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  • Prep time should be the poll time, but I'm usually pretty lenient about it. Send me yours whenever you can. I've never quite understood this thanksgiving thing, I thought it was nearer to Christmas...
    Yeah I live right off hilton head island. I live so close that I actually go to HHIMS (hilton head island middle school) though. Where do you live?
    Yes please, that'd be awesome =D You'll get full credit of course, hopefully tutorials will clear up some confusion. btw, do you know where I can find the details of sizes and colours for devamps?
    i am making one of my own, i cant produce enough being the only spriter so i am looking for people with spriting skills, or fakemon
    hey man, i like your entry in the WSC contest, is it alll scratch or did you use existing parts or did you base it off an existing pokemon?
    Never said it wasn't better, but I never cared for the design in the first place. And I think its one of your best sprites you've ever made.

    I just have a pet peeve against designs that include things unnatural for a moster to be born with, like the headband in this case.
    Thats what I was originally going to do, but then sweet may threw me a curveball by telling me to just post what I had there, so thats why I'm in this situation. I did talk to her however and she's thinking it over.
    Well, I have a new system up you should be able to see in my last post in WSC hall of fame, and you should have no problems with it.

    To put it basically, you ARE the most winning champion in WSC history overall, but Fused has won more WSC WEEKS than anyone else.(although only one more than you).
    Personally, if its a tie....then you didn't win, as you didn't beat everybody. And idigo isles are a festive type of thing, and it is the WEEKLY spriting contest hall of fame. So I'll add them if you want, I'll just count everbodies up again.
    Also, I don't think I count the indigo isle or ties as wins.

    ....I'll go count stuff again, as you may have 12 now that I think of it.
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