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Last Activity:
Feb 24, 2014
May 30, 2011
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Home Page:
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Web design

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...breeder., from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

AnimeFinder was last seen:
Feb 24, 2014
    1. Andrew Shard
      Andrew Shard
      wanna be friends? I a leafeon fan too and a breeder ^_^ and I am portuguese (Portugal) - saw you were from brazil :)
    2. FairyWitch
      im sorry to hear sweetie we just miss you thats all :/
    3. FairyWitch
      hey anime hows it going do still want to be teg?...haven't heard from you in awhile sweetie were getting better now...miss talking to you...
    4. AnimeFinder
      ok, im in my msn. anime-finder@hotmail.com. who want to talk with me, talk in there ok?
    5. FairyWitch
      yeah i mean we need to have more post counts and you been so inactive for so long i had to make the disscion...its not that you don't deserve the postion its just if you got more active and help out the clan by posting time to time i would of been happy with it when you were not sick anymore...even if your team is not assembled i would of still backed you up until you were ready...i understood you were sick and ur ds broke but errr trying not to be mean but you could of still posted when you were back on ur feet...I can still keep you in the clan though sweetie as a member?...if thats okay with you and you can work your way back to Co-leader...I wouldn't mind that...sweetie I still though want you to be in the clan of your dreams thats why im saying this...
    6. FairyWitch
      im so sorry sweetie...our clan is dying and i really needed a co-leader...please don't be mad at me i had to find a new co-leader for us as well everything else...i have to keep teg alive...
    7. AnimeFinder
      im watching Blood c, reading One piece and playing pokemon haertgold so im busy at the moment. sorry. im here only to eevee.
    8. bug pro
      bug pro
      I think I can handle it
    9. Golden empoleon King
    10. Golden empoleon King
      Golden empoleon King
      Im good Playing pokemon white
    11. Golden empoleon King
      Golden empoleon King
      Hi how it going it been awhile since we talk.
    12. bug pro
      bug pro
      Ah. Well, im tryin to teambuild my first WiFi team. So far:

      Frosslass @Brightpowder
      Timid (Modest?) / Snow cloak
      Ice Beam
      Thunderbolt/Charge Beam (Depends on nature)
      Shadow Ball
      Double Team/Thunder Wave
      My hail counter.

      Umbreon @Lefties
      Careful / Synchronise
      My tank.
    13. bug pro
      bug pro
      Screw, missed you.
      Anyways, I made an own clan! Im pretty proud of it. And I got my first DW! Eevee. Which means I would have loads of DW's later!
    14. bug pro
      bug pro
      Hi, whats up?
    15. bug pro
      bug pro
      Its a while since we talked now. So long that I EVEN got WiFi.
    16. FairyWitch
      k sweetie :) thanks mine in my sig now since the clan now :)...hope to see post to :)
    17. FairyWitch
      Yay! that good sweetie...hope to have you back again and posting we miss you sweetie...yeah we getting better on the postings and had two wars already...all we need is our co-leader back...can't wait to have you back sweetie :)
    18. Blackjack the Titan
      Blackjack the Titan
      don't worry, I understand.
      and I'm no longer part of Black Ice.
      I'm finding peace with The Defiance, though one of the division leaders is leaving, causing a domestic storm in the clan.
    19. ShadowFox11
    20. Blackjack the Titan
      Blackjack the Titan
      happy b-day!
      so how's the clan goin'?
      i'm alright. I'm making a league as I said before. the first post just needs art before I submit it.
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  • About

    Home Page:
    Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
    Web design
    Favourite Pokémon:
    im a Huge fan of pokemon

    Painting and Graphic Design


    FC from white will be changed soon D:
    "replaying pokemon white"

    My Pokemon Platinum team ( ev training they yet )