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Recent content by Angello

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    Angello left...

    Angello left...
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    I´m back!

    Welcome back! Good luck with your fanfics.
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    What's your Favorite Generation 4 Pokemon?

    Well, I prefer Lucario... It's really strong.
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    Emerald: Battle frontier team building help.

    Wow, Blissey is a normal type. I thing that this pokémon is not very strong, but it has a great defense. How about Aggron and Milotic? Of course, other pokémon like Metagross is a good option. This is a great team for me. In my case, the pokemon of my Battle Frontier team are Swampert, Aggron...
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    Did You Use Your Starter?

    Yes, my Serperior is in my team. It's the most powerful pokémon I have with me in PW and PB2.
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    Mirage Island

    I have never been in Mirage Island... But my Pokémon Emerald works yet. Well, I need good luck to go there. I want to take that special berry... The Wynaut are not important for me now.
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    Most annoying gym leader

    Tate and Liza, their pokémon are really strong. They are a real challenge for me. And Juan can be a problem if you don't have Rayquaza with you (In Emerald Version).
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    Team Magma or Team Aqua?

    For me, Team Aqua. The sea is really interesting if we talk about Pokémon... And I prefer the leader of this team, because he's friendly and cool.
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    Give me a pokemon befitting of the name Elsa (from Frozen)

    Well, Lapras has the respect of a great number of fans and it's really impressive. For me, this pokémon is really majestic... And I think that it's really powerful.
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    Favorite Legendary

    Rayquaza, it's really powerful.
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    Favourite Game of 2013?

    I didn't play Pokémon X/Y (I know, kill me please), but I played GTA V and this game is really interestig and funny. The mysteries of the game are the best part.
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    Give me a pokemon befitting of the name Elsa (from Frozen)

    I'm new, but... What about Beartic, Lapras or Mamoswine?
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    Why did Ash lose interest in females?

    Well, the anime is dedicated to kids and the love is not a topic for this type of public. But, the season XY is very interesting now and I want to see something about love, but I'm not sure. Honestly, this is a good point: