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  • Haha sorry man for getting back so late, I didn't notice the notification. I was definitely planning to have Lars at least look out for you. It would make sense for them to be close, since Lars would have helped take care of Lucas while he's lived at the church.
    Honestly, that’s a fitting soundtrack! Suits Lucas, and I guess kinda eludes to his murky past as to what happened to him. Or at least, that’s the vibe I’m getting lol
    I did! Animal surnames are cool and awesome. XD

    10 years old? Alright, so Lia would've known him when she was already regularly providing some meat for the church. Mother Seena would definitely have told her about Lucas early on, so that there wouldn't be any awful surprises...a growing boy needs to eat, and nobody can sustain a growing boy with leftovers. XD I would imagine that Lucas would've probably been apprehensive around her at first because she's a hunter who smells like blood and booze, but she opens up to Lucas that she's "just like him" (an outcast), that there are worse people in the world than a cursed kid, and that "furry ears do not a monster make"...she's seen plenty of real monsters with two human ears (Griswald, and the people who killed her uncle). XD I think Lucas might've actually been the one who healed her wounds when she got a particularly nasty beating in the town square for insubordination! :O
    Pretty good, actually! Lia's been a full-fledged hunter for 7 years already, and Lucas is very young...if Mother Seena says he could trust Lia (who brings good meat to the church), then he very well would trust her! Lia has no reason to mistrust Lucas because he's a child...she probably first knew him when he was 8-9. Plus, she's an outcast and "unnatural" among hunters herself, so she's warm to fellow outcasts. I daresay she has a soft spot for him, and he might be one of the reasons why she continues to bring meat to the church despite being irreligious herself. XD Besides, I'd like it if he is the one who always reminds her not to drink too much alcohol too (because his fox senses can detect even the faintest hint of booze breath, man). XD

    Plus, the two of them have animal-derived surnames...of course they'd get along. :p
    My character is all done, and has been for a while, just gotta copy and paste it in ^^ But yes, the holidays really set me back a bit haha.
    That is true ^^ the holidays have been hectic, but I’m pretty much done school now so now I can actually get to starting this thing. I do have a plot set in mind, and if ruins come up, then they come up. I do have them in the story though
    Well I mean there’s a chance ruins may pop up so that is something you could possibly look into?
    No lol, I’m just speaking hypothetically. With that said, there are ruins of sorts in the roleplay.
    Actually, the song fits perfectly imo! That could easily provide ambience for any sort of temple or ruins the characters may reach or delve into ^^
    Yep I know lol. Im giving him/her a day or two to respond. Otherwise there's someone else wanting to get into the role-play so they'll take Innes' place.
    Shh, don't worry. Lia is generous. XD She talks to taverns and butchers to save the good meat for the ones who need it (and the offal for the nobles...ever wonder why there's such delicacies like foie gras and sweetbreads). How else could a growing young boy get his nutrients...especially a carnivorous young boy? XD Lia is 11-12 years older than Lucas, she probably would've been an adult and hunting alone by the time Lucas was cursed. XD
    I'm not ruling anything completely out of the picture. Archfiends come in all shapes and sizes, and surviving that usually leaves its marks. If you can make it work, I'm cool with it.
    Don’t worry, I’m aware. Doesn’t bother me though, I usually give a week or so cap on the SUs, and I am not going to be waiting on anyone before starting the RP thread (that’s just how I do things).
    That's totally fine too! Im just saying if its easier sometimes for interactions, then feel free to do so, or do it when it is most convenient.
    A different character. Although yes, I do control all NPCs unless otherwise stated. With that said, I guess Mother Seena can be controlled by anyone, granted players act within in her character bounds.
    Yeah that’s just what I was asking, if there was any other sort of effects from the curse, that’s all :)
    One more thing: is that all to his curse? Or is there some other thing he doesn’t know about he’s affected somehow?
    Yeah so I guess when Lucas tried to come back, he was met with animosity and hate and people wanting to get rid of him, but I guess Seena saw this and took him in as protection. Griswald likes it when his townsfolk dedicate themselves to the church so I guess that’s Lucas’ saving grace. As for who cursed him, we don’t have to be specific, you could just put he ran into someone and doesn’t remember much as to what happened to him. I do kind of have a plot I could tie in with this whole situation.
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