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  • How would you take that phrase non-literally? And you would theoretically get a power boost, especially if you got a passing roll, just not an extra +1. As for the equipment, I think he just stripped out everything other than your powers. With the fact that the boss is literally everywhere, it could be logically deduced that it absorbed the Roy-Mobile or something.
    You mean lightened 5 damage? That seems reasonable for a 2. And I may have just missed it, but what does the Roy-mobile have to do with it? That doesn't add any bonuses.
    Well, I'm looking at this from a neutral position, and you probably won't like what I say. Firstly, it seems that you are expecting a +2 for some reason, but you only have a +1 coming to you since your only booster for rolls was the suit which only ever gives +1 in a turn. As such, you should have gotten a 2. A 2 is a failure, so you would have failed to get in. Also, the belt only protects against magic. The web was not magic, so you were not protected against it. Also, as Digi pointed out, it was the final boss so you are rather lucky you only got a -2 after the shield absorbed the three damage. Literally the only thing I would have changed was that you would get to keep your angels. Sorry if this isn't what you expected, but that is what I think.

    On a side-question, why go to me? I'm just the most active ref. Why not go to Med or Mug, his actual co-owners?
    Not sure if you check out my reffing comments or not, but I am banning you and winder222 from ever participating in the same rumble ever again

    -Endoplasmic Reticulum
    I'm gonna stop giving your nicknames if you use the same Pokemon as someone else "Pokemon275" you always get that confused. Next timee I'll call you aquablim :)

    Now answer my question please
    Hey aqua. There might be a possibility of you getting the reservation if I lose to charze or if he declines it. The next round is Unova themed. What Pokemon would you like to be and what ability?
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