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  • Sure, if you want to make the trophies I'd be more than happy. I just figured if I'm going to have to do the work of making new trophies, considering the last trophies used hg/ss sprite, I might as well make new sprites for the trophies as well. And I'm sure you could sprite them much better than I.

    Anywho, I read the entire thread and noticed I_D kind of dodged your "gold" question, but it shouldn't matter as his system was pretty wonky, here is the system I'm using.

    1-2 wins-green (only 1-2 because people can get that many as fluke victories)
    3-6 wins-Bronze
    7-9 wins-Silver
    10-above-Gold (lets face it, almost no-one reaches this point, so I just made it a solid ten).
    Just for you information, with the polls and stuff I've gathered, sweet may and I have updated the hall of fame(hopefully I can update it a bit further with new trophies in the future).

    You currently stand tied with klnothincomin at 11 wins, and are just below fused's 12 wins.
    I hope things get better for you then, real-life issues are really debilitating sometimes. Cool about vacation, though! I have three more weeks until mine. c:

    I'll hafta check out your game again sometime. ;D

    I'm doing moderately okay. Struggling a bit with things, not to mention I lack contact to the outside world when I'm not at course. Thing'll hopefully get better soon, though. 'Sides that, I'm rather content (probably helps that I'm on meds now haha).
    Dude, I just saw your contest entry! You really haven't lost your touch with spriting! *O* It looks incredible!

    How have you been? I miss chatting to you!
    Because I've never accepted friend requests here on serebii. Just something I don't do for some reason.
    hahaa, Hi there ^.^"
    Thanks for voting and critting my WSC entry! You sound like you know a lot about spriting. could you give me a few tips?
    Zadros, -Raiga- and I plan on updating it soon. It's not specified exactly which day but whenever the three of us have the whole list, it'll be updated. I hope that you can wait a little longer.
    Hey, I just noticed it was April, which means I haven't been on for about a month, so I thought I should check in and make it clear that I haven't abandoned the project. I got Pokemon White the day it came out and apparently wasted a month playing it. Anyway, I'll try to get back into making the trainer sprites.
    These took longer than anticipated, but here they are.

    Surfer (F), Lass, Youngster, Twins, Psychic (F), and slightly edited Smith

    I broke convention and put the youngster in pants, made the twins fraternal, and dressed the psychic differently.

    Also Smith's face was bugging me, so I edited it slightly.
    It's been a few days and I happen to be online, so I thought let you know of my progress.

    First I resized the surfer, so she's done. I figured I'd upload them in at least sets of five. So I'll post her when I get a few more done.

    So besides that, I have six sprites in the works: Youngster, Lass, Bug Catcher [F], Twins, Psychic [F], and Sensei.

    Before I start the finishing, I need to know if you want the preexisting trainer classes to follow Nintendo's designs. What I mean is stuff like the youngster always wearing shorts and a baseball cap, male swimmer looking like a Olympic swimmer, and both genders of Psychics wearing the same outfit; or, can I change some stuff like make the youngster wear pants, make the male Swimmer look like a normal beach goer, and differentiate the psychics (and for that matter give them normal clothes)?

    Also I find it incredibly comical that your referring to Hippies as Environmentalists. You my be glorifying them just a tad.
    wow. ok. I'm going hold off on the Gym Leaders until I have the designs. I could wing it, but judging by the write ups you seem to have a pretty good vision of who they are and what they should look like, so I'll for the designs so that they're exactly what you want.

    Instead I'm going to focus on the trainer classes. These seem pretty straight forward. I should be able to whip up quite a few of these in no time. The only ones I see that I don't know what to do with is the Environmentalists. What should they look like?

    Also, I made a surfer recently -->
    I was thinking that if you could make a list of all the miscellaneous pre-existing trainer classes that you want (like the Bug Cather), I could whip up new versions whenever I have a second. And if you already have some kind of idea of want for the desgin or pose, just make a note of it (Eg. Psychic - Meditating, Green Glow; Twins - Playing Patty-cake; etc)
    I think it might go faster than you making one, then me remaking it.
    Sorry, I did all these a week ago (except Smith, which I just did) and never got around to uploading them. I'll try to be more prompt.

