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Mar 10, 2017
Dec 18, 2016
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Mew... Mew... Mew..., from Somewhere in NC.

AnimePsyclone was last seen:
Mar 10, 2017
    1. AnimePsyclone
      Well, this is weird. Google hates me using Safari so I have to switch to Chrome. I know what my password is, but it’s being wonk-tastic.
      Mew: You nitwit you entered it wrong.
      I did not.
    2. Viviaren
      Ah, okay, I see. PS was down for me for a couple of days after Christmas as well. So maybe there is something going on with the servers perhaps?
      I've quit PS anyway, since there were numerous things that were bugging me about site, the forums in particular (some of the ridiculous rules, the tedious username changing system, mods not seeming do much to fix issues, etc). The forums also seemed to always have an unwelcoming feeling to them as well (well, to me anyway), and the some of the mods and veteran members didn't seem too welcoming of new members. You, Hydralicious, Isa, and Plato, and a few other newer users, were probably the only members on there that I felt were truly nice.
      Anyway, I'd better stop now. Hopefully the issue you're having will eventually fix itself, or you'll figure out what's going on. I'm sure it's the site though, not your computer.
    3. Viviaren
      Yep, that's me.
      You don't have to explain if you don't want to, but I am a little curious. One minute you were active on PS, then the next minute you weren't.
    4. AnimePsyclone
      ;151;, ;151;, baby
    5. Lunala
    6. Pokegirl Fan~
      Pokegirl Fan~
      Hello ^_^
      Sorry, I haven't gotten Sun or Moon yet xD
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    Home Page:
    Somewhere in NC.
    Artist(But I’m not a good artist...)
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    I only made this account when Pokestadium stopped working. I am going back there now that it’s up.



    Need a Kartana with a nickname
    Mew:Life is like a box of chocolates, if you read the box you know exactly what you’re gonna get. ;151;