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  • Ah, so Team Rocket is still active, eh? Had I known that, I would have made it so that Lupin use to be part of that team, rather than some made-up team named Shockwave. Oh well, it's too late for that I guess... Anyway, were you saying that it would be better to just delete the part about discovering the bomb shelter (which I already did), or the whole part about entering the abandoned school? You didn't clarify that in your last VM.
    Gah, that long post was for nothing? Well, I have said a few posts before that one that Lupin was planning on exploring some of the abandoned buildings, and he had already given up on finding the Quista by the time he entered. As for the front door issue, Lupin is quite good at picking locks...

    To be fair, how about I just delete the part about discovering the button? And maybe the part about Artemis finding the Quistas' scent as well?

    But yeah, my intention with that post was to prevent the Quista from completely escaping the clutches of the pursuers (which would happen if they escaped and left for Blackthorn as planned), and since I had mentioned Lupin wanting to explore the abandoned buildings in previous posts, I saw this as a good way to do so. If (and only if) something drastic happens that would further put the Quista in danger of being revealed to the government, then I might completely agree with you and just delete everything except Yamiko's part of my post. I do admit to the second half of my post being rather suspicious, and wasn't even completely sure of whether what I had Lupin do was okay at the time, so I can understand if this has to happen.
    Okay then,
    1-They know each other having fought
    2- It's good hospitality to let some poor soul you know in when it is raining Meowths and Growlithes
    3- I can't post as her because I suck as posting as girls
    I know you're there, can you respond please? I'm sorry to be so persistent, but you haven't responded to anything I've sent you, and I just feel that you're purposely ignoring me.
    They aren't friends, just good acquaintances and peers. Also, one of the Quista girls appeared to be friends with Jasmine. So, how will the plot of this whole thing work? I mean don't tell me a plot, but more of a frame. I don't have any doubt, but I just wanna help.
    Could you post as Jasmine in Quista when you're going to post? It would help moves things along and it will give the view of outsiders to what is going on?
    He knew some of the people in passing and overall, he finds the whole story fishy. What, you think there shouldn't be someone like that?
    A ruined and old building still provides shelter from the rain. But you're the boss. Just when will my character will meet everyone else then?
    Thanks for clearing the video thing up! Carrie knows that there isn't much that can be done with the video she found anyways... just wait 'til she gets near the TV next hahaha.
    Yeah, I'm actually an American. In America! [/Bandit Keith Reference] I just have this lousy habit of staying up waaaaaayyyyy later than I should.
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