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  • Eh, I just don't feel like getting involved over there anymore. Like I said, I've already been there for seven years, I don't want to spend the rest of my life there...
    Well, might take a long while to earn something like that on a forum of this nice, but it would be nice. But if not, I'm okay with that. I just prefer higher activity, and this place definitely doesn't seem like its going to get deserted any time soon.
    I honestly just want to stick with this forum for now. As for the staff position, I honestly wouldn't want it.

    Yeah, I was at PE2K for a whopping seven years, but it used to be far, far more active than it is now, and the admin's severe lack of interest in the forum and the site is killing it. But, he refuses to give admin access to anyone else but himself. Not a great combo there.
    Actually, PE2K is the reason why I came here. The place seems to be dying out. Two really close friends of mine that were also global mods left, and when that happened, I lost a lot of interest in the place. Not to mention the admin of PE2K left a long, long time ago.

    To me, PE2K needs to merge with some other site, or it's just going to fizzle away.
    Well, that RP kind of died out, seemed a bit too focused on the long-term events rather than short term action.

    I have another idea in mind, but I just need time to get it in writing, and to have a kind of plot behind it.
    People use the name because of my reputation at Pokemon Elite 2000, which I changed to "Neo Emolga" instead. The guy is even using the same Emolga avatar I have down there, so he's obviously watching what's going on down there. Also, when it comes to image hosting, I use my Ultradyne Photobucket account. Look at his, it's from some account called "Superman-JMafia6." That's how you can tell he just stole the image and is just trying to pretend it's me. Sad to see it works often, and sometimes even gets people mod positions because they mistook them for me.
    I'll see what I can do. :) I might wait until I open a Sprite shop first, to prove that I'm qualified to actually sprite. ;)

    But I'll think about it!
    hey, i wanna use that leafeon in your siggy. who made it? (i need to know so i can give credit)
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