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  • Hey Antom, sorry I didn't notice you were back, lol. Anyway, I'm working on a new comic, and I think you should make one again. I loooved Pokemon Supreme (but you deleted the thread, GRRRRRR!) lol, so respond back.
    It's nice to see your back after so long. Especailly since you were one of the people who's comics inspired me to start my own in the first place. Well as Beco and Matt Silver said you're definetly always welcome to start a comic again. Especially since your comic was always one that brought life into the thread.
    Hey, how's things coming around? I've missed seeing your little posts man, saying "I have another episode up," They were awesome. I miss the wonderous adventures of Anton, Umbro, Kaythlin, and the rest of the gang (who's names escape me) but it was great. Between you and Beco I can't decide who was better.
    Enjoy it, a lot has happened since in TPJ since you left. (Have you read my TFRW special?)
    I'm just glad to see someone from the old group back. And who knows, maybe that after you read TPJ you'll get the need to make comics again :p
    I'm alive and my comicking is on what we call a "Hiatus." Haha, Serebii is basically the same, except for these visitor messages stuff true. Also, Fan Comics was a ghosttown for a few weeks there, but seems all good now. And, i have to concur with Beco and offer you cookies to return to comicking. Cookies are good.
    Ofcourse I remember you, who could forget the author of the only other comic featuring Kaythlin :p

    How're you anyway? Any chance of you returning to the comic author world? We have cookies :p
    Wow, havn't been here in over a year...
    Well, I don't know if anyone EVER reads this but I guess I don't have anywhere else to post this message =p
    Comic making is SO much fun and reading peoples comments that like what you do is just amazing! I'm so very grateful for all my patient readers from when I did Pokémon Supreme. THANK YOU! =D
    The reason I stop making comics was just probably because time went on to fast. All of a suddent I hadn't updated in months and keeping my readers for waiting for months for new comic pages, it didn't work. =/ To stop people from remembering the comic I removed the Thread after several months even though it was heart breaking. =(
    I hope everyone is doing well and again, THANK YOU SO MUCH, you made comic making so much fun. I won't say I'll be back cuz that's something I couldn't garantee, but you never know x)
    Thank you
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