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  • OHMYJEEZUZ. xD you commented a long time ago...
    Yeah. That would be awesome! We sorta took a break, anyway, so now we're all starting back up! Good to know!

    So yeah. These are awesome. xD

    I love the surfer. It's amazing. The pose is so awesome! Then the design is just so...realistic. Just realistic enough to where it looks professional. I know people say that stuff all the time, but all of your designs really do seem that way. <<Compliment

    Beautiful. The facial expression + the pose = an awesome sprite. It gives it character.

    You know what...the conventional Youngster was really nice. The shorts and T-shirt with backwards hat, thing. However, the unconventional Youngster is a Beast and beats the conventional Youngster up on the playground. So, this one is amazing.

    Love. Love. Love. Especially the piggyback thing. ^_^

    Beautiful. Stunning. Amazing. Gorgeous. Sexy. Astonishing. Astounding. Fantastic. Magnificent. Need more words?

    I don't understand the change...but...good job anyway. ^_^
    Cool. I haven't checked SPPF much lately, so I'm happy that when I get on I can see a message. :D

    Awesome. It's fine. Whenever you want to post them is fine with me.

    You can stray awa as much as you feel necessary. Everything can be different and sounds like it will be very good, anyway. So...yes. Change the designs. :D

    lol, that's the only way I could describe them. How about tree-huggers?

    I'm going to be making sketches of the gym leaders in Paint Tool SAI today. So I'll upload them one by one for you. Pretty much wheneverI finish one, I'll send you a VM.
    Lol ok. I'll get you the designs as soon as possible for the gym leaders. They'll probably going to be drawings of them taken by my poor quality webcam or a very quick sketchup in MS Paint.

    Yeah, the trainer classes are pretty straight forward. Most have been done before, so they shouldn't be difficult, I guess. But as for the environmentalists, they're supposed to be much like hippies, tree-huggers, peaceful people.

    Girl -
    I was thinking she wear like a bandanna in her blonde hair. A loose shirt, much like a dress, that only comes to her waist. then some brown capris. Bare foot of course.

    Boy -
    Tye-dyed shirt and long curly hair, only down to his neck, though. Brown shorts to match the girl. Bare foot also. I was thinking he have those 80s glasses. Circular, thin, colored lenses. You know what I mean?

    AND YES! I was thinking about asking you about her. Yeah, I love the design and if you'd like to resize it, you can. Or you could make a new sprite. Whichever you think is necessary. :D
    Alright. Here's a list of trainer classes we will have in-game. They go in order of which you first meet them:

    Bug Catcher Male **
    Bug Catcher Female
    Camper Male
    Camper Female
    Rice Field Worker **
    Breeder Male
    Breeder Female
    Backpacker Male
    Backpacker Female
    Environmentalist Male
    Environmentalist Female
    Surfer Male
    Surfer Female
    Tuber Boy
    Tuber Girl
    Young Couple
    Swimmer Male
    Swimmer Female
    Snowboarder Male
    Snowboarder Female
    Eskimo (lack of a better name)
    Bird Keeper
    Aviator (Pilot)
    Ranger Male
    Ranger Female
    Psychic Male
    Psychic Female
    Black Belt
    Karate Kid
    Diver Male
    Diver Female
    Cyclist Male
    Cyclist Female
    Triathelete Male
    Triathelete Female
    Bug Maniac (Beekeeper)

    Yes. A lot of trainer classes. But they are in order of importance. Ones with ** by them have been done. Now I'll give a list of Gym Leaders and discriptions. I'll even give you designs for them if you'd like.
    Warren - DONE

    Hayden - DONE

    Weldon - DONE
    Reid -
    Reid is a caucasian 34-year-old male with short black hair, much like a crew cut. He lives in the Village of Dunlin, an area on the coast of the ocean. He specializes in water type pokemon and doubles as the swamp tour guide. He wears a pair of old mud-caked boots and a (often soaking wet) blue T-shirt. He loves wearing vests, but most of them tend to break somehow in the swamp. So they are left open. He wears a necklace around his neck with three cattails on it to symbolize his love for the swamp.

    Lara -
    Lara is a mediterrainian skin-toned 26-year-old female with short auburn hair. She resides in the rural town of Cormorant, between Western Avocet Woods and a thin Mountain Pass. She specializes in bug-type pokemon and loves polka dots because they remind her of Ledyba and Ledian, her favorite pokemon. She wears a scarf and wrist sleeves with these patterns on them. Because of her love for bugs, she often goes exploring into the nearby Western side of Avocet Woods, so she gets down and dirty, often getting scratches and scrapes during these excursions. She wears a short tank top (showing belly) and daisy dukes. She usually has flip flops on, or is bare foot. She's often seen carrying a camera or butterfly net.
    Terri -
    Terri is a tan caucasian 33-year-old female with long brown hair, she usually wears it up in a ponytail. She lives in Gannet City, a bustling city at the foothills of Mt. Sanguit, a volcano. She enjoys spending her time in the desert and geyser fields and specializes in Ground-type pokemon. She wears a safari outfit, but because of the intense heat of wear she is, wears them rolled up and cut, to make them shorts and short sleeved. She often has a coil of rope at her side with a grappeling hook at its end so she can scale large cliffs safely.

    Alton -
    Alton is an old caucasion 55-year old male with receding white hair. He lives in the high-up town of Uria, where it is always windy. He specializes in flying-type pokemon and loves to be up high in the sky. He is an ex-pilot. He wears an aviator's jacket (with the fluffy collar) and a long purple scarf. He often has goggles around his neck.

