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  • A long way to go huh ?? I have finished the series my friend :D WOO! and I know, I'll admit, I felt emotional on that last episode :(
    Oh fair do's, I can't understand that :) and yes and no, more like I've been skipping through episodes, so I do know about amour hehee, the internet blew up at that point, it was a good moment :p right now, I've been watching pokemon properly through, I'm on ep11 of XY&Z at the moment ^^
    aha! how come your overwhelmed ?? and I've been good thank you! finally settled with things here, it's going well *touch wood/head* although I do have a test today, not looking forward to that but you know >.<
    I'm kind of bored with my games, so I'm starting several of them over. I've just been so busy with work. ^^;
    yeah, I see where your coming from, but I don't know.. personally, I'd love to see Satoshi older and his kid starting a Pokemon journey, I'd love to see that. As much as I love Satoshi, Serena and the gang, Satoshi is by far my favorite character and I love seeing his travels, and it'd be a real shame to not see him travel anymore ;_; but another part of me is saying, we've seen him for over 20 years, lets start a fresh, the way they are showing how Satoshi is now seems the perfect way to end his journey, his strong, hopefully satosere becomes cannon, that would make it all.. and thats awesome! :D I need to try and get into the games a bit more than I have been >.<
    Definitely :D and wow, you really went on a game shopping spree didn't you ?? aha, it's good that your enjoying them though, that sense of achievement when you get further into a game is great ^_^ yeah, I haven't been watching it properly sadly, but I have been watching episodes and clips here and there, especially the league! I actually think satoshi has a chance to actually win this, don't you ?? I'm also wondering, if this might be the last series featuring him, but I'm not sure.. only time will tell
    *High five for traveling dreaming buddies* XD Well, I guess that with any game you get huh ?? :p and thank you ^_^
    It's interesting right ?? man I love traveling aha! Yeah, it's good canadiens are prepared for those sort of happenings, I will be careful, thanks :) wooo, thats great :D how many pokemon games are you getting again ?? And well, I've just finished my last week at work for the summer, so through the next 6 weeks, I'm going to try and get an apprenticeship for hairdressing, I know, another change xD I just going through the possibilities
    Thats awesome! :D I'm glad you've been enjoying yourself lately ^_^ and I've just come back from canada, it was a pretty chill holiday, we mostly experienced a lot of storms, and apparently we almost had a tornado hit our area! lucky we didn't aha! it's was nice though :)
    Really ?? How has it been painful ?? I hope not in a bad way aha! I've been good as well thanks :D I'm in the process of finding a second job, I'm trying to save up at the moment
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