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  • I did also catch a Shiny Magneton, if you're still trying to help your friend get Shinies. Also, I do have an extra Shiny Weezing, though I don't have it up for trade at the moment. I also have Shiny Abra and Staryu up for trade, but given how common those are, I'm fairly certain your friend already has those. Any of these sound good?
    Just an update, I'm afraid I no longer have the Shiny Psyduck. It went in one of a series of trades which ultimately led to my getting a Shiny Raikou.
    I'm afraid I already have a Shiny Hitmonchan. What I'm after at the moment is Shadow Pokémon, do you have any to spare?
    The only Shinies I have up for trade are three Missingno. and a Magneton. Will those do for now? Once I find any more, I'll make sure you're the first to know.
    I'd say so. I have the final evolutions of everything it's possible to get Shiny in PTD, except of course for the legendary dogs. As far as what I got for trade, however... not so much. I really don't want to trade off anything other than unnecessary doubles, but as I'm currently trying to get all the Shadow Pokemon, I kinda gotta try to get my hands on some good trade fodder. I don't go bragging about my PTD Shinies so much these days, as I'm pretty sure that's what caused someone to hack my account months ago. I was lucky that I logged into my account when I did. The thief was in the process of trading many of my Shinies to their account. Luckily I was able to salvage almost everything and change my password before any further damage could be done. The only things the thief got away with were my Shiny starters and my Shadow Entei. I did manage to get another set of Shiny starters, eventually.
    Hey Aqua! :D
    I noticed in your division post that Striker has two ranks. So you probably fogot to take him out of the last when you ranked him up. :p
    Thought you might wanna know. :3
    Cool :D
    Too bad Baron left, but I think Wolf will be a good replacement. Am I allowed to know why Baron left?
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