    Milo -
    Milo is a caucasian 18-year old male with long black hair. He is tan and often wears all white to show purity. He wears long sleeved shirts and long pants (white) and is bare foot most of the time. He specializes in Psychic-type pokemon, residing in Rail City, a coastal city that is famous for it's Space Station.

    And that's all of them!! I have designs for some of them, but I'll get you them all at once.

    They all seem to be amazingly accurate. :D I love 'em! They're much better and they all fit!!!

    Anywho, good job. :)

    I'll get you the other designs soon. Whenever you want them. I have the gym leaders sort of planned out, but not the evil team (just Jones and Smith).
    Hmmm...we're working in an RSE styled program, but we're making the graphics more BW styled. So the Limitations aren't that bad. Sorry bout that. xD

    Warren - Yeah, he's like 32. :P

    Smith - Actually, I like the hair like you have it. He's young and this makes it seem more like that. Maybe 22, 23? And, now for the shoulders. I understand how you couldn't sprite them correctly.


    Sort of like that. Where there's a space of white between the collar and the yellow. :P
    Hmmmm...alright. Time for crit. There are some things wrong that are bothering me. xD The size limitations are 80x72 Although, the width can be as long as you'd like. :P

    @Warren - I like the pose, but the thing is, he's not muscular looking. He's supposed to be. Also, the hair is really wrong and makes him look like a pedophile. I can fix the hair, though. :P Or maybe I could give you better references?

    http://www.iaza.com/work/110207C/iaza12680469948500.png (discard the pants design)

    @Weldon - I'm in love with his sprite. It's amazing!!!! Nothing is wrong about him. :D

    @Lt. Smith - The hair. xD I can probably fix that easy. And he'll probably be too tall, yeah. The shoulder pads are also sort of wrong, but that's also something I can fix. I'll show you the sprite when I'm done so you can make him shorter(if necessary) or clean my changes up.

    @FieldWorker - good! :D

    I'm planning on posting your sprites on PC tonight. Sound good? :)
    I put Lt. Jones into the game and she is at least 10 pixels too tall. Which sucks. I loved her sprite. :/

    Can you reduce her height by 10 pixels?

    Alright. :) Do what you will, I'm just happy that they're turning out so great. :D Your changes so far have seemed to be amazing, so if Hayden cant have leaves on her pants, she won't have leaves. xD

    We wanted the outfits to seem more realistic in this game, but fit them, also. :p
    Wow. I want to comment. :) On each one.

    @Hayden - love the pose, and the fact that you made her more of a girl. It is hard to sprite someone kneeling (see my failed attempt) but you did it amazingly. The flower and shovel are a nice touch, along with the pokeball in the dirt. You just forgot the leaf pattern on her pants. Was that intentional?

    @Lt. Jones - SHE LOOKS AMAZING! So much more...evil. :D MWUAHAHAHAHAHA The hair is freakin' sweat. I don't know why...it's just making me so happy that you're our trainer spriter. :D Just one question...is she in the DP sprite limit? I'm not sure if she'll fit on screen if she's not. :p (I HOPE TO GOD SHE IS, BECAUSE SHES AMAZING)

    @Field Worker - i like the first attempt. Good job, I like the pose better, seems like he's actually wading through the water, rather than just BEING in the water. But shouldn't he be looking to the opponent, rather than off to the right?

    @Bug Catcher - :D my sprite was edited? cool! that means it was in a good enough condition to not be suckish :) I like it better.

    And it's fine. :) I understand we all have work to do. I've been struggling to find time for Helio Version as of late because of the start of the new semester at school and all of the Chem work I've been getting lately. :p We're just happy to have you on the team. We'll be announcing you on dA and PC in a few days. Probably on Saturday, posting a bunch of your sprites. I wonder how people will take them?

    OMG! Dude, you're amazing. xD Like forizzles. :P

    Do you happen to have an MSN? or gmail? Because I think it would be easier to communicate via one of those. :P just saying.

    Anyway. I agree on with the design change of Aaron. I think he looks much better now. :) I'm actually thinking about giving everyone a second outfit, because we have many different biomes and half the region is cold. I'm kind of rambling right now...

    So...I'll just go ahead and give you all of the present sprites, (sprited by me) and you can do them whenever you want. :)

    *Warren, the first gym leader. Normal typed.*
    *Lt. Smith, Team Solar Lieutenant.*
    *Lt. Jones, Team Solar Lieutenant.*
    *Bug Catcher.*
    Hayden, the second Gym Leader. Grass typed. Daughter of Weldon.
    Weldon, the third Gym Leader. Steel typed. Father of Hayden.
    *Field Worker. (Rice Field Worker)*

    These are all of the original trainers up to the third gym leader so far (which is where the next demo goes up to). The Field Worker will have 3 different sprites because he's used in 3 different biomes: Rice Fields, Farmland and on a few regular routes.

    I hope you like them. And the designs with a * should be kept, because I don't want to change the overworlds we have already. Unless they're subtle changes, like colors. :P


    These are awesome! (She's wearing a Cabbie Hat. :p So if you could fix that, that would work wonders. ^_^) And it's good that you sprited the DP versions too, because we might be able to implement those in. :p So...yeah. xD AWESOME!!!!!

    I accidentally posted this to MY wall, rather than yours! I'm sorry!


    I'm talking about the protagonist, and rival characters, criminal organization and trainer classes. I'm handling the gym leaders. And I have designs in MS Paint already.

    I removed the dex from the thread because when people play the game, I'd like a sense of surprise for them. You probably don't remember all of the pokemon in the dex and what they look like, right? That means my plan is working. ^_^
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