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  • H-hicsob I am so happy I'm not the only one who still checks back. ;__; And even more happy you replied! It's a Christmas miracle 4 months early...! /sends PM
    To all of my precious friends who still stalk this place, and still love me after all these years <3

    PM me if you've missed me, and I'll PM you my current msn so we can chat and stuff. I really miss you guys.

    I hope someone PMs, I really miss you guys like crazy. Also, get msn accounts if you don't have them :mad:
    My God, Serebii Forums are still so slow. :| I dunno I felt like checking back. To see your VERY RECENT post. :) I just wanted to apologize for all my ******** back in the day.
    Hello. This is you from the past. I've come to leave you a message to remind you that you're missing this place a lot, and all of your friends through the years. You just wish it all came back. Why you lost interest? I don't know, but maybe you know. I don't know. What? =__= I lost track.

    You miss this place. You know it. :">
    I figured you were a lurker :mad: All the other ~*CUTE POKEMON CLUB MEMBERS*~ migrated to pokecommunity so it's good to see there are some of us still here.

    Yeah, I haven't been on MSN all that much lately ): Also, I moved all my ~*online friends*~ to alioia@live.com but I didn't know you are suppose to block people before deleting them so if it says jumping_xylophone@hotmail.com is online but I'm not talking to you, it's because I don't have you added on jumping and can't see that you're online <.>

    I use Becstar!~ because I like to make fun of those people who always end their youtube/myspace/facebook/twitter comments with "xoxo _____". So because I like the name Rebecca I changed my online name to Rebecca!!!!!!! And then because I thought it was hip, I made it Becstar!~

    Nice seeing you again,

    xoxo Becstar!~
    omg hey bb not sure if your still active but i wanted to say hi & that your sig is magical

    missing you

    xoxo Becstar!~
    UMM, WELL THERE'S ALSO THIS AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER STUFF ): And I like playing game shows via vms :D
    UMM, ACTUALLY I THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD SO I SPAMMED HIM BUT LIKE, THEN I REALISED HE WASN'T ACTUALLY DEAD AND I NEVER KNEW HIM ): And I barely post aswell, I end up spamming profiles instead :D And almost everyone I liked got banned/died, like FAIRY5556, Mr. Yoshi and sexahemobiboy4yew ): ): ):
    So thanks for coming back :D
    oops sorry I haven't messaged you in ages. I thought I did but I guess it didn't go through. Yeah I am out because I have a tic disorder and it got out of control and I couldn't get through class. I'll be back soon though. And yeah I talk about him in some clubs so it would be awkwardish if he was there and 2 of my friends are planning our wedding. And aww about the last 2 bf's and not being allowed to have one but I suppose you will eventually. I'll try to talk to you soon

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