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  • Hi, sorry for the delay! We have made a decision as a community that you are no longer welcome in the ASB. If you wish to continue to participate in FB, I would be happy to reduce your ban so you can access FB on UPN but ASB and WF will be hidden from you until further notice.
    Thanks for telling me about this. It's a great opportunity to get people to notice me so I can get into the Best 15 someday
    Yeah I guess. It's just that I'm feeling meh about ASB.

    The only problem I have with ASB and am sure many other people have is the time it takes for one battle. It took me like 4 months to finish one battle and gradually all the motivation I had just left out because it was taking so long.. If ASB was a faster type of league then I would be more interested but right now I don't feel like participating in anything.
    I was once part of the Skype group, but truth be told, those guys seemed like they don't care about newbies at all. :[
    Isn't bad! How about you?:)
    No, but I think it would be fun to learn know eachother! I am KenzeyEevee, 17 years old and I love pokémon (of cours!!)
    (That depends on alot...) I suppose not. Then again i'm sure its an easy win for someone like you. :p I'm trying to manage a certain type better. But if that doesn't matter, you're free to take it up!
    Yeah it really doesn't matter enough to me to jump through hoops. It's like to get to TL5 I need 20 SP. To get 20 SP I need to ref. Reffing is easier with a grade. To get a grade I have to ref three good matches. To get those matches I have to get permission. While waiting for confirmation of permission someone can easily snatch the match from the queue.

    I realize it sounds a little bitter, like "why can't the system just pander to ME???" but it's more like "Geez. That's a lot of steps and hurdles to take just to get some arbitrary levels for imaginary Pokemon in an internet text-based RP. I'll just take what I can get and be happy with it."

    /late response
    Is that seriously a part of the whole thing? Christ. Man fug reffing. I'll just stay TL4 forever.
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