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  • Oh! O_O you are missing good episodes Michie!
    Hehe! No problem, me too. I'll probably spoil myself with games this Christmas, lol
    Alpha Sapphire! Is it good enough to get it? Sorry for the silly question but I need good device before spending my fortune in games :)
    yeah! especially when you don't want to sleep...
    Are you more an anime fan or gamer? I like the anime more! This XY saga seems to be more interesting than previous ones because of Serena and the mega evolutions!
    are you getting anything Pokemon-related for Christamas? lol!
    sorry if I write too much but I talk a lot IRL :p
    Oh sorry, I didn't want to keep you awake *hides the horn* just kidding!
    it's Friday night! so relax and enjoy! :D
    I'm great, thanks! Just killing time and enjoying some junk food :p
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