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  • Yeah, I've saved them all for you. And I am GMT +1, and I am usually on from 8pm til 10pm. I haven't been able to get online much recently, but I should be able to trade tomorrow evening or any time that is good for you on the weekend =)
    Yep that's fine, and yes you did =) what time zone are you in? So we can work out a good time to trade
    Hiya, I have the Gyarados, but the other two have gone now. I have Audino, Parasect, Accelgor, Heatran (level 100) Krickitune and Shinx. I'm not offering them to anyone else atm, so you get first choice
    I don't have any shinies I specifically want right now, tbh. I only look for shinies that look interesting and I don't have yet, and must be legitly RNG'd if it's for that shiny Charmander. .-.
    I don't need any shiny Eeveelutions, since I already have shiny flawless Eevees myself, just need to evolve them. Sorry. .-.
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