    I resized all of them. Some of them are at the max. I hope that's okay, if not can try to shave them down a couple more.
    Again, I'm sorry I didn't post them sooner.
    Ok... so, I take it that 72 is the height, seeing as Jones is 78 and too big. However, that confuses me. Cyrus, Cynthia, Giovanni, and others were 80 pixels tall and fit. What gen is this region/game based in? is it RSE/FRLG or DPPt/HGSS?
    Regardless, I'll resize the necessary sprites and probably re-proportion the others, so they all look cohesive.

    Response to critique.
    Most of what you found wrong with these is why they took so long. I was guessing and guessed wrong.

    Warren - I was guessing on his age. I didn't want to make him to buff if he was just I kid. I can totally beef him up. About his hair, I thought it was like slicked back. Now that I see what you were going for, it should be no problem to make it right. I can fix it.

    Smith - I'm not particularly fond of how this one turned out. The only thing I completely happy with is his pants. I guessed on everything here. His hair was very simple in the original sprite, I only had that little piece of hair that is sticking out to work with. Then I couldn't see his shoulder pads and I tried like twenty variations, nothing looked right. Frankly, after you get back to me on what you want his hair and shoulders to look like, I may just scrap his upper body and just redo it.
    Wow, that's unfortunate. What are the proper size parameters?
    I have a feeling I'll have to re size these as well. (Smith is only two pixels shorter than Jones, Weldon is three, and Warren is five)

    Anyway, a brief description of what I did.
    Warren: I couldn't make that holding his wrist thing work, so I went with a cocky pose.
    Lt. Smith: I wanted to tie the two lieutenants together, so I changed his pose to go with Jones' and to expose the yellow shoulder pad thing that was blocked by his arm, which seemed to be the only thing the two outfits had in common. I also may have interpreted his hair wrong, but I tried to make sure that it was the same shape and that it should look the same on the overworld.
    Weldon: First off, great choice of name for a steel-type user. Kudos. I took me forever to get the motivation to make this one. I thought he was a little dull and I didn't know where to go with it. Now he's my favorite.
    I also fixed the worker's eyes.

    Anyway, get back to me about the sizes and I'll see what I can do.
    In response to your comments.

    Hayden - I couldn't tell what was on her pants. I actually thought they might be pockets and I couldn't make them work, so I just kind of nixed them. However now that I know that it's a flower design, I've started playing around with it. The only problem I'm having is that the flowers end up looking like there's something foreign on her pants, rather than them being part of the fabric of her pants. I hope that makes sense. I will keep trying though.
    Lt. Jones - I'm fairly certain that DP's limit was 80x80 and if I'm right she does fit. She is 45x78 or 78x45, whatever order that's supposed to be in.
    Field Worker - I didn't give any thought to his eyes. My bad. It's an easy fix. When I post the next batch I'll throw him in.
    Bug Catcher - You're sprite was good. It was the right proportion, I just slimmed some things down, shifted his hat, and played with his net.

    I'm glad you like what I've done so far and I'll get the rest of them to you as soon as I finish them.
    Sorry for the slight wait, I had to write a paper and that sucked up most of my time the last few days.
    I'm not really a big internet person, so don't have any instant messengers. I not even on facebook. I do have an email, but I know how that would be any more convenient.

    So far I have managed to finish four out of the seven sprites.

    Hayden: I went super cutesy. Also I never realized how hard it was to sprite a person knelling.
    Lt. Jones: I tried to keep her pose, but make her look more villainous.
    Field Worker: I noticed as I was uploading it that the his "satchel" was at a slightly strange angle in my first attempt, so I made a quick edit.[IMG]
    Bug Catcher: I actually didn't bother make a new one, I just edited yours.
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