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Recent content by Applecorp

  1. Applecorp

    What is your LEAST favorite character debut episode?

    Trip's 1st episode. Not because I had a problem with Snivy beating Pikachu even though it was plot induced bs, but because his 1st episode made him seem like a total Paul wannabe. He eventually got his own distinct personality and goal but in that 1st BW episode he came off as really lame to me.
  2. Applecorp

    Goh or Chloe?

    Goh because he has the bigger role so we get to see more of him actually improving his goal. He's not the best travel buddy that Ash has had but I don't think he's anywhere as bad as some people claim.
  3. Applecorp

    How popular was Pokémon world wide back in the 90s?

    It was a major phenomenon and the show got dubbed in basically every major language from what I've heard. The Italian dub is supposedly infamous for being really inaccurate though lol more than the 4kids version even.
  4. Applecorp

    Are there any Pokémon you think should be of a different type?

    How is Ho-Oh anything like a Fairy type lol? Or Suicune for that matter? I agree about Zeraora though and for a while I did think it was half Fighting type.
  5. Applecorp

    What do you think is Chloe’s endgame here?

    For a long time I thought she wouldn't actually be Ash and Goh's travel buddy and that she would stay in the sidelines and only appear once in a while but she became way more active than I expected. I think her getting Eevee was foreshadowing for her to use Gigantamax Eevee. I don't think her...
  6. Applecorp

    Was May supposed to meet Chloe in the contest episode?

    Didn't feel that way to me. Serena is basically the show's substitute for May anyways so I thought she fit perfectly into the role of inspiring Chloe.
  7. Applecorp

    Favorite type of travelling companion?

    Don't have a preference so long as the writing staff treat them well. My favorite traveling buddy was Dawn so I guess by default I like coordinators?
  8. Applecorp

    The fact that Ash will never have a Raichu, and evolutions of Bulbasaur, and Squirtle is kinda depressing...

    The Tauros herd shouldn't even count because we only see them once in a blue moon and none of the Tauros have individual identities. They're basically all exactly the same. But I do think it sucks that Bulbasaur and Squirtle never evolved and prolly never will. :(
  9. Applecorp

    What are some unpopular thoughts on the Rivals?

    Zoey wasn't that bad. A lot of people called her all kinds of names early in the Sinnoh arc because she told Ash off for competing in Contests and Gyms at the same time. Sure it was none of her business but the fact that some people didn't like her but still liked Paul's mean ass says a lot lol.
  10. Applecorp

    Do some Pokemon movies even need Ash?

    Not really. The biggest evidence was the Manaphy movie because May got a big chunk of the plot to herself and Ash was just kinda there in the background for 90% of it until the climax and then of course he took over the action role and left May in a submarine. But take that last part away and...
  11. Applecorp

    Was Tracey that hated?

    Nobody hated Tracey lol. Well maybe some salty Brock fans in the early 2000s but none of them are around anymore. These days most people barely remember that the dude exists.
  12. Applecorp

    We were robbed of having an epic BW anime.

    Every single BW topic devolves into Ash vs Trip rants or essays about what a terrible character Iris was. It's like Newton's law or something.
  13. Applecorp

    Education in the world of Pokémon

    When the series started they probably wanted us to think that Ash already had some education but later on once he started showing his own dumbness I did start to wonder if he had any schooling at all. Maybe Delia homeschooled him but didn't do a good job lol.
  14. Applecorp

    Would you believe it if Ash Ketchum Won the Sinnoh league or maybe like Kalos League?

    I would've believed if he won either league because the writers can do whatever they want but just because they could've made him win the Kalos league for example doesn't mean it would've been a good decision. What would be the point of him winning that league and then him going off to Alola and...
  15. Applecorp

    Does the Anime have an effect on the Popularity of some Pokemon?

    Those episodes didn't tarnish anything. You make it sound like Raichu is universally hated or something even though 99% of Pokemon game players have probably used a Raichu on their teams at one point or another lol.