisar dele e não me dava jeito estar a fazer level up para os ovos :X Os outros não tenho, se bem que o Shroomish era bem vindo.
    I'm afraid I've never bred these pokemon before nor do I have any from trades. I hope you do manage to find those pokemon soon though, I'll let you know if I ever come across something like these and if you still need them.
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