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  • Hey Aon, I'm doing some cleanup of the Florem region post. Let me know by October 1st if you want me to keep you on the list. If not, you'll need to reapply.
    hey Aon eeveelution tournament has started please contact your opponent to schedule a battle time.
    I see. I won't be in the Hoenn region very long but will return later. I would like to go to Sinnoh or Unova.
    It is currently being suspect tested, and whenever THAT happens, it is going to get a ban soon. I replaced most of mine with Bulky Choice Specs Sylveon, and it works alright!
    See? What did i tell you! It does not mattee, you won!!! Congratz!

    Also, Greninja is going to be banned to Ubers pretty soon, so time to find a replacement for it.
    It's all right. I take longer sometimes. Oh, that's what you meant. Yeah, there is the non-Pokémon section but, as somewhat expected and as far as I know, it's a bit inactive compared to the main section. It's all right, again. I'm not forcing or anything, it's pleasurable enough to know you'll get to it sometime. I do that too when I'm busy. Eh, I finished the first and second chapters some time ago, but going slow with three since I still have to think on what's gonna happen in it. Still looking for a new beta reader to help me. Thinking of having one of my close friends do it. It's Pokémon, yes. However, I'm also thinking of making an original version, as in, non-Pokémon, as it has morals I wanna write about and put in a book.
    Hey, I would very much like for our characters in Morph Legends to meet up because were both in Hoenn!
    Well, I haven't looked into the fan fiction section in a while, but the genres, plots and styles vary, but most have a tendency to write rather long chapters. Not as long as my best friend, though. Really? Well, [thread=623863]here you go.[/thread] I haven't updated it in a while so the writing might not be as good as now. I'm actually writting a more serious project. Really? Well, actually, most of my stories are on fanfiction.net. You can look at my favorites for more stories to read. But I suggest looking around the fan fiction section in here as there are more good writers in here.
    Gimmie 2 secs to grab Ditto for you.

    Will give a shout out when ready to trade ^_^

    Did you want any other mons?
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