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  • im doing fine sweetie still waring with CC...we got 4 new members the last time we talked...cool new dsi :)
    I see sweetie its fine...I find PO diffrent but I do respect your beliefs...any k sorry to hear about your day...seems so stressed out :/...If you don't get this until your birthday or later happy birthday ; p...my b-day is coming up soon too ; p
    Hi Finder, it's Geno here giving you an invitation to become a member (whether GL or E4) for the Genesis League. The league will not be up until 6 wifi Gym Leaders, 6 PO leaders, and 3 E4s in both divisions are secured. If you are interested in participating, here's the form:
    Merit is for E4. E4 do not need tryouts as long as I can find your battle records. All Gym Leaders must go through a Tryout session to gain the position they desire.
    This is an invitation so there is no obligation in this.
    btw do you have PO?

    you should get it just in case your ds breaks down again...just a suggestion ; p
    Im doing fine sweetie its okay...we lost our first war 1-2...Im currently ev training a few pokes and im getting alot better in battling ; p...you should go take a look at our thread we have nice decent amount of members and on top of it our post counts over 1,000 yay! lol.....I been taking your place for the grass division until you got better and came back...we got some nice new clan members you should post to let everyone know that your doing alright ; p
    hey sweetie just updating we lost our first war but it was really close 1-2...I only lost cauz of my staraptor wasn't strong enough...
    hey sweetie...i hope you feel better...I really will need your help soon, if not ill have to find a sub to help manage the clan when i go back to school...

    hope you feel better...TEG misses you so much...
    yeah i know...well everyone miss you they keep asking about you sweetie thats all...we got one new member yesterday...
    okay tito glad to here you doing well and will kick but for you in this first war ; p...ill let you know when its approved...
    hey anime...were gunna have our first war soon...waiting for the approval of the war thread ; p
    Well happy early birthday, and good luck with getting everything finished lol. But yeah, I've been pretty busy myself. I'm trying to finish raising a team but it's taking forever. >_>
    Hey man, long time no talk! I thought you left :O I guess you've been pretty busy. But I'm pretty good, how about yourself?
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