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Recent content by Anton_91

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    Pokémon Rebirth

    Hey~ This comic is not dead but from now and to something like 4 months it it's gonna be very few updates. I'm going to have a workperiod instead of going to school and it's very far from were I live so I will only be able to come home on the weekends. I'm not closing this or giving up on it...
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    Pokémon Rebirth

    Hmm, that's weird. =p I checked them all now and act 9 and 10 weren't working so I re-uploaded them. They should work fine now.. Now, here's new Act. Enjoyz Act 011: The Art of Being a Bait
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    Pokémon Rebirth

    Haiya everyone! Sorry for not updating in a while. It's a very busy time in my life right now for sure. Anyway, expect a new part within the next couple of days. Cheers ~A
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    you really don't mind spoilers do you? x) She will become a Shaman, sharing her pokemons...

    you really don't mind spoilers do you? x) She will become a Shaman, sharing her pokemons powers. Like if she has a fire type she can learn fire attacks (not pokemons moves). She'll be pretty basic at first but become stronger til she is a great warrior by Deshwitats side. To much spoilers? xD
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    POKEMON! A Fading Twilight

    Very good sprites! =D And I don't care what some people say, Pokémon journeys never gets tiring for me! xD As long as they have alittle orginality. Which I'm sure your will have. The things that do bug me alittle though is a) the size. the sprites are small. It would be so much better if you...
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    xD Yes, Remi will fight too. She is not just for looks/annoyance x) Her training will start in...

    xD Yes, Remi will fight too. She is not just for looks/annoyance x) Her training will start in China when the first part is over.
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    Pokémon Rebirth

    ^Of course something bad has to happen 8D Laaate but my life is like CRAZY busy right now! Last year in school (I "study" to become a chef, and it sux) and there's soooo much to do! And I'm taking my drivers license so I'm school for that as well and taking driving lessons. and soon it's...
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    PokeShipping (Ash x Misty) Discussion Thread

    ^I'm 18 too ;) PokeShipping is my favorite anime shipping EVER! 8D BRING MISTY BACK TO THE ANIME PLEAAASEE >< I'm (re)watching all pkmn episodes and I'm just entering the orange leauge season. It's gonna be great cause it's filled with pokeshipping moments 8D btw, I've never been in this...
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    Pokémon Rebirth

    Thank you everyone =D The positive response to this part made me really happy. ^^ I have the next act done. Millenear gets fed up with Deshwitat and attacks him HARD! And it looks like victory... for a while... o__O Act 009: After Eating Läs och kommentera tack! x3 EDIT: I made a...
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    Pokémon Rebirth

    Beco: I've actually done Kaythlin's sprites. It's the same red/green clothes, but no hat so she has a more "mature" look, I guess x) Anyway, I have a new act done. It's been a while since I wanted to finish act 10 before uploading this one, and 10 needed ALOT of new places and sprites since...
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    ~The Pokémon Cosmos~

    Interesting 8) I love sprite comics! I wonder though, why are they in jail?? xP
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    Pokémon Rebirth

    Yes and no. It's a Celebi, but it's not a new character. It's Brinda from Pokémon Supreme. This is the same pkmn universe as my last comic, so the people from the old comic will return (NOT as main characters!!! But as cameos and being part of the Pkmn Story of Pkmn Rebirth, not the...
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    Pokémon Rebirth

    EvilPikachu79, ooh what do you think the holy city will be? =D I want to hear what you think ^^ it's doesn't matter if you're right it's not really a secret (it's ok if you're wrong to xP) Beco: Yepp, this is where I start taking the story in my own direction. There's still some things alike...
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    Heeeeeey 8D

    Heeeeeey 8D
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    Pokémon Rebirth

    Hey, Nelmaih0. =D I really hope you will ;) Beco, you cheater! XD So you read on wikipedia? You didn't read the actual manga? Anyhow, what did you think? Did the comic and manga seem similar?