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  • Hmm...SPPf seems to be lagging again...I hopeyou don't get, like, 3 visitor comments from me, all saying the same basic thing. xP

    Anyways, I can understand the obsession for both games; both are incredibly awesome, though I find TWEWY to be a lot better, and no doubt within my Top 5 for favorite games. Though the Paper Mario games are still high up there, in case you couldn't figure out my obsession of a certain psychotic jester. ^.^

    Speaking of names though, might I ask what "ankokuryu" means or is?
    Hey there. You clearly are quite obsessed with TWEWY and FFTA2, as seen in...quite a few of your posts, as well as your signature. I also loved those games, but clearly not as much as you do. Anyways, I wanted to ask if you'd like to be friends?
    Hello! I read you post in my rpg, and I totally agree with you. You see, I haven't played the game myself. ^^;

    But I've always wanted to, so until then I started this rpg. Now, I was wondering...seing as you also wanted to make a TWEWY rpg and your a total TWEWY professional. Would you mind helping me out? Like, co-owners of the rpg.
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