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  • OK, I made the male and female characters 2 pixels taller (they seemed a little too short) and edited her hat a bit.
    Anyway, on to the new character. The first one is made to match the original design and the second one I made a slight redesign. I assumed that he's the rival and if so his outfit seemed a little too similar to the male's (Polo shirt and brown shorts), so I changed it to like blue jean shorts and a t-shirt. Also the male's shirt is split vertically into two colors and the female's is split horizontally, I thought it would make sense to split his shirt as well, diagonally.
    I've been away, so I only got the message yesterday, sorry. I whipped these up right away.

    I was surprised to read that you wanted them within the RSE limatations. I used May and Brendan's sprites as reference and because I had I little extra time I went ahead and made DP versions as well.
    Also I had issues with the female. I couldn't tell if her hair was supposed to be that shape or if it was like wind blown and I couldn't tell what type of hat she's wearing. In the RSE one I made it kind of a cadet hat and in the DP one I decided to round it out a little.
    Yeah, so, if there's anything wrong, say so, I'll try to fix it to your liking. And whatever you want made, just say so and I'll get on it.
    Ok well, this sounds like quite an undertaking and I don't really consider trainer sprites to be my strong suit, so I'm a little worried. However, I'm very impressed by what you've already done, so I'm willing to give it a shot.

    How about you send me the designs? I'll whip up a few test sprites to gauge how much of a challenge this will be and how long it will take to do (see if I'm really up for this). Then I'll send them to you get your opinion (see if they're up to par and if they look cohesive with what you already have) and we'll go from there.

    I'm talking about the protagonist, and rival characters, criminal organization and trainer classes. I'm handling the gym leaders. And I have designs in MS Paint already.

    I removed the dex from the thread because when people play the game, I'd like a sense of surprise for them. You probably don't remember all of the pokemon in the dex and what they look like, right? That means my plan is working. ^_^
    Ordinarily I say no when asked to help do projects, but I am intrigued.
    Before I say yes, I have a couple of questions: Are we just talking about the main characters (Player/Rival, Gymleader/Elite Four, Criminal Organization) or like all trainer classes? And do you have designs or a least a vague notion of what you want?
    Also, just out of curiosity, why did you remove the dex from your thread?
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    Oh lol!
    I staff there. xD

    On the forums there is also a submissions thread where you can try your hand at getting your monsters in the game, lol! But it takes a while, because me and the other resident spriter have to go through and edit them all to quality. :p We're currently accepting to the fourth user-submitted batch. (I can tell you, your sprites are definitely high enough quality to get in.)

    Batch 2 was JUST implemented in game.
    Some are token only, some are breed only.. some are quest only. lol :p You can find a lot of information on the forums.. You can find the forums under the Extras tab.
    Well I just found it on PokeCommunity.

    I love the battle backgrounds you have. Very simple, and very colorful.

    And while I'm not exactly the greenest person, I love how environmentalism is a facotr in your plot. Very nice.

    The trailer looks good. I'l definitely have to keep a regular watch on your game. I've already put the thread in my favorites.
    Oh. Ha ha! I should really read more.

    But yes, Snoof and Corchin are my favorites. I'll have to follow your game. I picked up something about PokeCommunity from some of the messages here on your page. Is that where most of the technical aspects of Helio are going down?
    Well of course I have, and they're amazing. Like I said, I just love your style.

    My favorites are the pure white wolf/dog and the blue, purple and white spiky guy.

    Since you don't have names posted :p
    Well then, I guess I understand. Like I said, I didn't have the energy to even start my own region, so that's why I joined the community one, just so my efforts weren't for nothing. But I understand when you already have to oversee one entire project... being a creative force behind two can be creatively straining.
    Uh... I'm excited to see where I go with the next stages as well, lol. I have the water starter all figured out, and the fire kangaroo as well as the red panda, but all the others are sort of up in the air. I have a rough sketch of the Grass starter's evo (no final evo though) and several ideas for the Fire pup. The rabbit I designed as a standalone, but the Poison lizard has given me a lot of trouble - a good idea (if I do say so myself) but I'm having a hard time milking more creativity from it. So for now I just planned on spriting the basic stages before elaborating on any of them, unless I just can't resist.

    Why won't you join the project? It could definitely use someone of your talent.
    No problem. Your design is very eye-catching. Like I said, your choice of colors really influenced my preference.

    I know how feeling stuck goes. But even with old designs, you can always make them more interesting, but I realize that even the slightest change can drastically alter your perception of the design.

    And its funny, if my starters were official, I'm not sure I would be incredibly fond of any one of them, but my favorite would either be the Fire wolf or the Grass tricerotops. But I'm glad you like them! Thanks! :)
    Ha ha thanks! Although it doesn't surprise me - you're style had a fairly big impact on my sprites, especially with color choice.
    The sound maker, I like it.

    Anyways if thats the case, there's no need to send it to me, at the rate I finish sounds I'm sure you'll have the whole dex up in one way or another.

    And its fine. I noticed you had no friends
    Don't know why, but I laughed when I seen this:p
    Maybe towards the end of the project that would be useful.

    However I have a question, are all the pokemon in your helio fakemon thread here on serebii going to be in it, or is that subject to change? Because I could use that very easily as a substitute dex if thats the case.

    Also, just for clarification, I'm not doing the music, well yet at any rate. I'm not exactly musically inclined at all, but if I get better at the program I'm using I suppose its a possibility.

    Lastly, don't take me not accepting the friend request as anything mean or harsh, I just simply don't accept them:D
    Oh, I wouldn't really consider myself part of the team, I just was fiddling around with a music program my brother has used for years and figured it worked well for pokemon cries. And since you guys seemed to be the only ones on pokecommunity who looked like you would actually finish a project, I thought I'd help out if I could doing the cries for your fakemon.

    I've only done 3 so far, I have to get working on that again.
    I was just wanting to tell you that your entry into the Scratch Contest was amazing :3

    And seeing as it doesn't seem anyone wished you a happy birthday on your birthday, Happy Belated Birthday ^_^
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