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  • You're welcome. :) Ah, I see. I haven't done any of that so far, but I've had a couple ideas before. Well, first, you just need an idea to write, but before that, you need to read a lot, so you'll know how to write well and understand how things are. Yes, I do. I've only written PMD (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon) and a One-Shot (as in a non-chaptered story in one go, hence its name) on Transformers 4 (before it was released). PMD preferably because I love what I can do.
    Hello there Aon_Epiphany! I saw you were in the RP and I thought I'd greet you! ^_^ I saw you wanna get into fanfiction, right? Might I ask if you're interested in a particular genre of Pokémon fanfiction?
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