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Recent content by Apslup

  1. Apslup

    Is the anime implying that being a Gym leader is a non desirable job?

    Just look at everything that went down at the Pewter Gym with Brock and his family. Dad ran off twice leaving his kids to run the place.
  2. Apslup

    Thanks, I love Mista. He's hilarious.

    Thanks, I love Mista. He's hilarious.
  3. Apslup

    How is Team Rocket still able to survive?

    This. In the anime, Team Rocket just seem to be a group of organised thugs with no big plans. Giovanni is just using it to live the good life.
  4. Apslup

    Tracey's glorious return.

    While I do like Tracey and would love to see him return, I'm not really sure if it's going to happen (at least not in a major way). Tracey hasn't had a speaking role since AG192 "End of a Journey, and Then the Start of a Journey!" (which first aired September 14, 2006). He hasn't even made a...
  5. Apslup

    Pokémon on CN vs on Disney XD. Which is better?

    I've never watched Pokemon on Disney XD, but I have fond memories watching Battle Frontier and Diamond and Pearl on both Cartoon Network and CITV here in the UK. It was on re-ran on Cartoon Network Too during the week and new episodes on Saturday. It was better on CITV since it was on more...
  6. Apslup

    So are Pokegirls just not returning anymore?

    Misty was literally in Sun and Moon on two seperate occasions.
  7. Apslup

    Why was the Ash and Gary's rivalry so underdeveloped?

    I have always found it strange that many people proclaim Gary to be one of Ash's best rivals, if not his best rival. I think it's because people associate Gary with Blue from the Gen 1 games. I love Gary and have always thought he was very entertaining, but it never really seemed like he was...
  8. Apslup

    Where is all this Ash love coming from?

    I guess it's beacuse he's finally won a league. This has also spread FAR outside the Pokemon fanbase, with mainstream news outlets running stories on it. I knew that this was a huge deal when my 53 year old Dad who has never played a Pokemon game in his life showed me an article published on the...
  9. Apslup

    Team Rocket and Bewear

    YES YES! FINALLY SOMEBODY ELSE WHO DOESN'T LIKE BEWEAR! Bewear is one of my least favourite Pokemon ever and it's appearance in the anime is a large contributing factor. It just jumps in all the god damn time and just takes Team Rocket out of the story. While I'm happy that Team Rocket don't...
  10. Apslup

    Gen 8 anime to be revealed on 9/29

    I don't think so. Maybe for like an episode or two but not for the whole time since they won't be able to give everyone screentime. Also the writers will need to come up with a damn good excuse for all of these characters to come together from 7 different regions. Also I think that all the...
  11. Apslup

    Gen 8 anime to be revealed on 9/29

    Ok, this is epic. This is ultimate fanservice for us old fans while introducing new fans to these old locations and characters. I'm quite excited for this, the most I have for this stupid show in quite a long time.
  12. Apslup

    Thanks, it's actually a gif of Goku laughing but it becomes all distorted. But of course it...

    Thanks, it's actually a gif of Goku laughing but it becomes all distorted. But of course it stays on the first frame when as a pfp.
  13. Apslup

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I love the 4kids dub. TPCI dub sucks.
  14. Apslup

    Check out my Twitter https://twitter.com/Apslup7

    Check out my Twitter https://twitter.com/Apslup7